[2.2] One SAVAGE Blade Vortex leecher

Necropolis gameplay and inventory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5AnnTa39Ic

This Blade Vortex (BV) build utilizes Vaal Pact along with the 100% leech node in the Berserker tree to make you near unkillable, allowing you to invest far more into offenses than you'd usually afford. With 8000 damage per hit, every hit of each stack of BV will bring you back to full life if you've taken a savage hit (20% of your max life) in the last four seconds. What if you have not taken a savage hit recently? Given your high DPS, the 2% leech you get from the previous Berserker node should be able to keep you alive in non-threatening situations.

If you can survive the biggest hit, you can survive it all.

Pros and cons
(+) Huge AoE: +98% radius
(+) High DPS: 8000 DPS per blade (without flasks and vaal skills)
(+) Access to Whirling Blades movement skill
(+) Mixed damage types; can survive both types of reflect
(+/-) Face-tanks most bosses in maps, but can get one-shotted due to small life-pool
(-) Absolutely not HC viable.

Final skill tree (lvl 90)

Normal: Oak (life)
Cruel: Kill all three (skill point)
Merciless: Alira (power charge)

Gear and flasks
Dual wield Divinarius Imperial Skean. Try to get high crit rolls.

Everything else is up to you. I rock a Tabula Rasa and Maligaro's Virtuosity gloves, and the rest of my gear costs maybe 3c in total. Try getting a high crit multi amulet.

A granite flask + basalt flask is almost necessary to survive bosses and physical reflect. A surgeon's mana flask is helpful for prolonged boss fights. A quicksilver flask is very much useful as well.

Get two crit multi rolls on every jewel. Cast speed is also nice.

Prior to completing Cruel labyrinth and speccing into the 100% leech node you're gonna have to play BV like every nutless BV player out there. This means that you'll have to grab yourself some life nodes. The only thing you need to think about is to get Vaal Pact when you complete Cruel labyrinth, because without Vaal Pact 100% leech is mostly wasted due to the leech cap.

Here's what your skill tree should roughly look like when you complete Cruel Labyrinth:

Gem setup
Main gem setup
Blade Vortex
Spell Echo
Increased critical strikes
Increased area of effect
Increased critical strike multiplier (5L)
Added fire damage (6L)

On physical reflect maps you should substitute the last two gems with physical to lightning and life leech, as well as switch out your assassin's mark for warlord's mark. On elemental reflect maps you should turn off your Hatred and you can substitute the last gem for life leech.

Mana reservation

Assassin's Mark

Assassin's Mark should NOT be switched out for Enfeeble or Temporal Chains. Substituting it for warlord's mark is acceptable on reflect maps.

Defensive gem setup
Cast when damage taken
Immortal Call
Increased duration

Movement skill setup
Whirling Blades
Faster attacks

Life: 4.4k to ~5k-ish depending on gear (more is achievable)
Secondary defense: Non-existent
DPS: 8k DPS per stack of BV (my BV is lvl 19), with roughly equal amounts of physical/fire/cold damage. I only have 2.5 jewels on my character, with proper jewels and level 20 BV you should end up with over nine thousand damage.
Crit: 100% crit chance and 700% crit multi (Assassin's Mark included)
(screenshots will be posted soon, still editing)

Quality on blasphemy is important.

A Writhing Jar can help you trigger that 2% leech to help you sustain life and mana in prolonged boss fights.

I like using Vaal clarity on low-recovery maps. Vaal Haste is perfectly usable as well.

You can do every single map mod there is: curse immune, temp chains, enfeeble, physical and elemental reflect, blood magic, you name it.

Why do you have such shit gear?
The gear is untouched since day two of the league, because it already does everything you need.
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