the masochist - a self curse scold's juggernaut zerphi's soul taker build.

build is a work in progress - currently this is a overview of my character and the mechanics behind it. i wont feel done with it until around level 94 and some gear improvements at which time i might make this into more of a guide. this was my first character in perandus i wanted to level past 80 so i dont have much of a map pool yet but i should have some harder content videos soon (or maybe not soon, i have been wanting to play the fallout 4 dlc and dark souls 3 comes out soon...)

Current perandus sc gear
around 6~7 ex invested into gear, could be better. i also dont know if prismatic eclipse is the best offhand but i like it for the fast whirling blades. i have been thinking of testing out other weapons but have not gotten around to it yet.

all 3 passives from the juggernaut ascendancy are very strong and essential to my build.

unbreakable - doubles my armor from body armour, this gives me great physical damage mitigation without needing much armor in other gear slots.

unflinching - +1 endurance charges as well as 20% chance to gain a endurance charge every time i get hit. this along with the unique item scold's bridle gives me 20% chance to get an endurance charge every time i spend mana.

unstoppable - makes me unable to be reduced below base speed or movement speed (explained below) which means i can self curse with temporal chains to extend all my buffs and the only downside is extending the duration of enemy damage over time and other effects.

i also use soul taker to drain all my mana and still be able to attack so that we can use zerphi's flask with an ridiculous duration to get instant heals every time we spend mana.

this build would possibly be stronger as reave with an sword being the main source of damage and soul taker being the offhand while still being able to use all the same mechanics but i had recently played an crit reave assassin and wanted to try something else. however if i happen to get a good enchant for reave on my scold's before i get reduced duration for earthquake i may consider using some regret orbs and switching over to reave. i would have to lose vaal haste for vaal reave though.

i could also just use a different axe or mace for mainhand and offhand the soul taker but then i lose out on whirling blades which i do not want to do, the damage is already good enough imo.

cannot be reduced below base speed
cannot be reduced below base movement speed is simple - if you encounter something that reduces movement speed, like tarred ground which reduces movement speed by 60%, you cannot be reduced to below 0% (base) movement speed. if you had 30% movement speed boots equipped and nothing else adding movement speed then you only lose the 30% movement speed you had over base instead of the full 60%. this part of the passive is not that impressive but it will help every now and then.

cannot be reduced below base speed is a little more complicated though just because "speed" is not affected by many things and most might not be 100% obvious. think of "speed" as a stat completely separate from all other speed stats (attack speed/movement speed/ect) even though if you lose 30% "speed" it does affect all of those other stats. However none of the other speed stats directly affect "speed" itself. Some of the things that WILL affect "speed" are being chilled, being frozen, temporal chains, acceleration shrines, and i think bear trap as well but that one could be wrong. thanks to unstoppable anything reducing to below base "speed" will do nothing at all and unless you have an acceleration shrine you are never above base "speed" so its always helpful. this means temp chains/freeze/chill/bear trap do NOTHING to slow us down at all unless you have an acceleration shrine in which case they will make you slightly slower. you can even walk around while frozen or bear trapped.

required uniques

shackles of the wretched - used to curse ourselfs with temporal chains at very little downsides (only downside to self temp chains is extending the duration of damage over time effects/enemy curses/ect but it will also extend the duration of all of our buffs - flasks/blood rage/endurance charges/frenzy charges/immortal call/fortify/vaal molten shell/reave/tempest shield/ect...)

scolds bridle - every time i expend mana i have a chance to get endurance charges thanks to unflinching from juggernaut ascendancy, also a huge amount of free damage from vaal molten shell+high attack speed. this does not do much damage to me thanks to my high physical damage mitigation. with no endurance charges it only does around 80 dmg per multistrike to me.

soul taker - needed to attack while at zero mana, easy way to ensure 100% uptime on zerphi's flask (and divination distillate)

zerphi's flask - 800% mana cost gained as life gives huge instant heals, also the duration is amazing its 16 seconds with the retch and that expires even slower when we have temp chains up.

fevered mind jewelx2 - increases mana cost which increases zerphi's heal and makes my cwdt spells proc faster, without these my scold's would not proc CWDT enough to keep temp chains up and the heal from zerphi's would be very lackluster.

brute force solution jewel - needed to use scold's as well as our blue gems.

the retch - not exactly required but it has good mods all around and gives 60% increased duration on flasks.

passives & bandits
normal bandits-life
cruel bandits-physical damage or attack speed
merciless bandits-frenzy or endurance charge

admittedly im not the best when it comes to making passive trees but i think i made this one pretty effecient. this is my planned build at level 95

gem links
for my main attack i chose to use earthquake although reave could be very strong as well (temp chains will increase the duration of reave stacks since its a buff on the character but will not affect earthquakes aftershock duration because its a ground effect not a buff on our character). i wanted to use links that would help my dps as well as making the mana cost as high as possible to increase the heal from zerphi's.

6 link -
earthquake + multistrike + melee physical damage + less duration + added fire damge + increased aoe

other good gems-

concentrated effect - switch to this instead of increased aoe for single target.
life gain on hit - we gain a huge amount of instant life because of how fast we hit, plus its got a high mana multiplier so we get even more life from zerphi's.
fortify - 20% damage reduction as well as a decent chunk of damage, however its already easy to keep up the fortify buff from our movement skill.

3 links-

whirling blades + fortify + faster attacks

hatred + vaal haste + arctic armor (vaal haste not at max level because im lacking dex right now)

4 links-

vaal molten shell + fire penetration + controlled destruction + elemental focus (increased duration another good choice, dont use normal molten shell with vaal molten shell or it will replace your vaal version)

cwdt(high level) + immortal call + golem (chaos/stone/fire) + optional slot, i chose ancestral protector (needs to be self cast). another good option is tempest shield if you decide to not go dual wield. blood rage can also go here if you have enough dex to use it at a higher level.

cwdt (level 1) + temporal chains (level 5) + increased duration + blood rage (level 7), make sure to put this in "shackles of the wretched" for self curse.


