[2.2] Iron will golden shower bladefall 95k dps buffed

This is my current build in Perandus softcore.
I'm using the chieftain class for some extra damage and fire leech.

I started off in the past leagues with totems which do a great job at leveling and clearing content.
Cons from totems are you don't have any target priority or on kill effects.

Self cast bladefall counters this and allows you to do things like Vorici missions.
You should avoid reflect unless you can switch out gems for anti reflect (life leech, phys to light).

The build is based on Kyuzoudonos dual bladefall totem so he deserves most of the credit.

Any missing info in this guide can probably be found in Kyuzoudonos guide.


- Cast blood rage for frenzy charge on kill
- Keep up endurance charges with enduring cry
- Use atziri's promise and vaal haste for leech and nuke
- Use lightning warp to move and dodge


- Can run T13 with ease, haven't tested higher maps
- Low budget, so easy to start league with
- High HP pool and hp/s
- 90%+ physical mitigation with flasks and 5 endurance charges
- High chaos resist from Mings heart


- Sometimes mana can be an issue if there are not enough targets to leech
- Reflect is a pain but can be solved by switching some gems
- Aiming at the right spot can be a bit awkward



Ingame screenshots


- (2016-04-02) Added T13 Wasteland vid
- (2016-03-29) Made the guide, added T9 gorge vid

All comments and suggestions are welcome.
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For 2.3 i will probably go totems. More builds up soon.
Nice Build.
I'm not Brazilian.

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