[2.5.0*] Jagarnath, Destroyer of Maps (Cyclone-CoMK-Discharge) *Budget Build* *DEMO VIDEO*

Juggernaut - Oro's Sacrifice - Cyclone - on melee kill -discharger

Patch 2.5.0
* For juggernaut not much changed except for cyclone range buff.
* Raider has come into the picture: Frenzy on hit & onslaught has been buffed
It will require some testing with raider to asses viability. Things look promising!

WATCH 10 Min Beginners Basics Guide
WATCH 4 Min UBER lab: Tips & Tricks

Short Summary
Oro deals a ton of flat fire dmg, and gives frenzy charges.
Juggernaut gives a ton of endurance charges.
All those charges make discharge go BOOM!

It works because stuff scales cyclone and discharge at the same time. Silly problems of not triggering are overcome with the unique flask writhing Jar. The worms that spawn are cursed by warlords mark, and die from 1 cyclone hit, and most importantly, they trigger cast on melee kill. The cyclone damage by itself is good anough to face tank easy bosses.

The build originated from my search to find cheaper solutions to automated discharge.
Voll's Devotion & Mjolner are too expensive for most players. The build can handle the highest tier of maps, although .. like allways... expensive gear is needed afterall.

This build guarantees you to be discharging at level 67 at a very decent speed in relation to the investments made. It shines as a budget build for starting a new league.

Build requirements

lvl 67 to be able to wield Oro's Sacrifice 2H sword

Skill node Avatar of Fire OR Pyre ring

For extra safety:

Sibyl's Lament ring

For extra utility

The writhing Jar

How I got it all on day2 of a new SC league at lvl 53?? READ

I sold 40-50
for 1 Alchemy orb each.
I bought them from Act3 normal NPC for 1 Alteration Orb each. These are fast trades, immediatly invite buyer and the deal needs to be concluded in 10 seconds, else the buyer will get his needs elsewhere.
Hard Work!
But you gotta do something if you get no lucky drops.
You make alot of blade vortex builds happy in the process.

4c + 12 alch

3 alch

8 alch

8 alch

To sell the WM gems I used a premium stash tab. Filled it with gems, and set buyout
of everything in the tab to 1 alchemy orb.
Buyers would contact me.

To get the build requirements I used this website:
Link to website poe.trade
There I had 4 tabs open, each with the unique, and I contacted the sellers
with my offers in alchemy orbs.
(the prices listed in chaos, but you can always try)
Copied the default msg, by clicking in PM_Whisper.

Then I paste it in PoE, and added my offer in alchemy after the line. And then send it ingame.

Sellers will be annoyed if you do not tell them Beforehand you are going to pay with alchemy orbs.


NOTE: The properties of a unique can varie; have random rolls.
Some are better then others

Lvl 91 Prophecy SC Gear & Tree

Patch Notes Version 2.4.0 and consequences for this build

Bex_GGG wrote:
Path of Exile: Version 2.4.0 (Atlas of Worlds) Patch Notes

Triggered Skill Improvements:
Since we introduced trigger gems, players have been able to trigger their skills faster and faster with each update. The performance and gameplay consequences of this extreme skill spam have finally justified a redesign of how some trigger gems work.
  • For Cast on Critical Strike, Cast on Melee Kill, Mjölner and Cospri's Malice, only one skill can be triggered per trigger event. The damage of Cast on Critical Strike and Cast on Melee Kill has been increased, as described in "Active Skill Gem Balance" below.
  • The spell that is triggered is determined based on the order in which it is socketed, and will cast supported spells in sequence, even across multiple attacks. These items and skills also have cooldowns which limit how often a skill is cast.

Active Skill Gem Balance:
  • Cast on Melee Kill now has a 250ms cooldown. Cast on Melee Kill's increases to spell damage have been replaced with 20% more spell damage at level 1, up to 39% at level 20 (1% per level).
  • Discharge now deals 35% less damage when triggered.

Ascendancy Skill Balance Changes:
  • Unrelenting now has a 30% chance to gain maximum charges on generating an endurance charge (rather than 100%).While we do want the Juggernaut to be effective at generating endurance charges, this made it far too easy and low-effort. It's still very good.

* The build only uses 1 discharge gem. So multiple cast nerfs is not a problem.
* 250ms cooldown is a bummer. But might improve fps drops for alot of players. It's fun to machingun fire, but this build does not rely on doing so.
* a level 20/20% CoMK gem gave 10% + 78% increased spell damage. 10% inc + 39% more is nice.
* 35% LESS dmg for discharge. that's a nerf alright.
* Unrelenting 30% chance is a killer. If it wasn't for the frenzy charges this build would otherwise be in serious trouble. Since you have so many sources to gain endurance charges, one of them is bound to hit the 30% chance.

