[2.2] RF Self Cast Discharge 100% Fire + Look just (almost) like the class art!




Planning a Chieftain build that could use dual claws. Plan being to Skin Transfer the Cats Paw claws to look like bear claws. With only Cybil's Paw really for spell claw I gave up on dual claws fairly quickly, maybe one and a shield would be ok, which lead to RF.

Looks damn cool
Fun to play and fairly flexible depending on situation
Discharges fairly slowly so doesn't kill your mates frames (as much)
Can use Whirling Blades
Cheap initial setup

Not really for killing Atziri but its possible
Have to avoid map mods (reduced regen, ele weakness, -max res, reflect)
Sometimes run out of charges (bosses with no adds)

Note: You can actually run no regen maps with RF turned off, you will do less damage and not gain charges as fast but it is actually possible to clear a map without RF just using End Cry + Discharge :p (clearing uni'd maps for challenge).

To Kill Atziri swap out Inc Aoe/Conc Effect for Flame Surge, this gives you Discharge to clear her summon adds stage, and also a much more reliable single target.

RF + Self Cast Discharge

This is the real build cost:

Skin Transfer Cats Paw onto Cybil's Paw
Spiked Bundle onto Rise of Phoenix
Ursine Pelt onto your armor helm
Infernal gloves look ok for fire hands
Rigwalds for boots (least important)
Finally Foxshade looks pretty alright as a chest, rigwalds chest or journeyman's chest look ok too.

Rough Tooltip Dmg:

7x Endurance, 4x Frenzy

6x Izaros Turmoil Jewels:(Dmg Mode)
Inc Aoe - 81K + 37% pen + 10% pen + 35% increased to burning
Conc Eff - 125K + 37% pen + 10% pen + 35% increased to burning
HP - 6K

6x %HP,+STR Jewels:(Tank Mode)
Inc Aoe - 63K + 37% pen + 10% pen + 35% increased to burning
Conc Eff - 98K + 37% pen + 10% pen + 35% increased to burning
HP - 7K

Tank mode is really good for lab/atziri, dmg good to quickly clear maps.

I am currently trying to get 6x %Life, %Fire Damage, %Area Damage to have a nice mid point between the two but they are expensive! :p


RF - Inc BrnDmg - Inc AoE - Conc Eff
CWDT - Molten Shell - Golem (Stone/fire) - Iron Will
Blasphemy - Warlords Mark - Flame Dash
End Cry - Inc Aoe, Purity of Fire
Whirling blades - Frenzy - Faster Attacks - Fortify
Discharge - Iron Will - Controlled Destruction - Fire Pen - Ele Focus - Inc Aoe/Conc

Frenzy is there to slowly wail on bosses with no adds for frenzy charges to discharge (really kinda fun poking giant bosses with a tiny claw and then exploding when they get mad :p)

Tree: (at Lvl89)

(leveling trees coming soon)


Current Gear:

I Think ideally for this build to really do serious damage we need +1 Frenzy boots and +1 Endurance Charge Belt, which I guess ill start saving for now.

100% Discharge Ignite Option:

Worked great when I tested, I felt that since RF was already dealing DoT though it was better just to go for the raw dmg of Ele focus, however this is a viable option too.

Change Blasphemy to Flammability
6x chance to ignite gems in tree (only 2% on each needed if take burning+ ignite node in Templar)
Drop a bit of life to spec up into Templar Burning Nodes, take 5% ignite if not enough on Jewels
Links: Discharge - Controlled destruction - Iron will - Chance to ignite - Inc BrnDmg

Any feedback much appreciated, if anyone has alternate skin transfers to suggest that would be awesome too!
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Hey !

Really interested in running this build for new league, just wanted to know if you could add some more detail if you have it ? sorry i haven't played for a few years

Really good idea !!
I've played lots of Cast on crit and mjolner discharge and always wanted to do self cast. This looks pretty cool and a great write up! Bookmarked for later :)
May I ask why you are using a claw? Theres probably a good reason, but im a noob and i dont see a good reason.

Also, frenzy is used for gaining frenzy charges right?

Finally, I think if you can cap ur resists without the second ring, i think it may be worth while to take Resolute Technique (in case frenzy crits) and slap on a romira's banquet since discharge and frenzy will both be able to grant blue charges, and then u can put on a voll's devotion if you are rich
Sorry for the really late reply!

The claw was really just for the theme look, purely a cosmetic challenge for me to build around.

Cybil's paw is the only spell claw, and the life gain on spell hit is great when you're hitting the whole screen with a cast.

I like your suggestions though and will have a play around for sure.
Have you thought about using the Repentance gloves with as low as -spell damage as possible ( 0% reduced being the dream ) to free up an extra socket and have basically a 7L discharge?

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