[2.2 PHC/Video] Dual Curse CoC Cyclone Trypanon/Scolds Bridle Juggernaut - perma IC

There are already some guides for builds utilizing the new unique weapon Trypanon but I still think it is an underrated unique. It has extremly strong synergies with the Juggernaut class and Scolds Bridle which was made available this league thanks to Cadiro and the cheap Torment enchant from Zana. It is possible to reach a high clear speed while beeing extremely tanky, on top of that it is also quite cheap.

I'am currently playing this build in Perandus Hardcore at lvl 93, my current Skill Tree is planned to lvl 93 as well and I have 6.620 life at that point. If I should manage to gain more levels I would probably pick up some of the spell damage nodes near the Templar startpoint or skill into Berserking/Versatility.
In the end I will link some videos of my progression with the build.

Skill Tree LvL 41

Skill Tree LvL 93

Life - Attack Speed - Endurance Charge

-> Permanent! Immortal Call and Molten Shell up time while fighting
-> 231% life - 210% from the Skill Tree + 3 Jewel slots
-> Shock/Freezes the whole screen
-> Runs dual Curse Enfeeble + Warlords Mark with +40% Curse efficiency
-> Easy to reach Elemental Weakness cap for red maps
-> With less than 2-3 ex gear investment(Scolds + 5L Carcass Jack) quite cheap for what it can do
-> High clear speed
-> Uses Cyclone, you can move while dealing damage
-> High weapon range
-> Fun to level from 40+ together with Tabula Rasa
-> Non Crit(good for HC vs reflect) - uses Elemental Equilibrium, Elemental Overload, Controlled Destruction for damage

-> Lags alot, my Computer is probably not the best for this as well :/
-> Map mods you cant run: Ele reflect! Blood Magic and Curse Immune is possible but I wouldnt do it

At first some theorycrafting, how does this work?

The following damage link is beeing used:
Cyclone - Cast on Crit - Shock Nova - Ice Nova - Controlled Destruction - Empower
Instead of Empower as a 6th link you can also use Inc AOE/Conc Effect or LL

So lets figure out why this does so much damage:
Because of Elemental Equilibrium(EE)! This is a very interesting node in the Skill Tree but how it works exactly might not be trivial from the description.

"Enemies you hit with Elemental Damage temporarily get +25% Resistance to those Elements and -50% Resistance to other Elements"

This debuff(well or buff if you do it wrong) on the enemy is removed and reapplied for each hit with elemental damage. If your attack or spell has more than one elemental damage source this can work against you. As example if your Cyclone deals physical, cold and lightning damage, the target would get +25% cold and lightning Resistance and -50% fire Resistance after beeing hit!

To make optimal use of EE make sure you have added fire damage to attacks somewhere on your gear, basicly your Cyclone should have a little bit of fire damage(NOT lightning or cold damage), your Shock Nova ONLY lightning damage and your Ice Nova ONLY ice damage.
If you have this your initial Cyclone hit makes the target vulnerable to lightning and cold damage, the potential first CoC proc(Shock Nova) makes the target vulnerable to fire and cold damage and the potential second CoC proc(Ice Nova) makes the target vulnerable to fire and lightning damage.

How does permanent Immortal Call work?!
Endurance Charge generation:
-> With Scolds Birdle you take physical damage every time you use a Skill, this is considered a hit!
-> With the Juggernauts Unflinching you have a 20% chance to gain an Endurance Charge when hit
-> Lots of short Cyclones = lots of Endurance Charges
-> Additional charges from kills with Warlords Mark

I'am currently playing this very safe since I use 3 Immortal calls:
-> First one is self cast, for opening Strongboxes and stuff like that
-> Second is linked with Vengeance - CoC - Inc Duration - IC - Molten Shell, Vengeance is also beeing triggered by Scolds Bridle! - This is the main IC trigger while fighting!
-> Third is linked with CWDT - Inc Duration - IC, this would usualy be not needed but I like to have it as a fail safe in case of lags