Early Conclusions: (pre 2.4 testing)
Nerfed (max endurance charges, some dmg, no more machinegun firing)
Buffed (graphics fps lag / dmg)

If the build can shift some resources from endurance into frenzy charges it will still be very good. I can claim this because the build worked before ascendancy unrelenting was introduced. No matter what you do, you'll always end up with plenty charges, since you have so many sources to gain charges.

The build survives this patch!

Gem setup

Cyclone - Cast on Melee Kill - Discharge
support: Increased AoE - Fire penetration - WED
options: Conc effect - Added Cold damage fluf: Prolif (no pyre)

Blasphemy Warlords Mark - Assasin's Mark - Enduring Cry

Cyclone - Leapslam - Fortify
options: Endurance Charge on Melee stun - Stun - Vengeance
second cyclone feels more natural. It keeps the pace fluid. Although leapslam is
mandatory to be able to jump obstacles, or use when stuck with cyclone

Bloodrage - Vaal Haste - Increased Duration
options: Vaal lightning Trap - Vaal Haste number 2
With 2 vaal skills it will take alot longer before you can use your first vaal skill. Trap shocking a boss does wonders, as usual. Shortening any dangerous encounter is win

Cyclone - Fortify - Conc - WED - added cold - firepen
Trash fortify gaining & Single target boss killing, while not discharging and keeping all frenzy / endurance charges up during tanking.

Tested and and the damage is great. Long single target fights when worm flask is depleted solving setup. I also underestimated having the ability to kill something without triggering and loose your charges. This is great for killing off the single rare, or stray trash monster, so you have full charges up while running to the next pack.

Ancestral Totem - WED - Conceffect- Firepen - Addedcold - Elemental Focus

Nice multiplier support gems for a dangerous boss. Exactly the same gems as a 6L discharge setup. Gonna try it for uber lab and swap over discharge setup into fortify cyclone.

Since there are no resources left to invest into totems (totem life / resis) it's
not worth it to send a 6L on ancestral totem. However if you can spare the accuracy/resist
there is this option:

vengeance - Endurance Charge on Melee stun - Stun
options: leapslam

Be creative, and come up with an original idea of your own for the optional 6L :)
Can always drop it for Kaom's Heart unique chest armor.

What to do with the GOLEM!?!?!
- 1) No golem: Don't bother to recast. free solo chain maps?
- 2) Ice gives slow and accuracy. That gem could be put in with the vaal gem setup for duration for the chilled ground effect. 30% accuracy would roughly yield (with 1.000 jugger) --> 800 accuracy. good for 8 attack speed and some chance to hit. 30% crit chance helps abit with Elemental overload.
- 3) Stone; 105 more Life regen? to compensate for 60% less regen maps? biggest problem in those maps are the effect on our life leech and the increase from 400 liferegen to 500 liferegen is a much less bigger deal.
- 4) Chaos golem: We're a marauder with int. We can run a chaos golem for 4% reduced phys. If anything is going to kill us, it probably won't be physical damage.
- 5) Lightning golem; 9% attackspeed and abit of help in EE maps if you're using a pyre. Nah too far fetched.
- 6) flame; damage isn't really needed.

Conclusions at this time:
If you need accuracy and abit of crit chance for overload, go for ice golem. drop bloodrage from the vaalgem setup. put it somewhere else. or drop the second vaal.

If can't be asked to recast now and then.... and you don't use a cwdt setup. go for no golem.

Stone golems life regen might not be super, since we alrdy got some. Not like we're running Righteousfire. The taunt's can be appreciated for survival. Stone golem could be socketed in 1) leapslam/cyclone-2) fort- 3) endurance chance on stun - 4) stone golem

no CWDT-Immortal Call????!!!???
Our endurance charges are precious. atleast in 2.2, perhaps in 2.3 there will be anough to spare. If I'd run it, I would run 1) CWDT - 2) IC - 3) Dura - 4) Moltenshell / Golem. One danger IC counters is alrdy under control though: Pyre destroys corpses and by doing so it negates the spike death effect from porcupines.


Gear and Tree are linked in fuction. Some pieces of gear can be replaced by skill nodes and vice versa. I've tested the build in 2.2. Because 2.3 has not arrived at the time of writing.
How many endurance / frenzy charges are optimal, I do not know. Another factor is the new elemental damage unique jewel that stacks with its friends. They are most effective when alot of jewel slots are taken. I'll start with a basic tree.

