[2.2] 🌟 CRIT CYCLONE 2H STAFF🌟 Hegemony's - EZ Atziri - 300K+ MAX DPS

Welcome all, to my 2H Crit Cyclone!

This build will utilize Hegemony's Era, Carcass Jack, and Abyssus more maximum DEEPS.

My Gear

Cyclone: Cyclone, Faster attacks, Melee Phys, inc crit chance, inc aoe and fortify- for the 6 link.

Movement: Leap slam, CoH, Assmark, and Faster Attacks

CWDT: CWDT, Immortal call, inc duration (endurance charges are sustained through passive tree)

Auras: HoA, Hatred

Extra: I like running Vaal Cyclone and Vaal molten shell for mapping, but when I'm doing atziri i switch out vaal cyclone for vaal haste.

Passive Tree

Offensive Stats

Deffensive Stats

Mana Problems?
Make sure you have mana leech on atleast one peice of gear, you can also craft it on gloves like mine. If not, mana leech jewels and revelry from the passive tree should more than sustain your mana.

Defense is a bit poop, but you can always switch Carcass for 6 link astral 1300+ armor and go for some more armor nodes by marauder tree. This should grant you way more armor than mine :D

Damage w/ 5LINK 5 PC, 3 FC, Atziri's, and Lions Roar

Here is my atziri run, i died once unfortunately because i forgot to swap inc aoe for conc effect. The cyclone lived with a sliver amount of health. But overall i shred thru vaal's, titty b**** and atziri herself pretty fast.

Level with sweep, and buy a rare 200+ pdps staff for leveling. Atziri Videos should be up sooner or later. This build is very versatile, you can swap cyclone to sweep, ground slam or any other melee gem. This is basically a generic 2h melee build.
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What do you think of 6 link life leech?
What do you think of life leech?

6th link can be versatile. I would recomend lifegain on hit or life leech 20/20. If you need more damage you can add in, added fire damage.
Bandits ?
Bandits ?

Alright, I suggest a couple adjustments to your tree and gear.

- you don't need 400+ increased physical damage, if you go from 300 phys to 400 phys it adds only 12,5% more damage, and at this point defenses are more important, especially if you are aiming for a lvl100 character like your tree suggests. It's just not realistic. Therefor, we switch out the phys damage nodes in the marauder starting area for life nodes etc. (you missed golem's blood for example)

- the pathing on top of the area going to the staff nodes is off, take the other way which gives you the possibility for an additional power charge and more importantly more life nodes

- jewel nodes: you missed a 1 point jewel node and a 2 point jewel node, that is unacceptable

- mana/lifeleech: don't get the mana nodes, that's a waste of passive points. use those nodes and move over to the Void leech wheel, get 1 mana leech node and the life leech nodes, that essentially gives you an additional link (life leech gem). Doing this, you get more dex as well, which means less dex needed on gear and more accuracy.

- the armour/es nodes at templar area are poop for your build

It's now a lvl93 tree if you don't get bandit points. Still a bit high, but easily doable with this build. Oh and I suggest switching Carcass jack for a more defensive chest, like Lightning Coil, Belly or Daresso's Defiance.


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