HiltLess CWDT Berserker Build. I Hurt Myself today.. To proc my CWDT...

Build released the same patch as the sword, on 2.3.

Legacy & Tree Updates:

Im gonna play SSF HC for next league so i will not be able to update this unless i get Hiltless myself and rip my previous char.

As for the nerfs to AoE i dont think it hit us hard since, it should be mostly the same level of AoE since we only got a few on the witch anyway and we can replace carcass with a cheaper 6L chest with much more life/ressistances or onslaught if we get rich:
something like this should be really cheap to make and build.

The biggest Buff its You get All gems at Library, finally i don't need to trade all the fucking gems this build need the first days of a league! makes it much smooth as starter.

As for the tree im still doubting between 2 versions:

Physical Oriented Version: http://poeurl.com/7ik

Elemental Oriented Version: http://poeurl.com/7hM

I prob will go with this one for SSF(if i ever get hiltless) since it can work with a 6S 4L+2L,Having leap Slam there and giving room for another 4L CWDT

For gem setups it may change on the ele version, just add fireball to the mix and give them an extra support gem

Gl to anyone using my build for legacy, i think it is still a solid option on par with most of meta builds if you know what are doing, i got hiltless 6L and carcass 6L by the fourth day of the league and was farming quite easily all the content breach has to offer getting 4-5 ex a day just by farming maps and breach domains.

Concept of the build:

You try to increase the damage taken of your character as much as possible not wearing any defenses, hitting yourself while the mobs are also hitting you, taking passives such as berserker's Aspect Of Carnage in order to trigger as much as possible your CWDT Settups.

Pros & Cons:

+ Not that expensive, only core items are Hiltless, and Carcass Jack, and dps on 4Ls is still nuts.
+ You cast 6 Spells minimum so it looks quite colorful
+ +230% life on tree (not counting life on jewels) at lvl +90 Easy to reach +7k life with average life on rares.
+ Cloacked in savagery + Vaal Pact combo makes you only able to die if oneshoted. Webm of combo in action
+ Only map mod it cant run is Cannot Leech life, rest are doable(for how to run phys reflect check the end of skill gem setups section).
+ Can Do all but one challenge easily, killing Shaper by yourself is quite hard. rest are easy.
+ Reflect Maps are extremely fun to play since the chain reactions of CWDT carries extremely hard.
+ Cyclone alone on a 5l can reach 160k dps with conc effect and all buffs up, so is not that reliant on the cwdt for single target.
+ You stomp breachs and breachlord's domains

- Its a melee build, vaal pact + cyclone is a nightmare on some uber trials.
- Until You get 8 ascendancy points the build won't shine, without cloaked in savagery the build isnt safe and without Aspect of carnage you will do about 35% LESS damage(+10% casts then +40% MORE dmg)
- Not HC Viable :( since u need 8 ascendancy and +7k life to be safe, unless you play something completely different and then spent money on reroll after 90+ i wouldn't recommend playing this on hc.
- You lose a sextant every time it gives players cannot take reflect damage, your character become useless so before using them you need to have +1 just in case u need to remove it.
- Really Hard To kill Shaper, too slow and risky, cyclone loking you to point a to b makes it harder to dodge anything he does
Things That killed me +90 on Breach League (not counting 0%xp shenanigans, server lags...)

Divine Shrine: x4 (i just dont see them in time...)
Promenade boss' lightning thorns: x1
Breachlords on red rare maps breach: x2 (these oneshot you at 6.8k life if map have any kind of damage mod, kitte them and go to the other side of the breach when they appear)


Before going deeper onto the build watch some action, mute sound if you dont like NCS music. Also, im a complete noob making vids and used free software, shadowplay and windows movie maker.

-[2.3] Boosted Uber Lab 5Keys run under 7 mins: https://youtu.be/UdkwA4T-v7s

-[2.3] Ele Reflect with Enfeeble Wasteland: https://youtu.be/F4UCr3MBmdI

-[2.3] Shrine With More Monster Life: https://youtu.be/kiVAWZu0Zh4

-[2.5] Cloaked + Vaal Pact + CWDT awesomeness(short WEBM): Here

-[2.5] Xoph's Domain kill: https://youtu.be/XVt7QG3rkLw

-[2.5] Esh's Domain kill: https://youtu.be/drdfxNKSnfg

-[2.5] Uul-Netol's Domain kill: https://youtu.be/ygeSwe_2VNQ

-[2.5] Chayula's Domain Kill: https://youtu.be/0cc1RyTugjk

-[2.5] Phys reflect test map: https://youtu.be/jGl9sk2H90E

-[2.5] Lair Of The Hydra: https://youtu.be/elxy1Gx6edg

-[2.5] Maze Of The Minotaur: https://youtu.be/A-NkTbl6q3k

-[2.5] Forge Of The Phoenix: https://youtu.be/crbq3psnP50

Skill Gems Setups: (Updated for breach league)

On Hiltless:

1L GREEN - Cyclone
2L GREEN - Faster Attacks
3L RED - Melee Phys
4L RED - Added fire /(Fortify for rippy maps/bosses, only if you are dying)
5L BLUE - Increased area of effect (ConcEffect for long bosses only)
6L GREEN - Hypothermia, for things immune to chill use poison support

After further testing conc is not worth for clearspeed even paired with inc once you get 6L, only use it for bosses that you can facetank and would last more than 30seconds

Until you get 6L Hiltless you can also play with 6S (4L Cyclone - FA - Melee Phys - IncAoE)+(2L Leap Slam + FA) free blood magic on Leaps and u can have an extra 4L CWDT.

