[2.2] Yet Another Chaos Scold's Build

Hi and welcome to Yet Another Chaos Scold's Build.

This is my first build guide, I'm just looking to give people an idea of what this build can do, so I'm keeping it short and simple.

Gameplay Video:


Required Uniques:

Build Concept:

The build uses Scold's Bridle and 7 Fevered Mind jewels to get an extremely high mana cost on a 4L Cyclone. We take 400% of the mana cost as damage, then heal 800% of the mana cost as health with Zerphis. We use Mind over Matter to keep our mana down so that Zerphi's stays on.



The chest can be anything, I just wanted a lot of life so I chose Belly of the Beast. The Retch isn't required, but it is very nice to keep up your flasks.


For Cyclone I've found that a 4L of Cyclone - Blood Magic - Faster Attacks - Life Gain On Hit worked best for me. The CWDT links are pretty flexible, you can pretty much cast any Fire or Cold spell, link it with whatever supports and CWDT. I messed around with a bunch of spells before I ended up with the ones that I'm using so try what you like. I've used Blood Rage, different Purities, Righteous Fire, Vaal Haste, Vaal Molten Shell, Enfeeble, all in my Unset Ring. It's not required, but it adds a lot of utility.

Passive Tree:

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