-run any map mod , even physical reflect does not slow me down. be careful with vaal molten shell vs ele reflect though. the only map mod i consider too much of a burden to run would be blood magic the reason being it comepletely nulliflies our zerphi's heal (cant spend mana cant use mana pot) and we would have to remove our auras as well.

-temp chains on maps actually benefits this build (you can change your gloves)

-chilled ground free map mod

-extremely tanky

-zerphi's instant heal is very strong plus the duration is ridiculous making it easy to have 100% uptime.

-aoe dps is good, its not amazing because im using soul taker but its plenty.

-single target dps is great because of vaal molten shell+fast attacks on top of our already good attack dps.

-huge duration on all our buffs

-doesnt need a lot of buttons, most of the time you only need earthquake + movement skill.

-fast whirling blades (with sword offhand)

-build uses 2 old league uniques (scold's bridle and the retch), would be expensive without perandus

-if you suck at potion management you could get into some sticky situations (but thats with every build right?)

-build uses many uniques making it harder to get resistances and life.

-might not play well in parties (clarity could potentially ruin our zerphi's and divination distilate uptime, however it probably wont.)

-passive build lacks any stats except strenght, need dex on gear and a brute force solution jewel for intelligence.

-needs a few "fevered mind" jewels to make the zerphis heal worth the investment, and since these are corruption only jewels they can be expensive.

(im currently missing around 25% increased life because i wanted to see how much damage i could get so i regret orbed some health so its a little low right now)

-double armor from body armor, easy to hit huge amounts of armor with a good chest peice (my chest peice right now doesnt have the highest defense but it does just fine.)

-chance for endurance charge everytime i expend mana, up to 6 charges with my current setup. (sometimes takes a while to build charges but i always have charges when immortal call goes off)

-amazing duration on flasks because of the retch+temp chains

-great immortal call duration thanks to endurance charges+temp chains.

-arctic armor

-divination distillate for +4max all res, easy to maintain thanks to no mana+soul taker.

-zerphi's flask heal - if earthquake cost 90 mana and i have around 9 attacks a second = 3 multistrike casts = 270 mana a second. 270x8=2160 health a second. i can make this go much higher with different gem combinations but then i lose damage (life gain on hit and life leech isntead of less duration and added fire damage would give a much higher heal but also way less damage).

here are my defenses with max endurance charges and chaos golem but no flasks (at the time i was also using a 1.5% life/mana regen on hit boots so those numbers are a bit off)


(the screenshots below were taken without max level/quality gems so this is not max dps also my dps is nothing amazing and it never will be while using soul taker but its pretty good for how defensive the build is)

first of all tooltip dps is bugged - we never swing our offhand weapon but its still being taken into the dps equation. i think that the attacks per second are correct or at least close but i may be wrong, all the below dps calculations consider attacks per second to be correct. (ATTACK SPEED IS WRONG! so all dps below are lower than they should be. i tried out a different offhand weapon and my attacks per second went down when it should have raised because of the attack speed increase of dual wielding and my passives. still going to leave this here for now because its a close enough representation of my dps but it is lower than it should be.

single handed dps character screen below for reference, using the main hand total combined damage the dps formula matches tooltip dps here- (min damage+max damage)/2xAttack speed.

(1304+2492)/2*6.33 = 12,014.34 which matches our tooltip dps proving the formula should work.

tooltip dps while dual wielding below, tooltip dps is incorrect.

(1812+3448)/2*7.45 = 19,593.5 but the dps tooltip says 13,693.1

those 2 screenshots were just to show that tooltip dps is bugged, here are 2 examples of around where my dps is at -

standard aoe dmg with only charges and blood rage (the damage i would typically have, no flasks or vaal skills)

(2632+5002)/2x8.46= 32,291.82 dps (tooltip 22,543.79)

fully buffed tryhard single target dmg (changed increased aoe for conc, all flasks+vaal haste+ancestral protector)

(5258+9982)/2x11.39= 86,791.8 dps (tooltip 60,469.51)

not much here yet, don't really have any maps worth showing yet but heres a couple examples (hope to have more here later).

here is a video of a 6 minute merciless labyrinth run with buffed izaro, not the best representation of my dps because i cannot make use of vaal molten shell but its a good point of reference for other people to compare builds since everyone should have run merciless lab at least once. i also almost die because i forgot to refill my flasks after an izaro phase, oops.

twinned+crit malformation boss face tank


-at one point i used essence worm with determination and only use hatred on mana (no arctic armor) - i think arctic armor+hatred is better but i did really like determination. i may try to work determination back into my build at a later point.

-1 handed+shield - less dps but tankier, could even go aegis and become immortal.

-static strike's secondary effect being a buff that affects the character WILL increase in duration from temp chains resulting in less dps, probably not the smartest choice for this build (this does NOT affect earthquake since the "buff" is a ground effect)

-ancestral protector can be cast without mana while using soul taker

-tried to make self freeze with berek's pass and winterheart work however it did not work out well, my damage was too low for scolds to freeze especially with my physical dmg reduction. i used self curse frost bite with taste of hate to make scold's deal 20% cold damage to myself then i used auxium to make freeze be based on my low es however the damage just was not enough. has everything working agaisnt it too - taste of hate gives max cold res+30% chance to avoid freeze and auxium+scolds+berek's pass all give ES when i needed as little as possible. i was also forcing way too many uniques onto one build making it exremely hard to balance life and resistances.

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