[2.2][Chieftain]The Magmaquaker


Disclaimer: I've never put together a build before so bare with me. If there is something you would like me to add let me know and I'll see what I can do.

What's the low-down?

I came up with this build in hope to take full advantage of the Marauders new and spectacular Chieftain passives: "Ngamahu, Flame's Advance" & "Hinekora, Death's Fury" in a somewhat unique fashion by combining them spectacularly with the new Earthquake Skill and a few select unique items to help set the battlefield ablaze. Fortunately, this combination has proven to be significantly more effective than I originally thought.

Hinekora, Death's Fury - This Passive alone makes the build. The 1% Fire Leech with your natural regen will allow you to negate any Chaos or Bleed damage on your character so as long as you remain offensively active.

As you'll see, this build takes advantage of nearly every available Fire Damage/Burning & Ignite passive node reasonably available, as well as two primary key nodes:

Resolute Technique - As this is a melee build that doesn't wander into the Duelist area until much later in the game you will require this as soon as possible to negate the abysmal accuracy ratings are largely due to the lack of dexterity nodes.

Avatar of Fire - This node can be activated after you have acquired a good portion of the available Fire Damage nodes. The increase in damage will at first seem insignificant but as your chance to ignite grows, so does the damage potential of doing pure fire damage.

Earthquake Sheet DPS & Skilltree Stats

The numbers may seem relatively low for a high level DPS build, but it's what's actually going on behind the scenes that really counts.

Herald of Ash for instance will ignite surrounding monsters for 134% of the overkill damage when one dies. Earthquake's aftershock will do 74% More damage and is generally what kills the weak monsters initially leaving the Rare or magic monsters to suffer significant Burning damage

The Skill Tree at level 90 provides the following modifiers that affect your Fire & Burning Damage (Since all you do is Fire damage):

- 40% chance to ignite
- 20% increased Area Damage
- 85% increased Burning Damage
- 25% increased Damage against Ignited Enemies
- 35% increased damage against Burning Enemies
- 56% increased Elemental Damage
- 206% increased Fire Damage
- 10% increased Ignite Duration
- 15% Fire Resistance Penetration

- 54% increased Fire Damage with weapons (only really adds to the base attack).

Video: Build in action in Plateau (T10)

Passive Skill Tree: Level 90

There is really no right or wrong way to traverse the skill tree, especially since this build in particular was made for a Softcore character. If you want this to be lategame hardcore viable, you would want to drop some damage in order to traverse the Scion health loop and to make early use of all available Jewel Nodes to get yourself over 200% Increased Max HP.

Unique Items

I have discovered four unique items (one jewel) which I have found to significantly add to this build, with the two main weapons having the biggest impact due to how they work together.

The Items


First of all the two weapons.

We will use Dyadus in the main hand to take advantage of the added Fire damage and the very significant 25% chance to ignite. This weapon as you see has a latent ability to cause enemies you've chilled to take 25% increased damage, but when you spec into Avatar of Fire as we have it would normally seem like a wasted affix since all we do is fire damage - that's where the lovely Callinellus Malleus (Calli for short) comes in.

Calli has an affix which makes it so that all damage types chill when you stun. In Path of Exile, fire damage can be quite cool it seems. This affix enables the 25% increased damage one from the Dyadus to activate 100% of the time (since you never miss), so as long as the enemy survives the initial impact from Earthquake.

The third unique, Gang's Momentum is in my opinion something that would would probably want to trade out for boots with an increase to maximum life in a Hardcore league, but either way provide a very significant addition to this build.

They come with a massive increase to fire resistance, which will enable you to focus primarily on your Cold, Lightning and Chaos resistances on your other gear. Aside from that they come with a 6% additional chance to ingite, which when combined with the bonuses from other gear, flammability and the passive tree gives our build about an 85% chance to ignite enemies with fire damage.

The final Unique I recommend is the Mantra of Flames Jewel. This jewel adds 5-12 Fire Damage to every attack, for every buff affecting your character. These buffs include Herald's, Aura's, Flask Effects, and buffs created from the passive tree such as the 20% increase to fire damage after killing an enemy acquired from the chieftain ascendancy tree. This gem enables our defensive flasks to act offensively and is what enables us to push our sheet DPS to 20,000+ depending on the situation.

Gems & Links

We will use Earthquake as both our Single Target and AoE skill. For leveling and killing bosses to work your way up to and through Merciless I would recommend Heavy Strike and Sunder (which will be more effective until your area of effect from passives grows).

Weapon Elemental Damage,
Less Duration,
Added Fire Damage,
Faster Attacks

For a 6 Link I would add Endurance Charge on Melee Stun to keep up charges permanently, or Increased Area of Effect to help clear open area maps more efficiently.

Blood Rage,
Phase Run,
Increased Duration

I use phase run as an alternative to Leap Slam as that skill is awful in indoor dungeons and is a recipe for disaster due to how buggy it is with getting stuck in things.


Switch Flammability for Elemental Weakness in groups, or just use Herald of Thunder.

Herald of Ash,
Summon Flame Golum,
Increased Burning Damage &
Herald of Thunder.

When doing Non-Curse maps, I use Herald of Thunder in place of my curse.

Leap Slam,
Faster Attacks,
Endurance Charge on Melee Stun.

Immortal Call,
Molten Shell,
Increased Duration,
Cast When Damage Taken.


I use the following flasks. I haven't found or tested any of the available unique ones, but this is just what I find myself the most comfortable with.

The Experimenters Silver Flask of Adrenaline is probably my favorite thing. It's a significant boost to run speed and adds the onslaught buff in addition for 8 seconds. If you use this and a 3 charge Phase Run at the same time you'll be happily breaking land-speed records and it significantly helps to quickly navigate indoor maps.

My Current Gear

The lightning coil isn't required although it certainly makes a big defensive impact, I was just lucky enough to find one and spent tons of currency pulling off a 5 link. Also the links don't exactly match my recommendations because I've been running a deficit on Chromes :(

Other than that, most of this gear is fairly cheap to acquire. Your goal is always to be resistance capped


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