On Carcass:

2L GREEN - Bladefall
3L GREEN - Ethereal Knives
4L BLUE - Glacial Cascade
5L BLUE - Controlled Destruction
6L RED - Added Fire (Iron Will optional for high fire ress encounters or if you have trouble with ele reflect)

Hubris circlet with Essence of Horror (Socketed Spells have 30% more ele dmg):

2L BLUE - Vortex
3L BLUE - Shock Nova
4L BLUE - Ice Nova

CWDT can be lvl 18 with gems at lvl 19 or lvl 20 with gems at lvl 20. if you are farming more red maps than yellows the later is better imo, never go for lvl 21 gems its not worth at all.

Fingerless silk Gloves with ESSENCE OF INSANITY 16%MORE move-speed :

1L RED - Leap Slam
2L GREEN - Faster Attacks (Can swap to culling before fighting hard bosses like Uber izaro)
3L RED - Blood Magic
4L BLUE - Lightning Golem

(No fortify, only reduces dps and its only necessary for oneshoting scenarios, on that case we use it on the 2h setup)


1L BLUE - Blasphemy
2L GREEN - Poacher's Mark
3S GREEN - Hatred
4S RED - Ancestral Protector (Anger For Hexproof maps)

If u get reduced hatred mana reserved on helm drop ancestral protector for Herald of ash, other option is to 4 off colour gloves and put protector instead of golem there

For phys reflect maps swap on 2H: inc aoe for phys to lightning, melee phys for life leech/LOH(LOH for undergeared people is better) And swap on Carcass: Bladefall for detonate dead, ethereal knives for culling strike, added fire for molten shell

---------->PASSIVE SKILL TREE<----------

- Bandits Are Oak, Kraityn, Kraityn.

- Ascendancy priority: Pain Reaver, Crave The Slaughter, Aspect of Carnage, Cloaked in savagery.

Warning: To solo uber lab/atziri/council/breachlords you need Cloacked in savagery , i found that its worth go carnage and swap to cloacked when you have all the trials before going to uber itzaro (either that or get carried by a party)

-Skill tree i will be using for breach :SKILL TREE HERE

- Marauder start (melee damage and life) is good as long as you aren't at 1 point range of a notable passive or keystone, at lvl +80 respect in an out of it accordingly.

- For leveling, take butchery on marauder zone until you swap to Hiltless .

- Scion Jewel sockets are last unless you got some crazy ass ones.

Potion Settups:

Many things become deadly for melee builds that can easily be solved with proper rolled flasks, here are my choices:

1º Eternal life flask with 50% recovery or 60% increased 10% taken from mana + Bleed Immune.
2º Divine life flask with Instant recovery + Bleed immune.
3º Atziri flask (This is the one i swap if needed; Life flask with Bleed immune for uber lab, Sulphur flask with with bleed(for trio on atziri or rippy blodlines maps) Sulphur Status alignments if needed for shocking ground maps and the like.)
4º Silver Flask With Freeze Immune
5º Quicksilver of adrenaline


Use sunder/lacerate or your leveling skill of choice then EQ, after you get pain reaver + vaal pact + poacher mark on blasphemy + hiltless you can swap already to Cyclone and the CWDT Setups

My Current Gear:

Carcass 6L isn't that needed in the end u can use a cheap 6L, a crap base from
they sell for 10-30c late on the league and 2ex tops the first days(always aim for ilvl +84-100), since we don't care about defenses its perfect for use, just make sure it doesn't have armor, craft it with a life essence, or alt until you hit decent life + aug + regal + master craft. you will end with something like this:

If you are rich and dont fell like using carcass slam essences of insanity for free onslaugh until you get decent life roll, then use shaper flask instead of silver flask

Lab Enchant Priority:

On Boots: Adds 45 to 68 Cold Damage if you've been Hit Recently > 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently > 0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently(comes handy on situations where cloaked wont trigger)> Fire or lighting ones, rest are meh

On Gloves: None, its best to get spell damage from fingerless silk gloves

On Helm: 15% reduced Hatred Mana Reservation (not recommended until late 95+ for min maxing, you need 2 more points on tree, need to recolor gloves and drop golem to gain herald of ash aura) > 15% increased Cyclone Attack Speed > 15% increased Leap Slam Attack Speed > 40% increased Cyclone Damage

Priority on Jewels:

%Increased Maximum life
%Increased Area damage
%Increased Physical Damage
%Increased Damage
Then All sorts of increased attack speed for 2h weapons swords or normal.


