[2.0] RNGWaffle's 2H RT BM ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Double Ming's 80k DPS 5L Cyclone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What's up Exiles, I have built my gear around double Ming's and played it in the 1MSC very easily without any silly (as in deaths to sudden crit/one shots) ripperonis (okay there were a few OH-FUCK-100-LIFE situations but that's why we have the Forbidden Taste right guys? This is TOTALLY HC viable).

I have handled onslaught-ed high level map Abaxoths and Haasts and multiple Beyond bosses with all mods with ease due to insane life/edurance charges and chaos res/dps. Going double Mings' is a very powerful asset but requires a few juggling ability with res/life/armour. You may notice my armour without endurance charges is terrible and that has been due to cost of find better armour/eva gear with high res/life being (a lot) more expensive.

My Build Tree:


My build is mainly geared towards jewel sockets and does not stick to gain Wrecking Ball/Executioner due to the travelling points better spent in jewels. It is also essential to note with Ming's its very very important (in terms of surviving-ability) to go Blood Magic Keystone and drop auras as they are nice, but for us melee-ers serves no purpose. If in a party with auras, obviously your dps will sky rocket through the roof.


Oak - Kill all or Kaityn(Atk Speed is amazing) - Oak

Leveling Process

I do not recommend to go Ming's until you've mapping levels (68-ish) when you are starting to work around with res/life/armour and have taken the Blood Magic Keystone juggling and thus adding Ming's in that stage will make it very easy for you to look for building gear from the start. Other than that traditional Cycloner leveling process is recommended. Jewel sockets can be taken in preference to life whenever you find you need one. Otherwise I speced fully onto life/endurance charges right off the bat because: living > dps.

My Stats:

Res were easy to cap on all other aspects and I current sit on:

7.2k life (with Kaom's)
Fire: 55%
Cold: 86%
Light: 85%
Chaos: 71%
Phys reduc: 29%
81K dps with a 5L + flasks + charges // 31K tooltip

My Gear:

My Gem Setup

Cyclone - Conc Effect - Increased AOE - Melee Phys Damage - Added Fire - (sixth link)Bloodlust(in testing phase to see if I can pop a leap slam bleed with Atrizi's and add more dps with Bloodlust) OR Faster Attacks

Leap Slam - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun - Fortify - Faster Attacks. Depending on map mods from time to time I switch it up with

Leap Slam - Enduring Cry - Faster Attacks - Fortify

My CWDT are from all other traditional cyclone builds, but I have overleveled them so I recommend running a lower CWDT setup if you cannot hit the INT/DEX requirements for Blood Rage/Enfeeble

Vaal Haste is just a must with all builds so always have one around for faster clear speed.

My Flasks

I do not have an antifreeze flask (which is terrible practice) so I do reroll those mods unless it's too good to roll I always carry one around with me. Other than that, carry an anti bleed, a holy-fuck-I'm-about-to-RIP-insta heal flask, Ruby flask due to my uncapped fire res, Taste of Hate is a mitigation must, Atziri's is just dps/life boost but in a more rippy mods I switch with a Granite.


Just go for jewels with a two or more combo of attacks speed/phys damage/area damage/life

Things to Work On:

Armour rolls with res/life on belt, life upgrade with res and stats on amulet


Overall the build is very powerful when starting out in a new league, however aside from the axe, everything was obtained in the 1M, which costed me all under 16 Exalts (which let's be honest is expensive) but the main three costs are Kaom's and Taste of Hate and a 560 5L pdps axe. I got all my endgame gear towards the end of week 2, so it is feasible.

EDIT: I forgot to add my axe in 1MSC was a 560 pdps 5L axe which was really good, but this could work with any 400 pdps 4L/5L axe too. Also I tried corrupting like five different Ming's, all were bought for 5c under.

If doing without Kaom's I recommend changing to single Ming's and changing Forbidden Taste flask setup (as you cannot handle the chaos degen after if not capped on chaos res). Taste of Hate is very nice, but can be done without. Please feel free to leave recommendations on my guide writing ability as this is my very first guide!

Otherwise if you have any questions ranging from why our ex-Australian prime minister was a 11/10 troll to PoE, I will be happy to answer any questions.

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