Shams 2h Axe Crit Sweep Build 2.2 Endgame Guide,150k dps

Links To My Other Guides

Shams 2h mace Groundslam/Sunder build endgame Guide 2.2

The Build Of Ice And Fire 2h Mace Marauder Ice Crash/Hoa/leap Endgame 2.1

Level 79 Shipyard Map Movie

Level 80 Courtyard Map Movie

My Gear

Gems link

-Weapon :All 20/20 6 Linked
Added Fire Damage - Sweep - Multistrike -Increased Critical Strike - Faster Attacks- Melee
Phys Damage

Single Target
Concentraded Effect 20/20

-Chest :All 20/20 5 Linked
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Melee Phys Damage - Added Fire Damage - Fortify

-Helm: 4 Linked All 20/20
Cast When Damage Taken -Immortal Call Or Iron Will -Molten Shell - Increased Duration

-Gloves:All 20/20
No link Hatred-Ancestral Protector 2 link Blood Rage-Increased duration

-Boots:All 20/20 4 Linked
2 Setups
Blasphemy-Warlord's mark-Minion Life-Summon Ice golem
Blasphemy-Assassin's mark-Summon Ice Golem


My Jewels

Jewel Crafting Guide Movie


2 times oak And Alira for this build
-40 life
-18% Physical Damage
-+1 Max Power Change

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Atziri kill-guide movie added
level 80 map movie added
how do you kill the atziri Trio? :)
hey Hitreza

2 Flasks
you need for sure

This is to handle Bleed effect and the heavy physical dps that comes in.

If you go in try to kite the 2 guys away from the lady(K'aj A'alai) and put your decoy out,then leap on the lady and kill her,look out for her Rain of Arrows.
When shes killed go for next mini boss Melee guy (K'aj Y'ara'az).Put your totem out and nuke him if he start hitting you go for the granite flask and on bleed use remove bleeding flask,be sure to stand close to the adds and use sweep to refill flasks.
When second mini boss dies you need to go for last on the cyclone one(K'aj Q'ura),same tactic
decoy-close to adds now you can use the remove bleeding+granite on him.

If you need a Youtube Guide

Mini Bosses skills-tactics movie

This movie is with my other build,i switch the 2melee around in the kill order.

Atziri skill-tactics Movie

Gl and have fun

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great thanks! :)
Nice guy, thanks for sharing your knowledge.
We know if it's feasible this build (and ground slam) with the arrival of Ascendancy?
Standard League
Updated for 2.2 Ascendancy

What is the order for Ascendancy points that you used?
Hi, Can you cut your Tree Life, 30 points, 50 points, 75 points, ... ?

For leveling it's more easyless with this ;) Thanks you for this build. Have fun & Enjoy on POE

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