[2.2.x] 800 Dex 5x Siege Balista Chieftan (Atziri Viable)(Videos to be added)

Welcome to Vacii's 800 Dex 5x Siege Ballista build guide!
DISCLAIMER: I am not the inventor of Siege Ballista Builds, although this build IS 100% MY ORIGINAL IDEA and i HAVE NOT followed any guides what so ever to create it. I apologize (if so the case) to anyone who has posted this before me.

]The concept behind this build is to get as much Dex as possible from the skill tree and items and flat physical damage from items, in order to utilize the Iron Commander Death Bow, while maintaining large health pool and descent defenses.This build also uses the Chieftain ascendancy class to buff your Siege Ballistas bot offensively and defensively.

Core Of the build:
Weapon Of Choice

Pretty straight forward "more dex = more damage + more balistas" with 800 dex you get a total of 5 balitas and additional 32-96 flat phys damage.

In order to achieve that high amount of dex on a marauder you need exactly 4xFluid Morion Jewels and 1xCareful Planing Jewel all rolled perfectly

First and foremost

The Drillneck unique quiver literally doubles the damage if your balistas, since they have 100% chance to pierce.

Probably best in slot 'cause of the extra life/strength and phys damage.

Abyssus is the best in slot helmet for this build, you should look for high stats roll and low as possible incread damage taken roll.

Belly of the beast is optional and useable after you can achieve 800+ dex without armor, otherwise any 5l strength/evasion armor would do, although make sure it has life and dex.

Rare Items
It is absolutely important that every piece of rare gear has a minimum of +40 dex. flat phys on rings/amulet is a must, attack speed on gloves is a must, move speed on boots is a must. Everything else is resistances and life.
Here are some sample rares:

Passive Sill Tree Explained

Passive Tree @ lvl 89

Bandits: passive/passive/frenzy charge.
It is important to mention that this build can be considered complete at level 86, since all the way to 100 is just picking extra life.
All the traveling you do on the tree serves 1 specific purposes:
Provide you with basic stats which you turn into dexterity - you use only fluid motion and careful planing with max rolls to achieve this.

Iron Grip is used because after all the transformations you end up with 300+ strength which something around 60% damage.

You are picking almost all totem nodes, excluding the ones near ancestral bonds you don't need that at all.

You gonna want to pick at 1 extra frenzy charge (you gonna end up with 5) and some some resistance nodes since you are already running low on available suffixes on your gear.

Picking Berserking will provide you with nice DPS bost.

And the rest is just picking life.

While Leveling i suggest you focus mainly on jewel slots and totem nodes and get them first, afterwards you can start building life.

First choice is Tawhoa, Forest's Strength - provides you additional strength, resists and reduced mana cost.
Next you get Arohongui, Moon's Presence - this increase both the damage and and tankiness of your totems.
And last but not least you get Tukohama, War's Herald - this is what makes the build Atziri viable, if you attempt her without it you will fail miserably.

My Gear

Skill Gems
As you can see in the gear section i use:
On armor 5l: siege balista + GMP + Faster Attacks + Added Fire Damage + Plysical Projectile attack damage. I am yet to experiment with 6l but suggest either WED/Poison/Slower Proj/Faster Proj.

Bow can be only 4l, best case is 6s 4l you put your curse on hit with GMP and frenzy there with a curse of choice, i prefer proj weaness. and you could fit blink arrow and blood rage there. this way you can easily try to corrupt it getting 1 additional arrow.

Gloves 4l: You can put your flame golem, enduring cry and a lvl 8 clarity aura linked to blood magic (you need the aura for mana sustain and totem spam).

Boots 4l : you can put your standard enlightern/herald of ash/hatered aura setup there, and use the last socket as you please.

Helmet 4l: you put your cwdt/immortal call/increased duration/vaal haste there.

Clear Speed and How to handle Atziri

First of all when you get the hang of it this build has amazing clear speed, i can go up to ~100m exp per hour on t11 map with it at lvl 89. You can start mapping at 66 which is when you get over 600 dex.

About Atziri you need to realize if you haven't realized already, that you must not stand still, you have to always be on the move. Double Vaal is easy as long as you manage to get them together and follow their health.
Trio kill order does not matter as long as you manage to kill the titty bitch first, and remember always stay out of reach, your balistasts help you with that because they taunt and they are pretty tanky (also imune to fire (wink)).
As it comes to Atziri - on the split phase always go for the flame blast one, the balistas will manage to taunt it so it casts the flame blast on them, which does absolutely nothing. Be careful with the storm call since it can clear your balistas very fast, try to always have as much balitas as possible during that phase. Switching your herald of ash to some of the purity auras might help too if you do not feel confident enough. Bring your topaz and ruby flasks there ;)

Some additional words on the build

You try and play around with it and go Iron Reflex, but this is not a good idea since you will loose 160% evasion rating. At the moment my build stands at 5397 armor and 4754 evasion which is 35% damage reduction and 32% chance to evade.

You do not Want to go ancestral bonds, you will end up loosing damage, since your curse on hit frenzy has a considerable amount if extra damage.

You can play around with bandits but my experience is that passive/passive/frenzy charge is the best choice.

Screen Shots
Yet to come!

[/spoiler="Videos"] Yet to come!

If you have any further questions regarding the build let me know i will be more than happy to explain.
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Hey bro, was about convert my melee naut to this, but can i ask what is your dmg especially i dont see any crit node. I am also curious about your max health:x

Really interesting build!

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