Sunder Berserker build [2.2] ~120kdps / 62% phys red / 5k+ life

Hello guys und welcome to my first buildguid! at first: sorry for my bad english :D

Sunder is since his release a very strong skill, so I wonder that I don't see much builds atm. The special advantage over groundslam is, that sunder generate an AoE-Explosion when it hits an enemy, so it hits especially hard in large groups of mobs but also single-dmg is very nice.

pros and cons:

- hight dmg
- hight defence
- don't need one unique item
- not very expensive (~1ex for 6l chest and all other stuff can be self found/crafted)

- can't run any reflect map (biggest downside :/// )
- bears can kill you when you don't see them (because you stand often in the middle of mobpacks)

my gear:

- for weapon you can also use the unique equi, but dmg was lower and i still love attack speed :D
- rest of gear is your free choice... i play with devoto's for more attack speed and movement speed and with kaom's root for frenzy, hight life und stun/knockback imunity and why we don't need so much sockets ;)

gem links:

main skill 4l: sunder + multistrike + melee phys. dmg. + add fire dmg.
(don't test it, but think this would be the best)

main skill 5l: sunder + multistrike + melee phys. dmg. + add fire dmg. + attack speed/life leech/what ever you think is good
(it is depending on your gear/skill tree ... tip: for checking how the gems works together go to first zone act 3 and kill some stuff)

main skill 6l: sunder + multistrike + melee phys. dmg. + phys to lightning + innervate + elemental dmg
(this is the last gem-switch when you buy a 6l. i think only with a 6l this build works very well and a uncorrupted 6l wasn't very expensive (~1ex). then alt/regal it till you get nice stats you need, thats it :D)
question: why you use innervate and phys to lightning and "waste" 2 sockets? ---> why the keyword in poe for nice hight dmg is "more" and shock gives us 50% more dmg from any source! additional we have all the time onslaught for nice dmg/movement boost and last but not least phys to lightning for nice additional dmg (also we can kill easily rare phys reflect mobs). so at the end i dont find 2 gems which give me more dmg :D

auras: hatred + Grace (+enlighten)
(hatred --> dmg / grace --> huge armourboost)

movement: leap slam + faster attacks + fortify + blood magic

defence: lightning warp + less duration + warlords mark + cwdt
(because we stand still by attacking we can be easily killed by strong mobs we don't attack atm, so we use lightning warp to visit these guys xD)

frenzy: blood rage + increased duration
(can substain blood rage easily)

so i finally get up to ~80k (~120k total) dmg with 5 frenzys and onslaught:

when you think there are some better options or when you have some questions/improvements feel free to comment this thread ;)
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Think ill give it a try, wanted to try something else than Cyclone/EQ.
yea, its a very funny build :D
when you have any questions feel free to ask me ;)
Ive been working Sunder since Perandus opened and wrote a detailed guide but, I use juggernaut since I like the defensive aspect rather then have huge dps, while I still break 50k easy I can face tank pretty much every mob-Heres the listing/

Im not sure where you are getting the dps considering you dont use con effect which by the way doesnt in anyway reduce the range or aoe on sunder but adds allot of dps. Maybe Im missing something you are using as a jewel to obtain so much lightning damage. I can run full elemental reflect by simple losing hatred, ash, arctic armor and going with Determination and haste while not losing but 6k dps with no reflect problems and I can run upto 13% reflect in either without making any changes due to 6% leech rate and 500 regen. Plus I use stone golem who also gives me another 100+ regen.

Those 3 attack speed nods giving 18% aren't as good as taking the wrecking ball side of the two hander section which gives 16% attack speed on last 3 nods plus 40% Physical damage with 2hander and 1 nod before those that gives another 12% physical damage/ So for 2 nods youll lose 2% attack speed but gain 52% damage.
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hey sethbine! at first thx for your message ;)
ok, for soloplay 50k dmg sounds ok i think ;)
i look at your guid and your build looks very nice! really tanky and i love the hight amount of leech :D
but yea, i think i play this build a little more agressiv, so i can cap the 120k dmg very very easy with no ev and lower leech..but i died only a few times in hight tier maps when i have some laggy guys in my group and a hard map, so i think my def was ok ;)
the dmg notes in the duelist area looks very great but cost me 3 additional points when i drop the attackspeed notes and i think this 3 points will be better invested in leech and life for more def ;)
con effect was a really nice idea, but i think i dont have enought space in my 6l to use it efficent :/ btw i think the shockwave radius becomes reduced by con effect, but thats not a big downside..
i get the hight lightning dmg from phys to lightning ;) the aurachanges sounds very nice, i think i try it in a reflect map :)

thx for your tips! :)
What you use for single target? Any tips, please?
luancirino wrote:
What you use for single target? Any tips, please?

Judging from the Arid Lake video, his single target seems fine. Which goes against what I hear people saying about Sunder. Making me consider this for next league.

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