[2.0] Doon Cuebiyari Incinerate Tank

Yes, we need even more incinerate builds.

Selling points for this build:
It's cheap.
It's super-fast clearspeed.
It has high survivability.
Use Incinerate as long as it does not get nerfed.

Why this build?
Incinerate is just too strong at the moment. So I decided I need one as well.

It was originally planned to use Righteous Fire as well to further raise the damage output.
I loosely followed the guide by anakkk who loosely followed a build by raizqt.

But during the levelling stage, I noticed I really love my high life regen. I don't want to trade it away, it's just to good to be true. It just offers so much "Quality of Life". You barely notice any attacks thrown in your direction, when something really hurts, you just step aside and regen up... and it helps to counter one of the biggest issues Incinerate has: Corrupted Blood rares and bloodline mods. I can outregen most bleed effects, or have at least double the reaction time to press my staunching flast.

You can basically play onehanded through all kinds of nasty map mods...
...and those were my second reason to forget about the idea of ever using RF.
Half of the pack size mods cannot be played with RF:
Elemental Equilibrium, Cursed with Enfeeble, Cursed with Vulnerability, Cursed with Elemental Weakness, Cursed with Temporal Chains, those are all fine, but then there is minus max resists, reduced regeneration, no regeneration, blood magic, and those are killers for RF.
It gets very hard (and costly in currency) to dodge those map mods on higher tier maps.

Sure, I could just turn off RF in those maps... But I could also not use Rise of the Phoenix and Purity of Fire at all, and use other gear and other auras. And that's what I decided to do.
Dropping PoF and the Phoenix shield allows to stack a ton of armor and strength on the gear ...if one actually owns this gear... ;)

The tree I chose is very common. It's played by a bunch of people as Marauder, Scion or Templar (doesn't really matter) and is fully optimized. I just made some minor tweaks depending on my gear.
It has a bunch of life, armor and jewel sockets, and the (also not really new) idea is to use the Unique Sceptre Doon Cuebiyari to turn Strength into not only life, but also spell damage.

This build can easily do any map mods except elemental reflect (but this doesn't have "packsize" on it, so who cares?). ;)
Reflect is ok to deal with using PoF and/or Ruby Flasks, but I'd rather avoid it for safety and convenience reasons. I can kill most normal reflect rares without even popping my ruby flask, and regen up to full right after.


Entry cost
->Doon Cuebiyari ~1-5c depending on rolls, perfect rolls maybe a bit more
Any 5L Armor or Armor/ES chest ~1-5c or Tabula Rasa ~15c
A q15+ Incinerate gem ~15c (quality is insane on this gem)
Three Elreon jewelry pieces with -8 mana cost each. You can buy them at ~5c each or wait until he sells them to you on his own. Those are a bit tough to craft (see "gearing section"), but don't worry, these don't need perfect stats.

The rest will come as you move along. Eventually you will want a 6L for faster casting and nice gears with high armor and strength on them etc... But this can wait. You can Tabula for quite a while.


Passive Tree Breakdown

Target tree (90 with 3 bandits)
(if you need the +30 int/dex nodes, something between 87 and 92)

*237% life
*216% armor
*6 jewel sockets for customization
*11.3% regen
*Reasonable Fire/Spell/Castspeed DpS
*Enough Dex and Int that two suffixes and a Turquoise Amulet are enough for Lvl 20 gems
*Zero Manacost Incinerate with three -8 Elreon's up to gemlevel 19
*then zero again with one jewel with -x% mana cost (or Versatility in the tree, which also frees up the turquoise amulet
*some elemental resist so we can have more stat suffixes

Further options:
a) more Armor...
+40% for two points in the Blunt Instrument Mace Cluster between Templar and Marauder
+36% and 15% elemental resists for two points at Cloth and Chain below Duelist
b) Endurance Charges. They are all pretty close.
c) A bit of block and (more important) shield defense, several clusters possible:
Solidity in Marauder start, Defiance at Duelist and Sanctuary between Marauder and Templar
d) Versatility in Marauder (Dex, Int and mana cost)


Level Progression


For the first 12 levels, use a 2h mace and Ground Slam or whatever.
Then equip Incinerate + LMP and the game turns into "easy mode".

33 points
You will probably need those Dex and Int nodes (+50 each).

Next, take the Templar stuff:
64 points
Still have some bonus Dex, though you hopefully can manage this via gear.

