[2.0.x]Cheap Tanky High dps BM Cybil Incinerate - Atzi viable

Update blog:
August 10: added leveling section,new current helmet and edit some detail.
August 7 : added new Atzi video with better recording and edit some detail.
August 1 : Added jewel and Atzi video

Hello guys, welcome to my incinerate build :)
It's first time i write a build so ..hmm, forgive me if my build suck :D

_Beginner friendly,easy to gear,easy to play
_Cheap,total cost about only 1,5ex ( except the +1 tabula,it may cost 4-7ex but it's optional for dps boost)
_Fairly tanky ( ~60% block, ~45% spell block, ~50% phys dmg reduc, 5k+ hp and 7,7% hp regen)
_High dps with cheap items and not inves so much dmg nodes on tree
_Use Blood Magic keystone so mana is not a problem
_Atzi viable
_Not a godlike build for rich player :D
_You will need 45 int from items or u will waste point for them in tree ....
_Dex is not required, with some dex in your items,you can use higher lv gmp and that means abit more dps
_Use Blood Magic keystone so using auras is not a good idea since it reduce your max hp

This build finish somewhere at lv85, my character is base on physcial character so it lost 1 bonus point in cruel for 18% phys dmg and it dont have items with int stats so i have to put points into int in tree. Higher lv will make u tankier but it's optional.
My current passive tree at lv 89:

Skill Gems

_Incinerate : Spell echo - Fire pen - Lmp - Life leech - empower ( if you want higher dps,you can replace life leech with iron will but i recommend life leech since it will make u safer in mapping).if you dont have empower,use faster casting.
_Flame Golem : Minion life - Minion elemental res
_Whirling Blades : fortify
_Cast when damage taken ( i'm using lv1) : enfeeble - tempest shield - artic breath
_Blood rage And Righteous Fire
_You can use combo Cwdt + ball lightning + gmp for left slots, it help you gain a good hp amount when you take dmg ( since you use cybil and ball lightning can hit a single target multiple times)
You need hp and res gem for your golem since it's kinda squishy and it'll waste your time to recast it. 3 frenzy charge will give u about 15% more dps so BR is good to use while mapping, you have 7% hp regen and about 50% phys dmg reduction so running br all the time is possible.I only turn on rf when i killing map's boss,it will help you kill boss faster.
About auras, as i mention in the begin, using auras will down our max hp ( because we using bm keystone) so it's not a good idea to trade hp for dmg boost


Some useful unique for leveling

Perandus is a good shield for leveling before you are able to use Lioneye Remorse,it have high block,nice hp and some res ( note that it's legacy peradus, the current peradus have only 31% block but still good).Kikazaru ring and Wurm's Molt belt give you a good amount of int before u able to use some other rare item provide enough int,they give a good hp and res bonus too

For leveling,you can use any skill to leveling to lv12,after lv12 you can use incinerate but you may have some problem with int if you dont have any item provide good amount of int ( incinerate require big int stats),you can use +30int node on tree to help you.If you dont have any items with ints stats before lv40,i recommend you use flame totem spell,it require low int so you can leveling with it easier than other spell without int problem.


_Weapon : Cybil Paw is the bis,it's cheap and gain all benefits from your high block stats,it also help you gain 8hp per enemy hit by your spell.

_Shield : Lioney's Remorse is a good shield, you can use a rare shield with higher armour and some res but i recommend LR since it have high block chance

_Body armour : we have 3 choices here: +1 Tabula or Belly of the Beast or Lightning Coil,i recommend use +1 Tabula since it give a very nice dps boost but if u want your character even tankier then use belly or lc
_Amulet : stone of lazhwar is a good choice, it give u a high spell block bonus, a big int stats bonus and high cast speed bonus, the only downside of it is hp

_Boots : Rainbowstride is not a bad idea,it have a good res,medium movement speed and more important,it give you 25% block as spell block chance, you can use a rare boots with higher speed and hp bonus but you will lose about 10-15% spell block chance

_Belt : i use doryani belt since it give me about 30% fire dmg bonus, good cold and lightning res and 0,2% fire dmg leech and some armour.You can use a rare belt with high hp with some res and armour
_Helmet,gloves,rings : hp,res and some dex stats, cast speed on rings will be a bonus
_Jewel : since we have no mana, Clear Mind will be a bis for us, for the left jewel slot, i recommend use any rare jewel which increase your spell dmg, cast speed and hp

My current gear

My old helmet

My stats

Def stats ( no flask no buff )

Normal dps

Dps with 3 frenzy charge

Dps with 3 fc and atzi flask

Dps with 3fc, atzi flask and rf

Bandits : Oak - kill all - kill all

Some tips for atzi run

_ You can clear trash mobs with lmp or faster casting,it's your choice
_ Swap your lmp with faster casting when you fight with trio for higher dps
_ Use spell totem with curse (Flammability or Elemental weekness) to kill things faster,Atzi will reflect curse on totem,not you.
_ Use Vaal lightning trap,Vaal Haste and Vaal Summon Skeleton to help you kill boss faster.Vaal lightning trap cant shock atzi herself but can shock her clones.
_ For Vaal and Atzi, use ShellFrame shield, for Trio use lioneyeremorse shield.
_ When you are killing trio, kill two melee bosses first and then kill the ranged boss.Try to make them attack your vaal skeletons and golem instead you.

