2.1 Shockwave Talisman (HC/SC)


I couldn't seem to find a shockwave build for marauder, so thougt I'd share my current HC talisman character & planned tree. Currently level 79.

So, first off.
This is a marauder build guide as it's in the marauder section, and from what I understand most people run crit + witch wombo combo for shockwave.
But I prefer to play as marauder over a witch, and don't care all that much about what's best or not. I play what I like for fun. You should too!
So here's my take on the skill.

Shockwave totem is strong, easy and safe. You place it down and stand on the back line, cursing and repalcing totems as you need. The knockback on Shockwave totem feels very defensive.

Early leveling is easy; you get flame totem in act 1, use this until you get shockwave totem in act 3. It's even easier if you got the new unique talisman Night's hold, or perhaps a tabula rasa or lifesrpig. If you got neither of these three, flame totem can feel weak until you get ancestral bond. If this would be the case, slap on a two hander and use ground slam or molten strke together with your totem.
For me the Night's hold kept me going up to level 55 - by that time I got a 5l staff. White 5l staves or armours are cheap, roll a few alts/regals or alcs until you are satisfied.


Bandits I took were Oak-Oak-Oak.
Life and endurance charges are always good. The %phys is great too since you hardly have any of it on the marauder side of the tree, at least not for spells.

I use Blood Magic for all my skills and on mana I run Hatred, Herald of Ash and Herald of Ice.
You can drop Herald of Ice if you want to drop blood magic gem, or perhaps use Arctic Armour for defense. Sadly no place for a curse aura - you really want hatred and herald of ash.
I self cast vulnerability, and use Flame golem. Defensive options could perhaps be enfeeble and temporal chains for curses, and chaos golem.

For links I use Shockwave totem - added fire - blood magic - controlled destruction - faster casting.
I think both Increased AOE and Iron Will would be strong choices as well.

My current gear & setup;

Frist time I've shared anything so please leave your comments and suggestions!
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Hey, do you have any gameplay videos? I'm interested to see how far you've taken this character and how the clear speed is.
Quod efficax non stultum
i am very interested in your build, trying to make a mf build with shockwave totems. And like you, I have problems finding a guide.

Could you please update your passiv skill tree?

Thanks alot in advance

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