Base Tree: Customize for need of Life, Charges, Jewel slots

Darkeraz wrote:
What you recommend for bandit quest ?

Points (probably anough attack speed, still fine if you take it)

The base tree has taken attack leech. That might seem odd to you, since the build runs warlords mark that provides dual leech. Big problems arrise when warlords mark does not work. Situations like hexproof / curse immune monsters, totems that cannot be cursed, single targets (a map boss has 60% reduced curse effectiveness , so you might not leech anough). Cyclone has a steep mana cost of 40. 40 is alot if you whirl around in quick succession. For quality of life these leech nodes are taken. Especially for the mana management. Other options are jewels with mana on hit or bloodmagic for example.

Notice the basic tree it looks similar to many builds. And thus you have alot of leveling build options while not having to respec alot once you've acuired your Oro's sacrifice.

Walking the extreme left side from marauder to templar works aswell. That will be likely
if you have leveled up with eartquake and needed Resolute Technique. At level 67 you probalby want to keep resolute technique for a while and delay taking elemental overload.

Jagarnath will need accuracy to use Elemental overload. That means your 6th or 8th ascendancy point will probably be 1.000 accuracy. It will give alot of attackspeed, because you'll end up with rougly 4-5k accuracy.


Damage conversion: Since my testing begun with a prolif discharger, I have my mind set on damage conversion. This is not mandatory. However it's very good when you have alot of fire damage, and when you are using the fire penetration gem and flamability. A bonus is for reflect mitigation, since you have only one element to worry about. A ruby flask is handy, and you can also overclock your fire resist to high levels that can counter even double curse (ele weakness map + flamability curse). If you do not use the unique Pyre ring, elemental proliferation stays an option since our chance to ignite is so high (roughly 40% + 5% crit chance). On the flip side, with Pyre and without avatar of fire, you can use atziri's promise for 15% more dmg. But the build is not lacking in damage.

Avatar of Fire

Second curse: Flammability. It's great since it helps both cyclone and discharge. The chance to ignite is a nice bonus. You can gain this from Windscream boots or Whispers of Doom. Increased curse effect is not to be underestimated. Unlikely options are doedre's ring (since there is so much pressure on the ring slots alrdy) or a corrupted amulet.

Second Curse

Taking witch AoE might be done before or after the duelist. Whatever you feel like. If you're not taking the dual curse or avatar of fire, you're probably lacking int.

Level 90 standard version 2.2 testing tree

4pnt- Unrelenting Unflinching
I want to take them ALL! awaiting final changes

- 1000 acc and 50% attack speed? yes thank you
- Double armor? yup! cycloners cannot be stunned while whirling though
- Always moving? ooh yeah!
- 25% increased fortify? WOW!!!!

Party & CoMK

Bad news:
Since your fellow party members will steal your killing blows;
Your discharge casting will trigger alot less.
Good news:
Oro's sacrifice has cullingstrike, so you will mitigate some of the above

Map Mods

Looked at from a HC point of view.
Some map mods might become more dangerous in combination.

Elemental Reflect
Minus Max

Hard (tweaking needed)
Curse Immune (insert more endurance charge on melee stun gems)
Blood magic (drop curses, insert more endurance charge on melee stun gems)
ground Ground effects (Lag since discharge can also lag. This is supposed to improve in 2.3)
Shocking Ground (50% inc dmg taken; scales reflect rare dmg- if using non resist devoto's, can swap for fairgraive shock immune, or equip an extra shock flask.)
No Regen (do not run bloodrage, luckily the writhing jar gives mana to avoid silly situation with zero mana after a lag spike)
Increased AoE (this is dangerous because of volatiles / bearers)

Life / Stun immune
%Less regen
Vulnerability (we have armor, and can always turn off bloodrage if monsters are not immune to status ailments)
Temporal chains (if no juggernaut move)
Elemental equilibrium
Fire resist
Immune to status ailments

Free (or almost free)
Less Crit dmg
Elemental weakness
Temporal chains (if juggernaut move is taken)
Chilled ground (if juggernaut move is taken, although it could still lag)

Food for Thought

Headhunter + Mantra of flames


The_Harvest + CoMK + Worm Jar


CI / Lowlife - Ghostreaver - Vaalpact

Lvl 67 Prophecy SC swapping from EQ to Jagarnath

Tree, still have Resolute Technique
Finished Merc Lab on EQ, now finetuning tree, need a little accuracy on gear to take Elemental Overload ASAP, and then ill take the 1.000 acc ascend node too. Using a 5L without WED. seems to work fine. might even consider taking a second worm flask.