Then we take the big Scion Life node and head towards Duelist:
95 points
Incinerate is so insanely strong that we don't really need to fear taking the long walk over to Duelist with almost nothing gained per level. And once we are there, the notables there are just wonderful...

Then we grab the last jewel sockets and fill the remaining life nodes.



We don't need too many gems in this build, there's a lot of "luxury sockets".
Feel free to experiment.

Main Skill / Torso Link:
+spell echo
+lesser multiple projectiles
+fire penetration
+iron will
+faster casting/faster projectiles (add as 6L)

I didn't reinvent the wheel here, that's just the best DpS you can get.
All these gems enjoy quality, especially Incinerate, faster casting and lmp.

Auras / Shield

(+Purity of Fire/Vitality in there as well, just to to level it up)

More Armor is great, and Anger adds nice DpS. We can block the whole mana pool because of Elreon's jewelry, so who cares about it not really being worth 50% reservation? ;)

Another option is Arctic Armor+ Purity of Fire + Vitality, that's also 100%. I prefer the very simplistic approach (damage, armor) though.

4L Curse / Enduring Cry
Flammability (middle mouse)
Enduring Cry (W)

Increased AoE
Blood Magic

4L Mobility / Immortal Call
Flame Dash (Q)
Immortal Call (E)

Increased Duration
Blood Magic

I prefer to self-cast EC/IC in the rare situations I want to have it.
Flame Dash can be replaced by Lightning Warp or Leap Slam, but I wanted to follow the "fire theme". ID does nothing on Flame Dash, I think, though it shows up in the tooltip for whatever reasons. Maybe it makes the flames on the ground last longer or some other useless stuff.

3L Doon Cuebiyari
Cast when Damage taken
Molten Shell
Increased AoE
(+Lvl 30 Iron Will)

This is pure luxury. All of this gets levelled to 20, it's my personal nuclear bomb (around 10000 fire damage) and adds a ton of armor while active.
Helps immensely during "strongbox lags" after opening a Magic/Exile Strongbox. They all just die. ;)

4L Flame Golem
Flame Golem
+Cast when damage taken
+Culling Strike
+Item Rarity

Again, pure luxury, but we don't really need the sockets for anything else. The Brolem runs around, and if you time it correctly, he can finish off bosses for moar loot. He is on CWDT so I don't have to resummon him when he dies... and he dies a lot.

You can totally come up with your own stuff to put into Doon and your free 4L, experiment a bit and see what you like.
In Post #2, you see a slightly different skill setup (with Vaal Molten Shell in the mix).


(My) Gear

Unless you have a GG Sceptre/Wand, use this:

The extra 1% damage per 8 strength doesn't look like too much, but we really try to stack that stat. You'll eventually reach serious damage increases here.


Shield/Armor Pieces/Belt:
Rares with high Life and Strength rolls.
Ideally also high Armor.
To save skillpoints, I have one high Int roll on my helmet and one Dex roll on the gloves (that's were these stats can roll on armor gear).
The remaining suffixes need to be resists.


(These boots are pretty much GG, not "mirror gg", but as good as one can find on his own in this game, the rest - especially this horrible body armor - has a lot of room for improvement and was not exactly expensive)

Grabbing an Armor/ES chest was a "mistake" (I sold it, so wasn't that big of a deal). The sockets are easy to roll, but it is better save up around 500 chromatics, and then use Vorici to force some blue sockets (1-2 and then repeat until you hit RRGBBB):

This way you get way more possible armor (I have to reroll this one day for 1800+).

If you want to use Uniques, use the usual tanky stuff.
Belly of the Beast comes to mind, Saffell's for spell bosses,...


There's two ways to go about getting good Elreon Jewelry:
1. Expensive: Buy Elreon stuff, regal it, craft "Can have multiple crafted affixes", and customize.
2. Cheap: Buy Elreon stuff, aug it, if it looks ok, throw a regal on it, mastercraft one mod.

That's how I choose to do it, simply because I don't have the 6 Ex for three times the multimod. You can buy -8 Elreon Rings on poe.trade for about 5 chaos and regularly buy them yourself after daily missions, so you can keep trying to get better ones until you get some useful augmentation and regal results.



Any combination of fire/spell/projectile damage/projectile speed
Cast speed/Cast speed with a shield

..you'll know what is good once you find it.

