[2.2] Self savagery perma flask uptime autocast Berserker


Using self damaging via Helmet to autocast by cycloning and 100% insta leech. Gaining Flask Charges by Harvest.


Can do most Map Mods with ease, including no regen, reduced recharge, reflect, reduced max... Good DPS, 100 % leech and retores full health in about 1,5 secs. I tested it up to tier 9 maps with mad mods. It should be viable to even harder maps.


Don't forgives any Mistakes. You can easily kill yourself. Low Armour, no phys. reduction, reduced effective Life (About 2/3 of your max life). Be aware of being shocked or cursed by Vulnerability. This will kill you. Definitive not hardcore viable. It's build for solo farming. Partying can completly destroy the build, making it unplayable. Laggy, really laggy, but still playable if you have a good computer. I play it on a notebook with a really bad grafic card.

What matters and gameplay

You need high life. You need high mana cost of skills to deal youself savage hits. To achieve this you use fevered mind jewels and (Important!) a blood Magic gem. To damage yourself you use a Scold's Bridle. You will have some ES, so your first selfdamage will maybe not a savage hit. Keep this in your mind or use more fevered mind Jewels. Once you damaged yourself, some of your Mana will be gone, because you use Mind over Matter. Now u use a Zerphi's Last Breath Flask. Instead of Damaging your skills now will heal you - but still remove mana and trigger cwdt. It's important to have a permanent Flask uptime. To achieve this you use the Harvest. You can survive about 30 secs or more per Zerphi's without killing or damaging enemies. Be aware being on full mana, because this will stop zerphi's effect. If you take longer, stop using flasks and start the whole thing again when you see new enemies. ES and Armour is bad, you only need resistances, life, attributes and crit chance. In addition you will use Vaal Pact, because you want the instant leech. If your life is down to about 25 %, open a potal or use a flask that restores it, otherwise you will die. If you play carefully this won't happen often, but keep it in your mind. You don't want to be frozen or stunned, you don't like silence. So you use a cannot be frozen ring, Cyclone and a jewel that makes you immune to silence. You have to consider that 400 % of mana cost won't be the damage you take, it will be reduced by armour and physical reduction. You have to test every time you change something what level of cwdt you can use.

Actual Gear: (Not perfect: you need more resistance, esp. more chaos res)


Actual Passive Tree (+1 Power Charge)




You can use more Zerphi's to have a longer uptime without meeting Enemies. Makes Gameplay easyier. You will still need 2 flasks to remove Shock and Curses


The Main skill is Cyclone. Its becaus 2 things: Movement and Stun immunity. And it has a great attack time. I'm actual at ,37 s / attack (,48 without the berserkers attack speed increases). U think its bad? NO! Because CwDt triggers only twice per second. I tested it with different weapons. So ,37 is more than you need, it will trigger cwdt twice per second. This skill is supported by gems that increase mana, thats all what matters, and, of course, a level 1 blood magic. I use a enfeeble curse and some skills supported by different gems like knockback (to reduce the physical damage I take), pcoc (needed! use 2 skills) and culling strike/quantity/rarity to drop more and better items. The most damage is definitely dealt by blade vortex. I don't know if discharge is possible, but I don't want to test it, because it makes the build even harder (to play and to build). I think the build is powerfull even without discharge.

Whats coming up:

I want to skill flask effects to improve the defence of the build. Afterwards I want to use one more fevered mind jewel to savage with the first cyclone and improve the max life. I try to get better ring/amulet/boots. I don't think i can provide a video because its really laggy and i never made one. Maybe someone who wants to rebuild it can make one.

I actually don't have a name for the build. It uses so many syngergies, its really hard to combine them to a name shorter than 100 letters. Maybe you just should call it "weird".
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my votes for build name:
Scold's Harvest Distillate

League-Only Uniques Only

The Belligerent Drunk

nice build :D
builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1663570/

I now have one more fevered mind jewel, better gear, inc flask effect. I now have less ES and armour, which increases my effective life.
My first cyclone now deals me a savage hit. Im actually at 6 k life, but it will be 7k in the end. I don't need more Jewels.

Build still works very nice. But I have some more Information that can be helpful to survive.

I changed my Ruby flask to remove bleeding instead of poison, because I died several times from corrupting blood. It's possible to survive corrupting blood, but you have to whirl and using flasks until it ends. With a flask that removes it, gameplay is way easier. Hopefully i won't die from poison.

I figured out that there are some Monsters that can (one-shot) kill you if you stay too close. Hephaeus for example. Most Maps are no Problem, but because of the lack of armour Bosses with a really strong Melee attack can kill you. That's no problem if you can manage to stay away. Knockback can help in these situations.

I also died by trying death and taxes. I don't know exactly why, because I have 90 % resistance and 6 k life, but I took this damage in less than a half second against the second form of the boss. That would be a dps of 120 k. Maybe it reflects damage while it can't be damaged. I'm pretty sure it can't be it's Ice Nova Spell, that would make it basically impossible to kill that Boss with a melee Char.
I tested several things with this build.

You can adjust it to almost all purposes. For example Atziri: Use Blade vortex in combination with Inc crit, crit damage, contr. destruction and iron will - it will have about 2000 k damage - if you combine it with vulnerability and/or assasins mark your damage is so high she won't cast her empowered flameblast and everything else won't kill you. (i still exchange my aquamarine with a quicksilver flask just for the case)

If you wan't to do a vulnerability map, just exchange one fevered mind jewel.

If you want to run labyrinth exchange 2 jewels and use 2 zealoths + 3 quicksilver flasks which remove bleeding.

If you want to farm use 1 quicksilver + 2 silver flasks. You will be able to do aqueduct in a minute.

Edit: Forgot: It's possiple to use RF with this build - but of course you'll have to stop it at some time because you have no life regen. With RF you can easily reach 200 k dps (most physical). Of course it's not the highest, but quite nice. It's also possible to use two more fevered mind + carnage, which will more than double your dps for a total of 400 k + in atziri setup (before curses). But i never tested this, because I like the tankiness and flexibility of the actual build.

For everybody who wants to try: The most important thing in this build is to learn how to use the flasks. If you manage this, this build is really fun. If you don't: you'll die.

Last: You can also survive uber atziris empowered flameblast: Use legacy Kaoms heart (will bring you to 10 k life) and exchange Dream Fragments with essence worm/level 21 purity of fire => 9-10 k life + 97 % fire resist and you are safe - you can improve this if you use fortify in addition. You only have to remember to stop attacking while she's casting the flameblast.
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