Apparently scold variant is dead now, Scold's got ninja nerfed this patch (2.6) and no longer works with blood magic or triggered spells, RIP, i will leave this part up until we get some sort of clarification on this by GGG

With scold's + Fevered Minds jewels combo you will hit yourself for more than 15% of your life every time you click cyclone, hence triggering Cloaked in savagery at will with 100% uptime

Pros & Cons:

+ Tons of damage, everything looks like melted butter as soon as they enter on your deadzone.
+ Cloaked in Savagery 100% UPTIME.

- Easier to get oneshoted , you lose around 500hp at least.
- Any miss click can cost you tons of life and maybe death (as you can see on the header you can kill yourself even on your hideout)
- You need to be really focused to avoid situations where you would not proc cloaked or leech(Divine shrine,immune phases on bosses, hit nothing with cyclone,giant shrine giving you more life...).

~ High Reflexes needed on potions to be at 100% life always, but you get used fast.
~ Scold's can be expensive, but you have many ways of farming such amount with this build.


I will post new ones if i get a scold on breach.

Skill Gems Setups and Skill Trees:

Same as normal build atm


Just swap the helm for

And swap jewels for Fevered Minds, 3 needed on my case, maybe with 6l it will need only 2, if i ever get it ill update this part.

Gameplay Differences:

You need to be aware of situations where your cloaked wont trigger, every time you increase your life pool you need to test it before going forward because fortify also mitigates part of the damage, so you need to check that once you hit mobs and fortify is up it will still proc.

Other thing to have on mind is your ES coming from your helm and chest, you need to keep it at 0 as much as possible since it wont count for cloaked damage threshold, so be sure to leap slam it away often.

Beware of shrines like massive, aside of giving you inc aoe it also gives you life, so cloaked wont trigger.

If Mobs are about to die do long cyclones never short ones, just click once and let the button go, if you keep going on short cyclones you can easily lost 40% hp instant, normally nothing will happen because there is no more mobs to hit you, but if you have corrupting blood, poisons or some kind of degens running on you, you may die.

If you are on parties beware of hitting nothing while cycloning, its really detrimental.

You need to remember to pot life after you start leap slaming from pull to pull

Avoid like pest bosses that have immune phases that you cannot leech from, they will kill your character. Daresso, Waterways elemental, Malachay on core...

For atziri and uber izaro just swap to a normal helm.


Props to supporter AFoolsIdol for making this awesome unique with a cool reference to demon souls and unique mechanisms that were out of the game after the punishment curse change.

When You die on Softcore, you lose experience.
When you die on Hardcore, you gain experience.
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When You die on Softcore, you lose experience.
When you die on Hardcore, you gain experience.
This is awesome! Thanks for pming me the thread!
Wow didn't know this sword can proc lv20 cwdt so well... I really underestimated it.

I already had tested the build with scolds and cwdt triggered more but i lost around 500hp pool and wasnt able to sustain the reflected damage on many scenarios so i considered the dps increase was overkill and not worth the trade-off. But thanks to u TheDeletedTruth on reddit i realized that with enough fevered mind jewels (3 on my case ) you can self proc cloaked in savagery by yourself with 100% uptime, this opened new broad horizons for me.

I need to do some research adding scolds to the mix, dps was over the roof similar last season VMS but i need to see if i end up getting randomly oneshoted on reds maps after the changes. I will post as soon as i have a some concrete data on the scolds variant of the build.
When You die on Softcore, you lose experience.
When you die on Hardcore, you gain experience.
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JohnOldman wrote:

- Until You get 8 ascendancy points the build won't shine, without cloaked in savagery the build isnt safe and without Aspect of carnage CWDT wont trigger as much and it will do 40% LESS damage

Its 28.6% less dmg.
Goldarm5 wrote:
JohnOldman wrote:

- Until You get 8 ascendancy points the build won't shine, without cloaked in savagery the build isnt safe and without Aspect of carnage CWDT wont trigger as much and it will do 40% LESS damage

Its 28.6% less dmg.

I will reword it to avoid confusions :P but just so you know i was having on mind also the 10% more times it proc because of the 10% increased damage taken. witch would be still wrong since it would be more near 35% LESS DMG
When You die on Softcore, you lose experience.
When you die on Hardcore, you gain experience.
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will this work with a juggernaut ? the reflect shud proc endurance charges for endless discharge?
IGN - Endoplasm
kot0005 wrote:
will this work with a juggernaut ? the reflect shud proc endurance charges for endless discharge?

I may be wrong here but if i recall correctly reflect isn't considered as a hit for balance reasons, so it should not work, sorry mate.

However if you wanna go discharge there is a nice CMK discharge build that uses oro's as main weapon : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1666930
When You die on Softcore, you lose experience.
When you die on Hardcore, you gain experience.
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build looks really interesting! cant wait to try it out. have you thought about using voidheart ?

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