[2.2] The Righteous Flicker Shell (Normal Atziri farm)

After respect few times, I ended with this build, isn't the most powerful, but is bit fun. Is not really original, but I don't see anything similar in Marauder builds.

The build isnt expensive 30c for scolds, 30c for consuming, 15c to armour (not 5l require vms in 4l still big dmg)5c blood dance. Tamming isnt the core of the build, but is easy get with cadiro, like 13k coins to get all rings.

The basic concept of the build is use scolds with flicker strike to proc vaal molten shell plus the addition of RF. Temporal chains and enfeeble in blasphemy in the defence side. Also use Blood of corruption with the taming combo to deal with dangerous bosses. Blood rage and blood dance to sustain Flicker strike.

-Defenses, no granite up-

-VMS with flasks up-

Current Tree lv93:



A Consuming or divinarius with phoenix, two consuming with a ruby flask works too, but the phoenix is the safest and lazy way.

Basic for the build, the best enchant is reduce mana reserve for purity of fire, mb with that can drop one or two nodes in the tree and put into life.

Decent defences and +100 mana/life on kill is a great help. Since the body dont require any specific unique, any armor is good here, carcass, daresso, gg rare etc.

I recycled this form other build, Dex is very important, rest high life armour

Great boots, help with life reg, but the most important is the chance to obtain frenzy charges.

Another recycled item, Doryani fire belt isn't rly good here. +1 end charge is rly nice but not cheap.

Dex, life, cold res, is a fking great amulet for defense. A rare with life spell damage, fire damage etc. In the amulet is really great get the +1 curse, to drop damming ring.
This is the best item in the entire game, lucky this league is so cheap. Gluttony with inc duration gives 13 secs of healing from elemental damage, absolute insane. Require 96 souls, like VMS, so is only to used in some bosses.


The taming combo is only for dangerous or multiple bosses, but is not really necessary. Damning required to 2 curses. The rest is for fun, defence, or test.


Swap life jewels for another reign or harvest


Remove burning is required to turn off RF, rest is for defence or dps.

Gem setups:

Basic setup for VMS, in a 4L drop controlled destruction. For a 6L add void manipulation


Flicker is enough lv1, quality and level useless in this build, with fortify for a 100% uptime buff, WB for movement.


One of the basics of the build, not only work to kill trash mobs, also burn enemies getting advantage from ascendancy node Ngamahu (35% inc dmg to burning enemies, and the "more spell dmg", this setup on consuming for +1 fire gems, but also works fine with flameblast.


The proc method in bosses, and the source of damage with RF until can chain VMS. Due the low mana and almost nothing mana reg, Blood magic is required to infinite proc VMS without any trouble.


Two curses, Blasphemy with a Temporal chains and enfeeble are the safest way. Elem weak, flammability or vuln to boost dps, poacher or warlocks to sustain charges.


Help with Atziri and bosses


Blood rage is must to boost atk speed and sustain frenzy charges. Purity of fire to deal with RF. Enduring cry to help with end charges. For golems is fine with almost all, Lighting for atk and cast speed, chaos to defence, stone for regen buff, flame to boost dps.

-The Backup-

Just in case, in some maps is good refill another VMS. Or for Atziri.

The gameplay style:
Is bit slow at the start, use rf and flame blast to gain souls, depending on the boss refill blood of corruption or another VMS then save for later. When VMS is rdy, be sure Blood rage is up to maintain flicker. Blue packs and rare mobs don't die with one shoot, stop flicker and proc VMS with flameblas to save frenzy charges. Open area map are the best for the build, but with 29 secs on VMS even dungeons can be done chaining VMS without much trouble.

Using the Taming combo with Gloutony, for a safe and fast boss dead, no need for all bosses, but some like Megaera in crematorium deals lot of elemental dmg.

-Izaro and lab-
No souls for izaro fight, drop VMS setup for Flameblast-Blood magic-Fire pen-Faster cast-Controlled destruction.

Im farming Atziri very easy, dint try uber yet.

Dealing with mods:
*X% less Recovery of Life, Mana and Energy Shield: Turn off RF, swap to 2 Consuming.
*-X% maximum Player Resistances: Turn off RF, swap to 2 Consuming.
*Players are cursed with Vulnerability: Turn off RF, swap to 2 Consuming.
*Players have Blood Magic: Doable but dangerous, turn off all auras, or leave only purity.
*Players have no Life or Mana Regeneration: Doable.
*Players are cursed with Temporal Chains: best mod u can get. 200% uptime of VMS. Bored at the start.
*Area has patches of desecrated ground: Can be a trouble to maintain RF.
*Monsters are Immune to Elemental Status Ailments: Can be a trouble for certain bosses, taming useless here..

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Updated with minor changes and added wither gem.
Is very easy farm atziri, nothing impressive, at the end is an VMS build, but I feel more safe than elementalist. Didn't try uber yet. Best drops so far:

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