[2.2] WIP, "Righteous White walker" - RF based on self-freezing effect

Super tank with ridiculously high regen and armour. It takes advantage of few uniques and ascendancy interactions to self-freeze char to get some great bonuses from other uniques while making your char still able to normaly move and attack with freeze up.

Basicaly White Walker xD

Since one of the uniques gives great amount on regen while frozen we couple exploit it to use rightous fire.

* This is "work in progress" build so it is still being updated. Right now treat it more like theorycraft since some points are still being tested.

- 32% life regen with at least 6k life. 20 % still remains after RF is up.
- Great physical mitigation with at least 35K armour, fortify up all the time, 7 E. Charges and Taste of hate most of the time up.
- Nice blocking - around 60 % for attacks and 40 % for spells
- Some mobs distractors / meatshields a.k.a. bunch of skellies around you
- Reflect maps are no problem

- Half regen is doable but no regen maps are suicide.
- Dmg is quite avarege comparing to many other builds in 2.2 - I calculate it to be around 40k. So it won't be a clearing map speed demon
- Cannot use curses because of uniques
- Running out of charges for Taste of hate takes most of your defense.
- Since the numer of uniques is quite high, it's definitely not for first chars.
- .....resistances are problematic with some many of them.
- ........especially cold because rising it lowers our self-freeze duraation and keeping it low makes us susceptible to it.

Main idea is to self-freeze and get bonuses from uniques which affect frozen characters. It is possible thanks to new acendancy subclass Juggernaut and it's passive Unstoppable:

"Player speed is not affected by modifiers to attack speed, cast speed, or movement speed. Therefore (...) players with this Ascendancy passive skill allocated will be completely unaffected by Chill, Freeze, or Temporal Chains"

Idea arised in one of general discussion threads and it's extension of things mentioned there (Thanks guys for your help):


At first I wanted to make it semi-automatic caster, where you self-injure yourself to trigger multipler CwTD gems... which is quite impossible since with high armour our Heartboundloop dmg is also mitigatied.


So... you just self freeze yourself to get some great bonuses. To do so you mix few things up:

This passive node from ascendancy:
Unstoppable to be able to move while frozen (by the power of guts !! or whatever...)

Shackles of the Wretched reflect curses we cast
Heartbound Loop inflict dmg on us (you sick bastards)
Auxium lowers cold dmg needed to inflick full duration freeze on us

2 curses:
Frostbite for rising freeze chance
Temporal Chains to extend freeze duration (Ustoppable should only prevent character actions, not duration of effects... but it needs testing)

4 flasks:
Taste of Hate to convert physical dmg to cold

5 jewels:
2x thisArmy of Bones to reduce summons duration
3x thisReckless Defence to give our cold dmg from Heartbound Loop possibility to crit us

Now, you just need to cast some skellies which shortly after will die for you, dmg you with 350 physical dmg from which 20% gets to be cold which thanks to self cursing and reckless defense jewels will get freeze and critical chance.... which will thus freeze you. Thanks to that you can get bonuses from these:

Berek's Pass - 5000 armour while frozen
Winterheart - 20% life regen while frozen.

Congratulations !! You just got yourself free 5000 armour and 20% life regen for around 4 sec. Now with our tree it will rise to 32 regen and your armour with some mediocre gear should get to around 35-40K.

Linking and aura setup

For auras just some basic setup:

Linking goes like that:

RF - Elemental focus - fire penetration - Controlled Destruction

Summon skeletons - reduced duration - purity of fire - determination

CwDT - Blade vortex - Increased critical chance - Increased duration

CwDT - Frostbite - Temporal chains

Enduring cry - Whirling blades - fortify


The list of necessary things is long here:

Shackles of the Wretched
Heartbound Loop
Berek's Pass
Taste of Hate

.... and also 5 jewels:
2x thisArmy of Bones
* Not sure if necessary, still testing
3x thisReckless Defence

Apart from that kaom's Heart would be great for body armour:
Kaom's Heart
And rise of the phoenix (well, it is RF build):

Yep.... so our Resistances su cks.... since we don't really need weapon for anything this trash unique could help here:

But we still need around 75 of res - we can ignore cold a bit since it triggers our armour and regen ut fire and lightning should be capped. And we have only head and boots left....


max lvl
Max level with ascendacy point included


*Since there is some error in this side with treating ascendancy points like normal passive tree points, I made separate tree with ascandancy included and others without it.

Problems to be resolve
Since it is WIP it's far from finished.

The most important issue here is our elemental defense, so resistance. With so many uniques I am not sure how we can maintain it capped and that's a problem. Maybe I will need to redesign tree to get it from there.

Taste of hate running out. Even after using 4 of them we get just 32 sec of activation. During mapping it is enough to kill 60 normal mobs but what with bosses? It's dmg doesn't look like something which will one-shot them, so what then? We still have enough regen to keep up life sustained during RF but almost none for regeneration with kinda petty armour
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This is a pretty awesome looking idea, hope it all works out.
Updated whole theorycrafted build. Now I just need to accumulate uniques in new league and level up char xD

Killadeath wrote:
This is a pretty awesome looking idea, hope it all works out.

Thanks, I also hope so xD
"Problems to be resolve" section added.

Fixed my misconception with veil of the night.
You can link skeletons to CwDT so that you can keep taking damage from the unique rings. This can increase the frozen chance a lot.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
You can link skeletons to CwDT so that you can keep taking damage from the unique rings. This can increase the frozen chance a lot.

I was also thinking about it but since we have quite high amount of armour, this 350 physical dmg drops a lot. So we can only count on this 20% converted to cold - so around 70 with zero cold res, and even less if we have more cold res (which probably isn't good idea with this build).

Besides, we use 3 Reckless jewel which each gives us 10% additional crit chance (to dmg which we take) and we self-curse ourself with frostbite which gives 14% to freeze from cold dmg, each skeleton death have 44% chance to freeze us. In this build, each skeleton should be alive for 2.2 sec, and we cast two of them each 0,5 sec. That's enough for freezing ourself. Since RF is doing dmg we don't have much to do beside casting them, casting warcry from time to time and whilring around ^^

But I am still thinking that maybe going for both 20% regen from amulet and 5000 from berek's pass is too greedy. With just 20% regen we can get plenty of self-dmg with no worry... it's quite new mechanic so there is probably few different ways you can go about it xD
Hi, any progress with this build? It seems to be very interesting.
Hey I'm planning on this since... uhm the release of Izaros Dilemma and I have a 7 sites long Word document just with theorycrafting around it.
I'm almost finished with my version: spell damage - low life - rf etc. the last thing I need would be Exalts for the uniques I need and to test it, but I'm really poor also in standard (I love to theorycraft but don't have that much time to play) :(
I like the idea for the build. I might have to try something like this.

One small problem I noticed was your links to RF. Unless it has changed recently, Fire Penetration won't work with RF because it isn't considered a hit.

Also, spell damage doesn't increase RF damage so Controlled Destruction doesn't help either. Righteous Fire's burn damage is only affected by fire damage, elemental damage, and burning damage.
Can (Lightning Coil + The Three Dragons + Heartbound Loop) freeze self?

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