[2.3] Shield Charge budget Herald of Ash Full Fire Conversion Proliferator

i know it takes some time to read the Thread title, but you are still curious enough about that build that you clicked on it ;)
I already thought about the possibility of a Shield Charge build with Herald of Ash in 2.2, but was one of the Voltaxic Spark fashion victims and didnt saw the need to rerollive. With 2.3 we Got a great buff to shield charge (it is an area attack now!)

This Thread will be very small at first, because i will just explain you the basics to see if someone will be interested in that build. I can add more information and even videos when i come back from my holidays.

What you cant play with this build:
-Ele reflect
What you dont want to play with this build:
-Immune to Status alignments

What i didnt test yet:


Sorry the recording program killed my pc a bit. i died 2 times to lag because i could not react properly. Its a T11 Arsenal run with crap gear and lvl 81, try to record a proper underground sea or gorge but its really horrible performance. At some points you get some impressions how the build actually is supposed to work.

What this Build is about:
This build uses Shield Charge as main skill to One-Shot packs. Mobs who didnt die with the first charge will die because of the herald of ash overkill burning damage thats proliferatet by the newly buffed Elemental Proliferation Support gem.
The Damage is full converted to fire because of Avatar of Fire,
Hrimburn Gloves,
Chernobog's Pillar Shield and the good old Pyre Ring

Skill Tree (Currently Lvl 81):

1. Oak
2. Oak or Kraitlyn (I chose the attack speed)
3. kill all

How to Level:

1. Get Tabula
2. Lvl 8 Shield charge
3. Add the gems described below by the time you can wear them ( you can change conc effect with increased area of effect gems if you want)
4. buy every 10 lvls a new weapon to keep on charging.
5. I chose the dual leech as first ascendancy. didnt regret it in the leveling progress


I call this build budget because you can get the whole gear for about 80 chaos. Thats not much compared to the fun you will have with it :)
You will want to use a 6L, since the main goal for is build is to deal as much dmg as possible with our charge to increase the burning dmg or just onehit everything.

This is just BIS for us. It hat a Huge amount of ele dmg and > 300 physical dps. After you equipped it your dmg will just skyrocket.

Just use Tabula when you are too poor for a real 6-Link (like me)

The Gem-Links are

Shield Charge + WED + Added fire + Conc Effect + Melee Physical Damage and Elemental Focus
So as you can see we end up only with More or added Multiplier, and dont forget the 40% from the Berserker tree.
Herald of Ash is Linked with increased Burning and Elemental Proliferation.
Its even Possible to run Hatred, but you will need to Curse the enemies with Flammability. Because the playstyle of this build is very (!) fast, i run it with Blasphemy.
This turns your char into a one-click-wonder .

For Hard Hitters i use the New Ancestral Warchief gem. it does about 22k dps on its own and can help you out in situations where Charging would be suicide.
Like when you try to do a precinct map with lvl 77 and double added ele dmg.

You say that you one-shot everything, are you immortal with this build??
You will charge your way to glory with a decent Leeeeeeeroooooy in your ear. But like Leroy with his fellows, you will die with this build. Perhaps its possible to fix that when you are rich enough for a gg chest with a lot of armour and enough chaos resist. The life pool is ok (i stay somewhere at 4,5k).

Some Math:

Because of the full conversion, we can use several multipliers.
lets say we start with a base dmg of 1.
added fire gives us 44% of the base dmg as added fire,
so we have already 1,44
now the more multiplier (without the shield charge bonus):
49% Elemental Focus
59% conc effect
59% wed
49% melee physical damage
40% ascendancy tree
1,44 * 1,49*1,59*1,59*1,49*1,4 = 11,31 (which is quite huge i think)
now the increased multiplier from gear and passives (melee physical and elemental dmg added):
590% at the moment
So we end up at a total multiplier of about 66 at the moment just for the charge. at mid range you will oneshot rares easily. At short range you kill the whites and rares die from their proliferatet burn.

Just try it out. I play the game since closed beta and this is one of the best three favourite builds i ever played.

To add:
Videos (i think you cant run an underground sea map faster than with this build and budget, i will try to prove it)

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added some math
Just started it, hope its good, any sugestion for the rest of the gear and jeweles ?
As you can see i am just lvl 81 with that char because im on holidays right now.
I have only 1 jewel in my tree and that hast attack speed with maces and spell damage +res.Costed around 2 chaos
For the rest of the gear just look that you can cap your resis and go for armour. Abyssus Could be an endgame option. Which lvl are you right now? The greatest boost Comes With doryanis
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Finally got to 75 and started to do some nice dmg, everything is just 1hit, low tier maps but still 70-75 maps
I love to hear that. Its just fun seeing everything die in 1 hit;-) hope many will Adapt this build, perhaps we will get some improvements then.
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Are you planning on ever posting a video? I would like to see what it looks like before i spend alot of currency respecing/buying gear.
Sure but im on holidays until July 7th. You will have to wait until then unfortunately.
Suprisingly good for the budget
Please add some videos! :D Ty
"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym

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