[2.2 PHC/Video] Dual Curse CoC Cyclone Trypanon/Scolds Bridle Juggernaut - perma IC

StanleyJohnny wrote:
I'm really impressed by that Birdle use. But would it work with Soul Taker?

I mean do you actually have to SPEND mana or just use a skill, no matter if it uses mana, life, es or is possible due to Soul Taker.

Just need to use a skill. But then obvi for this build you'd have no crit
I spent the month before the league wracking my brain to figure out how to use Juggernaut and Scold's together, the best I came up with was CWDT-Immo+Kingsguard. Glad someone made something out of the combo! Juggernaut is easily my favorite subclass because of all the wacky unique builds it supports.

Two suggestions:
1) Use Vaal Molten Shell. It's fire damage, which is perfect with your EE setup, and you're already getting a lot of AOE too. VMS outputs CRAZY dps. However, do note that you'd need to remove the non-vaal MS from your links, as it overwrites VMS. Also you'd probably want to change your tree and grab the Inc Duration nodes, maybe like so.

2) Juggernaut interacts very well with Shackles of the Wretched+Temp Chains. If you take the "Can't be slowed" node, then the only effect temporal chains has on you is to increase the duration of buffs on you. That's Vaal Haste/Grace, flasks, Vaal Molten Shell, but also shock and bleed, so watch out for that. I'm using this combo in a build with the Soulthirst belt to get maximum duration on Soul Eater (via flask duration) for attack speed and maxed-out phys mitigation. The Unstoppable node also makes you immune to chill and freeze, which is not too shabby.

Also, you don't show your flask setup, but something like a Surgeon's Silver or Quicksilver flask would be nice, I'd imagine? More move speed = more cyclones = more endurance charges/Casts-on-crit. Not sure what flasks you're running now or if that'd be more useful.

Yes I'am still trying to get a full set of Surgeon flasks, not very lucky with self crafting so far :D

1) Yes I agree VMS would fit perfect and I tested it already, the biggest issue I have with VMS is its horrible performance. If the performance would be better(for me?) I would totaly use it and exchange it with my CWDT set up, but with the crashes and lags related to things like Perandus chests lately(even though this got alot better compared to the season start already!) I will keep it for now since I'am playing HC.

2) Thats actualy an interesting idea together with VMS!
= Godly

try it with your setup
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Thats an interesting belt for sure, just not sure if its worth it with my rather short flask up times since it always resets as soon as I use a new flask.
YOu know what would make this build amazing? if somehow we got something working with a shield or an aegis. So lower some life, gain some block.
Why does it not show which ascendancy points you picked? Am I just missing it?
There is a small button on the Tree at the Marrauder start point there you can expand it, then you see the Ascendancy stuff.
kallell wrote:
YOu know what would make this build amazing? if somehow we got something working with a shield or an aegis. So lower some life, gain some block.

I actualy dont think so, you couldnt use Trypanon anymore which is one of the 2 core items for this and also after playing all map tiers on PHC, even heavily enchanted, I dont feel the need for this beeing more tanky.
Would totaly be possible to do something with a shield and a Vagan dagger though.
Amazing build! Congrats for the inception! My only question is this:

Why do you level up cyclone gem? Wouldn't a lvl 1 gem make you take way less dmg from the helm?
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You mentioned to get freeze removal on flasks. Do you need it since you took the jugg node unstoppable?
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