"Life+Fire Damage" tends to get expensive on poe.trade and is very hard to roll. I'm using self-rolled jewels, burned a couple hundred alteration orbs for some nice damage stats. The "bad stat" (like accuracy or whatever) you'll see on my jewels is most likely the result of the regal orb. ;)

One or two of them are pretty nice, and it's ok to go "allout damage" here, there's enough life in the tree.



Two Life Flasks
One Ruby Flask for Reflect
One Granite Flask for hardhitters
One free slot, do what you want (I have a Topaz flask in there).

As usual, there have to be the following suffixes around:
Removes bleed, more armor, dispells freeze.
Just remember which dispel is where. ;)




(italic is my choice)
Oak or kill them all.
Alira or kill them all.
Oak or kill them all.

There's so much life and strength in the tree and gear, it's fine to take the skillpoint in normal.
I chose to not help Alira in Cruel because I doubt Incinerate will survive the next bigger patch, and I don't want to respec this.
And I also did not help Oak in Merciless, because I rarely ever use my Charges. I like to play with one hand and two fingers on my pots, I'm no Korean Starcraft Player. ;)


Screen (Lvl 90, Lvl 19 gems)

DpS with Fire Golem and Anger, Armor with Determination and with or without Granite of low-rolled Iron Skin.
Remember that you can x4 the DpS because of how Incinerate works ("more damage for each stage", and you reach those stages in splitseconds with spell echo).
I didn't really calculate it, but I expect the DpS to go to about 19-20k once all gems are 20/20.

My Armor with Determination is where I want it to be without it. ;)

I really need a way better chest than this (1500+, not 700), but it was the cheapest 6L I could find. And 20k is still very nice damage reduction, even against harder hitting mobs.
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
Last edited by Peterlerock on Sep 17, 2015, 2:27:44 AM
Finally got the armor rating I wanted.

I traded my 6L for a 6L Crusader Plate and spammed chaos on it, only looking for life+armor.
Had better rolls than the final result I'm now using, but the greed... 100+ chaos down the drain... I really had to stop. ;)

I also spiced up the gem links.

I noticed I rarely ever use Enduring Cry, so I swapped it all around.

Now Vaal Molten Shell for Strongboxes, Bossfights or just random fun.
Righteous Fire + Ruby Flasks for Bossfights.
The rest had to fit in.
I have a free link in my CWDT, I put Immortal Call in there, though it doesn't do much without Charges. Maybe the couple seconds will one day save my life.

Also most gems are 20 now.

3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
Last edited by Peterlerock on Sep 16, 2015, 4:36:03 PM
Hi, thanks for the guide. Nicely done. I am entertaining the idea of respec'ing my marauder to this build. I already have a (soon to be) level 92 witch incinerate build that has ended up being the best build I've ever played - and I've been playing since closed beta. Very high DPS and extreme tankiness. I'd never played incinerate before that.

Then I came across your build which is set up quite differently from my other one. Yours looks great too so I'm thinking about building it as well to see how I like it. Incinerate is awesome!

As I have been theorizing how I might take your build and tweak it a little, fitting it in with the gear I have, one question comes up.... How necessary is it to use THREE -8 Elreon items? Would two work out ok and what would be the implications? Reason I ask is that I would like to slot my Astramentis which gives me +105 to all stats. It would be great in freeing up having to put points into +30 int or dex or having to gear for it, but also the huge amount of extra strength will be huge for Iron Will for both incinerate and on molten she'll in the Doon.

Any insight or advice is appreciated.
I dont understand, how you get 0 mana incenerate? With 15% less mana cost in tree and -24 points from Eld's items. Without this its about 29,6 mana cost
urgatorbait wrote:

As I have been theorizing how I might take your build and tweak it a little, fitting it in with the gear I have, one question comes up.... How necessary is it to use THREE -8 Elreon items? Would two work out ok and what would be the implications? Reason I ask is that I would like to slot my Astramentis which gives me +105 to all stats. It would be great in freeing up having to put points into +30 int or dex or having to gear for it, but also the huge amount of extra strength will be huge for Iron Will for both incinerate and on molten she'll in the Doon.

Any insight or advice is appreciated.

Incinerate will cost about 6 mana then.
Times ten, so you need to find 60 mana per second, and even more in "less Regen" maps.
Or you drop one gem for bm.

Just use the third Elreon. ;)


30-20%-24=0 ;)
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
Thanks so much for your reply, Peterlerock. I'll see what shakes out as I gather up what I need for the build.

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