[2.2] Hateful Berserker Sunder build! Iron Reflex/RT/Unwavering/Atziri Viable

Well hello and welcome to this VERY satisfying but expensive sunder build.

I'd like to start by explaining that to follow this build precisely and accurately you will need a 6L disfavor, but please don't be thrown as this can easily be done with 5L's and high dps axes.
This build is still going through extensive testing and I've gotten it to 86 so far with very few deaths. (Mostly from leveling and idiotic moves.)
One fatal mistake I made was not picking up berserker as soon as possible, Mana is frustrating to deal with until you pick up your ascendancy nodes!!

BERSERKER NODES = 1. Pain Reaver. 2. Crave the slaughter. 3. Aspect of Carnage!!←This will boost your DPS insanely.. like INSANELY.

So to begin, I'll link my current passives tree along with leveling trees along the way.
Bandits are: Oak, Oak, KILL ALL
Level 31

Level 52

So progressing, this what it should look like at 90.

Level 90

Obviously throughout leveling there are various items to help you level, as follows is how I leveled to 75 for my disfavor...
Leveling items
I also used the following armor:

At level 12 you can switch to sunder, this is what you'll use for pretty much the rest of your entire existence so PREPARE TO ENJOY!

My current gear at level 86
↔Explanation of gear;- So, Atziri's obviously insane as it stands, Daresso's defiance *ANY LINK* is used to produce endurance charges which will provide you with ALOT of damage reduction seen as your pure armor based because of Iron Reflexes, Devoto's Devotion is self explanatory with attack speed, and my jewelry etc is also self explanatory, YOU WANT ATTACK SPEED SON

And the DPS tooltip inside hideout with no charges, no buffs. Just HOA and Hatred.... Flask setup is also within the screenshot so you can see, the life flasks are Anti-bleed/more charges. Rumi's is used in tough situations and lavianga's is OPTIONAL you can switch it for an atziri's flask FOR 28K+ more dps!!!

So clearly as shown above my health is rather low in my eyes, and I am yet to test this build with a pure armor chest piece with T1 life, so that can also be tested, I believe I have finished with the explanations of this build and videos will be added very soon just provide me with time.
And the defensive stats as shown WITH NO CHARGES

If you've enjoyed this build please message me, and I may be able to help along with my guild
In a house of mirrors, who perceives who to be real?
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Yet another great and very viable build made by one of my guildies...proud to have you bud...big thumbs up :)
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Bump to increase interest
In a house of mirrors, who perceives who to be real?
Good stuff bro!
Good build, bro. Keep up!
is it possible to integrate taste of hate flask instead of laviangas?
ant1nerd wrote:
is it possible to integrate taste of hate flask instead of laviangas?

I'll have to check for you! Will update as soon as possible.
In a house of mirrors, who perceives who to be real?
2.4.0 up???
you can easily get 10% more Life :

Godless Bouble 2x 5% instead of the two Str. Boubles right of them !

Sunder is bad ass for sure. But not to worry, GGG will nerf into oblivion next patch. Anything melee they literally can't stand.

Hey, let's all make boring totem builds. Seems that's the only thing they don't nerf.

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