Lvl 82 Prophecy SC got a 6L with div card celestial justicar

Have not used Ruby Flask, since SC , I'd like to keep the speed up.

Still need to roll the astral plate properly, when that's done I'll add a vaal haste
and go for uber lab. 5k life / 10k armor atm.

Tree, Some extra resist to cap, plannng on taking scion life wheel or witch fire nodes

Lvl 87 Prophecy SC got a 6L all resis 170% for ele weakness maps

Killed council for the first time, would've put on a fairgraves helm if I knew
there was so much shock.

currently trying to get:
-second weapon
for 6L rolling
- +1 curse amulet to free 6 skill points for more jewels.

Finally got map trials done, went into uber lab but messed up an encounter,
izaro got 3x elemental buff. Died, no supprises there. Unbuffed Izaro does not look like
a problem at all. Should've done this uber lab earlier at level 80 on sc.

4L Ancestral >>> Vengeance. So nice to have a totem for lab and other dangerous encounters.
5.8k life & 7k armour. Will plan to take double armor from chest slot.

Tree - need to be able to drop +1 curse for 6 more life/jewel skill points

Lvl 90 test version 2.2 standard

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What about flicker for single target?
What about flicker for single target?

Oh Nice option there,

Not for me though, I've played flicker years ago, and would get sea sick of the screen zapping.
I heard it was improved alot?
What about flicker for single target?

Oh Nice option there,

Not for me though, I've played flicker years ago, and would get sea sick of the screen zapping.
I heard it was improved alot?

Flicker was improved, but you will still get sick. I play a Flicker toon, now that it works again, and while it is insanely fun, it is almost seizure inducing. You will go flying all over the place and sometimes, when the game can't keep up with you, you'll see nothing but an ocean, then the ground, then the sky....you get the idea :) I have to un-focus my eyes sometimes or stop flickering for a moment (and use whirling blades once or twice for Fort or just to see some normal movement for a second) to keep my eyes from exploding.
"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"
I like this build idea, it's edgy enough and it seems like it will be very effective. If my current build that I'll be doing fails then I'll have to give this a shot
Since you don't get any crit from the tree and you go up to Templar/Witch part, you might as well pick up a Romira's for free Power Charge generation and take the 2 extra power charges you cross.

Romira's isn't that expensive any more (5C max on standard).
Great PoE utilities!
Aura Calculator: https://poe.mikelat.com/
Vorici Chromatic Calculator: http://siveran.github.io/calc.html
One-shot calculator: https://goo.gl/IJhYDx
didii wrote:
Since you don't get any crit from the tree and you go up to Templar/Witch part, you might as well pick up a Romira's for free Power Charge generation and take the 2 extra power charges you cross.

It is very costly (skill point wise). Best use is for crit chance to get more uptime for elemental overload.
With avatar of fire you're doing half ligtning damage. with pyre it does full damage but it isn't scaled with firepen / flamability. I got a feeling the build is not going to lack in the damage department in 2.3.

Perhaps the main reason for not using it, is because there's only 2 ring slots.
Prefered ones are Sibyl and Pyre. No space left. If I'd drop either one, it would be for a
life / resis / accuracy / WED / flat fire dmg -rare ring.

didii wrote:
Romira's isn't that expensive any more (5C max on standard).

Always good to pickup a cheap one. Test it. Knowledge is key, form your own opinion.
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Excellent demo video. Thank you for putting this guide together. I will be following this to see how the build does in 2.3 in a few days.
My HC Race & PVP Rewards collection at /3140751. Please help me locate the few missing ones!
I like the build idea a lot. One thought for improvement though (i dont like the wasted points in strength to get the charges at the far bottom) that might work:

Based on Neversinks Flicker with Oros (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1648558) he is using the Fireborn Jewel to convert the 2h dmg slots Destroyer and Wrecking Ball to fire.

Wouldnt this open up quite a significant boost in dps? Also 20% accuracy.
Wrecking Ball is probably too much waste of points but Destroyer with the Gem would provide 50% additive dmg increase on the cyclone + 20% accuracy for about 4 points extra.

I dont really know whether this would also affect discharge - I guess not.
Just some ideas.. I will probably go with this build in 2.3 since I like the Juggernaut tankiness and ease of use without a lot of expensive gear and skilltree investment.

Thanks for sharing your build!

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