[2.2]Chieftain Flame Surge + Righteous Fire (Cheap/Tanky/High DPS)

Hi everyone, at the beginning sorry about my english, its my second language, but i hope you will understand me.
Basic informations
Your main skill is Flame Surge

you makes 50% more damage to burning enemys, it works perfect with Righteous Fire

RF burning enemys around you, increasing damage by flame surge + gives you more spell damage. Of course RF makes huge damage based on your life increased dps in this build

Skill tree

Ascendancy class

Chieftain -> Tawhoa + Ngamahu + Hinekora
huge life renen, increased damage, fire penetration, life leech with flame surge

There are two important keystones

with Alpha's Howl and 4 reduced mana it allows you takes 2 auras purity of fire and dtermination + 1 curse aura flambility

Elemental Overload

with cast when damage taken + increased critical strike + blade voltex
you have almost permanently 40% more elemental damage

I have to say its little hard leveling RF based builds becouse you cant makes lots of damage till ~60lvl, i used 2 handed Ground Slam till ~45lvl with something like this skill tree and then i changed with some respec points to flame surge + rf (you have to be very careful using rf with low lvl, you need constantly using life flasks)

Its not really suprise:
Normal Help Oak
Cruel Kill all
Merciless Help Oak


Ony one required uniqe (but its really cheap)
It simply gives you maximum fire resistance.

And we have some recomended uniqes

Immunite to freze + more important 8 reduced mana reserved (with 21 lvl purity of fire you can have +5 max fire resist from purity of fire).

With high strenght you can really niceincreased damage, second variant is Doryani's Catalyst with 0.2 life leech from flame surge (RF dont count).

Really nice item, it gives you frenzy charges + 1.5% max hp regen from this 3 frenzy charges.

Fire damage, armor, resistance and 0.2 leech from fire damage (again RF dont count).

and rest of my gear

On gloves try get high rolls life and armor.

I use this only becouse i dont have another 6-link with 5B and 1R sockets

Lots of dextery helps you use Alpha Howl's

Two rings, one with socket for aura (the best if you use 2 auras + curse + blasphemy on helm but roll 2R 2B on Alpha's Howl is really hard)


Combination of increased life, increased area damage, increased fire damage, increased damage, spell damage and increased damage over time


Fire resistance -> increased life regen

For bleeding

For movment speed

For 'oh shit' situations

For max physical damage taken reduction

Skill gems

6 link -> Flame surge + Blood Magic + Spell Echo + Controled Destrution + Concentrated Effect + Elemental Focus
5 link -> Flame surge + Blood Magic + Spell Echo + Controled Destrution + Concentrated Effect
Why not increased area of effect? becouse we want cast Flame Surge in RF area, increasing damage from burning enemys

4 link -> Righteous Fire + Elemental Focus + Increased Area Of Effect + Increased Burning Damage
Why not concentrated effect? becouse our main skill is flame surge, we want the biggest range of righteous fire

4 link -> Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1) + Increased Critical Strike + Blade Voltex (lvl 1) + Tempest Shield (lvl 7)
To trigger Elemental Overload + 3 percent blok chance

3 link -> Cast When Damage Taken (high lvl)+ Summont Stone Golem + Molten Shell
There we need high lvl Stone Golem for hp regen and Molten Shell for armor (and ~10k damage which is really nice)

4 link -> Flame Dash + Enduring Cry + Blood magic + Culling Strike
Enduring cry for generate enduring charges and flame dash for mobility + finish strong boses with culling strike

2 link -> Flamabillity + Blasphemy

+ two auras Purity Of Fire (max fire resist) and Determination(armor)

As i said before with 2R 2B Alpha's Howl you can use there 2 auras + curse + blasphemy and in 3 link use Flame Dash + Enduring Cry + Blood magic


With 3 frenzy charges + RF + Elemental Overload, which you have almost all the time
I think its not include 50% more damage to burning enemys but i am not sure

Approximate damage from Righteous Fire you can count from there http://rf.samminds.com


With no bonus

With 6 endurence charges

With 6 endurence charges + molten shell

Map mods
Its hard with blood magic, no life regen or less life regen but you can still makes this with only flame surge (but not recomended becouse lower damage)
With elemental reflet its still doable (1.2% life leech from flame surge and high life regen) but you need be carefull


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You can do blood magic maps and keep the 50% more damage for Flame Surge if you switch the RF setup for a Fire Trap setup, but you need different gear because of different skill gem colors. I suggest Fire Trap + Cluster Traps + Inc AoE + Inc Burning Damage/Inc Duration/Trap Cooldown Support. With this change, the build also becomes more viable in HC (although it's a bit short ranged for my tastes for HC).

For leveling you can use Fire Storm, it works well with almost the same links as you use with Flame Surge.

I do a variation of this build that takes a little less life and goes to take the AoE nodes in the witch tree instead, for even larger RF range and a little more damage. And I also use slightly different gem setups, because I use plate armor and it's hard to get 5 blue sockets on it. So I use Fire Penetration there and swap Flammability with either Warlord's Mark or Temporal Chains.
Account inactive since Tencent majority share acquisition.
Skilltree missing a lot of points.

Hope this gets updated after 3.0,
might wanna try Flame Surge with RF then.

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