{2.2} Explosive Arrow Berserker - Cheap, Strong & 88 Movementspeed [+MF

By the point of 3.0 this will be completly outdated!

(I mean it still would work but GGG changed alot about this build

Hello Everybody!

Since Talisman started I like to play Explosive Arrow.
I noticed it is really strong and underestimated by most of the players.
In Perandus League it is stronger than ever, so just check it out!

-high Lifepool ( up to 8.5 k life)
-fast Clear Speed / Party Damage feelable
-strong at maps up to t13-14
- Hardcore and Softcore variants possible
- Magicfind possible

- As your gem hit Lv 21, you can kill yourself to reflect when you shoot 3+ stacks into mob packs
- problems with "No Life Regeneration" Maps

General Information

With a 90 Movementspeed you run through maps, shoot 2-3 stacks into a mob pack and continue running.
Can do every Mapmod, not reflect obviously.

With bosses you need walls to shoot at or just use a frost wall totem and put 5 stacks into it, let them explode and shot another 5 into the frost wall



My Character


IGN: DavidAegisPure



The perfect one for the end game is a Kaom's Heart:

but you can also use Tabula Rasa if you can not afford a 5 link, or want to boost the dps


Obviously you need a quill rain for the 3.00 Base Attack Speed


A Rearguard for Block Chance

or a defensive quiver is nice

+1 additional Arrow is the cherry on the cake


Only the Devotos Devotion Works. It is hard to get the Dexterity Capped, so just use one.
It also gains Chaos Resistence and Movement and Attack Speed.
The Increased Area Enchantment from Merciless Labyrinth is perfect!


To cap resistences just get rare items

later you can gain a free aura in this ring
I use Purity of Fire for Reflect Safity. But you also can turn Haste or Determination


Depends on your playstyle

for more defense use Atziri's Steps for the Evasion and the Spell Dodge.

You also can gain frenzy charges by using Blood Dance - with a +1 Frenzy Blood Dance and a +1 Frenzy Amulet you can get up to 6 frenzy charges.

I prefer using "Seven-League Step" just for the 50% increased movementspeed

If you have problems with defense just use rare Life/Armor/Resistence Boots

Rare Gloves with Dexterity, Life and Resistences

Gem Setup


4 Link:

5th Link:

6th Link:
or Lv 3/4

Other Usefull Skills
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration with Vaal Grace you can use at Bosses

in the


Normal: Help Oak (Life)
Cruel: Help Kraitin (Attack Speed)
Merciless: Help Kraitin(Frenzy) /Kill All(Passive)

Merciless depends on your Endgame, are you going to use Blood Rage or Blood Dance Boots, you gain Frenzy Charges, so you kill Kraitin, if you go more defensivly take the Passive






Different Style Variants

Play with Sweep until lv 50 and than switch to 4/5 Link Explovie Arrow is the best Variant

Just switch when you have a quill rain and a 5 link body armor

Magicfind Version with 232IIR/58IIQ


The Tooltip DPS is wrong, it just shows one arrow hitting without the Explosion.



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can you post ur tree
Added a passive tree :)
really loving this build good job on it :)
added a MF Gear Version
how do you suggest speccing the tree as you level? like first 40 points would be a huge help or just which parts to do first-last?
At what level would you recommend picking up the Blood Magic node?
Gonna give this a try with some high end gear and legacy Kaoms. I never play ranged builds but I like how tanky this can be.
Facebreaker is Life.
I tried switching to Explosive Arrow at level 50 with Quill Rain but the damage feels terrible, feels like I'm missing something.
Explosive Arrow is only level 1 still because of the dexterity requirement, maybe that's why?

Anyone else trying this build and if so, when did you start using Explosive Arrow?
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