Remember all previous dps number is just a dps from tooltip, the real dps of incinerate is x4 that number.
I will update this thread soon as i can, hope you enjoy it :D

Bazaar 77 map run :
Plateau 77 map run :
Atzi full clear deathless :

Last edited by leviathaHF on Aug 11, 2015, 5:17:14 AM
Ty for nice build. Just 1 question mate. This is Hardcore viable?

Playing on Tempest now. Want to rebuild my Dual Totem Templar for this one.
Last edited by PetuSchokk on Aug 8, 2015, 7:42:58 PM
First,thank you for reading my guide :D.I'm sure it's viable for hc since it have high block,spell block,hp and a fairly high armour.I not try tempest yet but i think it's even better in tempest since there are many tempest exiles using spell in tempest right? If you want even safer,u can swap tabula for belly.At this moment,belly give me more 800 hp,so i have ~6500hp with belly,the downside is your dps will down about 12%.Honestly, the only thing can kill me while mapping is the corrupting blood mobs but ya,it only can make me die when i'm sleepy and not notice about it to use my anti bleed flask :D
Last edited by leviathaHF on Aug 9, 2015, 6:26:51 AM
Ty for your soon reply. Hmm but im not sure if its viable to use Rightous Fire on HC because it's to dangerous?

Also i have 1 suggestion. Recently i was using aprox same incinerate build but it was for Scion MoM/EB/GR. So there is in build is 1 gem setup - CWDT lvl 1 - Ball Lightining lvl 1 - Firestorm lvl 1 - and GMP . The main thing that it senergy is well with Cybils because of a lot off projectiels coming thru mobs and help you to heal your self.

Also would recommend to make Whirling Blade - Fortify - Faster Attacks setup

Also in my opinion (well for me it's not a problem) swap fire golem setup for Vaal Haste - Increased duration - Abyssal Cry for extra damage.

Also speaking of Blood Rage it's also can be dangerous on HC so maybe it can be swaped for Warlord's Mark for extra life leach or maybe Poacher's mark for extra dps and LGoH (because it also gives you frenzy charges per kill) or for extra defense maybe Enfeeble.

So at the end we have like 4 link setup that (gloves, helmet or boots depends) that can be used to add something else.

Hope you take this in consideration and make some day part of a build that is meant for Hardcore/Tempest and etc.

Ty for reading my reply )

P.S. After couple of days ill swap my Dual Totem templar for this build and try to check all of this . So for the moment it's just my considerations

P.S.S. How about Uber Atziri with your build?
Last edited by PetuSchokk on Aug 9, 2015, 8:19:18 AM
Well,hmm...dont really know what to say exactly :D
1) When i started this char,i had already decided not to use RF all the time like other incinerate builds (only use it for map boss and some moments in atzi fight).Yes,using RF all the time will boost your dps alot but personally i dont like the Phoenix shield.why? Just simple because it have low armour,no hp and lower block compare to LR shield. And ya, as you can see in my lv77 map video,i am a lazy player,i rarely use atzi flask or curse or any skills that improve clearspeed like vaal haste (abyssal cry). So i believe if you are not a lazy player like me, use flask,curse and vh and ac, i am sure your clearspeed still fast :D
2) thank for all your advise. Well,i know about cwdt lightningball,yes,it's very popular combo for cybil.the reason i dont run it because my laptop is old now,i bought it for my work not for gaming so it's not smooth while playing poe :D.About bloodrage,i dont think it can be a problem. Well, br down my hp 4% per second but my phys dmg reduc is 48%, so the real degen is only ~2% per second and my total regen is 7,7%.
3) About uber atzi. Honestly, i will say i cant do uber even i not try it yet with these gear. why? My answer is not enough dps. But well,it is my personal thought only since you still can do uber if your dodge skill is good. At this moment, i am saving money to buy Scold helmet to boost my dmg to test uber ( this idea is already in one guy's incinerate build but i cant remember his name,too lazy to find that thread,12:20pm here already :D) . Scold + Vaal molten shell combo give a super boost dmg to incinerate builds ( even it exist only 17s with inc duration). i hope not make you dissapointed with all i said :D.,well the total cost is below 8ex,i dont think you should lay too much hope on it on killing uber :). Btw, sure,i will test uber as soon as i can when i have Scold :D:D
Ps: just want to say dont worry about leech since there is life leech gem in setup already and i sure you can absolutely hit leech cap (max is your 20% max hp), with ~5500 hp i gain ~1100hp from leech per second so dont use leech curse
Last edited by leviathaHF on Aug 9, 2015, 2:02:37 PM
Ty for your response. Like i said i already had Scion MoM/EB/GR but got down on double vaal because my PoE lagged and i didn't saw heavy strike incoming :D

So if ill get some more ideas im surely post it here. Stay Safe hope you some day see you on Tempest League )

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