Summary of used Links:
Cyclone - CoC - Shock Nova - Ice Nova - Controlled Destruction - Empower/Inc AOE/Conc Effect/LL
Enfeeble - Warlords Mark - Blasphemy(20% is important!) - Flame Dash
Vengeance - CoC - IC - Inc Duration - Molten Shell(or any other spell which doesnt deal cold or lightning damage)
Rallying Cry - Blood Rage - IC - Inc Duration
CWDT - IC - Inc Duration - Vaal Haste

Current Gear:

Current average damage selfbuffed:
Ice Nova - 5600 - 10% Freeze chance
Shock Nova - 4900 - 30% Shock chance
2.5 attacks per second with Cyclone

Important stats on the Gear are:
-> 1x fire damage to attacks
-> Life and Resistances
-> Accuracy
-> Attack Speed
-> Spell Damage

Important stats on Jewels:
- Life
- Attack Speed with Maces
- Area Damage/Spell Damage

Flask Set up:

Make sure you have Curse and Bleed removal! Also try to get Surgeons.

-> Juggernauts Unstoppable also makes you Freeze immune, thanks for clarifying that!

Videos of some Map runs:
Poorjoys Asylum
T12 Shipyard
T9 Gorge - This was an early run, not using Scolds Bridle

Since this is the first guide I wrote, let me know if I'am missing something essential.

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Nice build idea mate, impressing that you managed to pull it off in hardcore that far! Your single target damage seems to be the flaw though, have you considered using Vaal molten shell in a 4L or is vaal haste/your current gems too important to swap?
In SC I would certainly use 4L VMS(dont use MS-Veangeance then or it overwrites) over CWDT but for HC I would rather not do this, single target is only a problem if there are no other targets to hit and if the Boss has some sort of Evasion/Dodge chance like the Gorge Boss.
great idea & nice build
did you go coc at 40?
Really cool build idea. Any close calls?
Yes I did use CoC Trypanon + Tabula from lvl 40+, linked CoC-Cyclone-Shock Nova-Ice Nova-Controlled Destruction-Faster Attacks for lower levels, make sure you get the 2 AOE nodes + EE + EO early on if you want to level with it, worked pretty good though.

Well close calls, things like bearers can be scary in combination with some unfortunate lag, other than that maybe if you have more than 1 reflect rare at the same time. One hits arent that scary with this build since you have a good life pool, also Enfeeble is a raw damage reduction of >40% from all sources, +40% Curse efficiency is very strong(except some Bosses with resistance or Curse immune).
I'm really impressed by that Birdle use. But would it work with Soul Taker?

I mean do you actually have to SPEND mana or just use a skill, no matter if it uses mana, life, es or is possible due to Soul Taker.
I spent the month before the league wracking my brain to figure out how to use Juggernaut and Scold's together, the best I came up with was CWDT-Immo+Kingsguard. Glad someone made something out of the combo! Juggernaut is easily my favorite subclass because of all the wacky unique builds it supports.

Two suggestions:
1) Use Vaal Molten Shell. It's fire damage, which is perfect with your EE setup, and you're already getting a lot of AOE too. VMS outputs CRAZY dps. However, do note that you'd need to remove the non-vaal MS from your links, as it overwrites VMS. Also you'd probably want to change your tree and grab the Inc Duration nodes, maybe like so.

2) Juggernaut interacts very well with Shackles of the Wretched+Temp Chains. If you take the "Can't be slowed" node, then the only effect temporal chains has on you is to increase the duration of buffs on you. That's Vaal Haste/Grace, flasks, Vaal Molten Shell, but also shock and bleed, so watch out for that. I'm using this combo in a build with the Soulthirst belt to get maximum duration on Soul Eater (via flask duration) for attack speed and maxed-out phys mitigation. The Unstoppable node also makes you immune to chill and freeze, which is not too shabby.

Also, you don't show your flask setup, but something like a Surgeon's Silver or Quicksilver flask would be nice, I'd imagine? More move speed = more cyclones = more endurance charges/Casts-on-crit. Not sure what flasks you're running now or if that'd be more useful.
builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1663570/
I've been running a varient of this build in SC and I can confirm it works like a charm.

My next project was using scold with a saboteur for infinite smokeclouds but I got tired playing a trapper :)
Path of Hideout fanatic.
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