Over´s EA Ignite build # EA/Ignite/Prolif/BM

Hi. My english is terrible but who care : ).

It´s just reference guide if you got some questions please do it here

Since i got much requests i want create short guide to my build. I play this build since 1.1.0 and tried most variations out. The main idea of the build: some sort of unique ignite build that could do PvP and PvE. My personal goal ist to get highest ignite damage. "Burn in hell!"

Why EA?

It´s high damage skill that scales fine in endgame.


Molten shell

Explosive Arrow

To see some real damage numbers go to math section.


Pros & Cons PvE

+offscreen clear
+very tanky (you cann´t die if play carriful)
+high regen
+high damage
+can do any mod/map (atziri will be complicated but doible)
+old school
+can be budget
+very safe and easy Labyrinth runs

-expensive to get more result (hello chorms)
-reflect can kill you
-corpse explosion boxes will kill you
-medicore movement / ats

Pros & Cons PvP

+ high ignite damage (in most cases 1 fuse is more then enough)
+ strong curses + 2-3 curses
+ can be very tanky
+ high proj speed
+ unique (since Slathemkids never see another EA based ignite build)

- Slow ats/movement
- frostwall and ignite immunity counters this build hard
- no-very low chance ws fast la users (hi Fanon)

My Gear

+3 bow to get higer lvl of EA for more hitdamage
movement-/attack speed Dextery are very important
since i use much unique items i use my quiver to cap resistances. You can use alternative Rearguard.
Legacy kaom would bring more life and more dmg (since i will drop some life passives)
Both rings are used to cap resistances and get some life. In perfect ring would be coral/amethyst leocrafted one with firedmg/all res/chaos res/life

Rashkalador caping dextery and give 1 second ignite duration which is huge.
Nothing to say here projdmg/speed. If get +1 curse rashkalador will change Winds of change to corrupted one with vuln on hit
Damage / resistances / cheap corrupted one with area effect would be better
resistances life but must important to get 25%+ movement speed

skills setup & budget

There are to possible main setups:

Provide most damage but coloring can be expensive. Used 14k chromes on my bow to get that colors.


Budget but RRRBBG setup will do 1.29 times of RRBBGG damage.


Head 10c-1ex
Amu 3c
armor 2-3 ex
ring 20-30 c each
Gloves can be 1-3 ex
boot 5-10 ex
belt 5-10 chaos
quiver 6 ex

What can i dot vs Ignite imunity?

Things like
Counter very effective this build.

Not much but you can do some little tricks:


Use Searing Touch with
. (Firetrap do already without links huge damage).

Since i drop most proj damage notes +3 bow with PA became garbage.


Tree 100 12.5.2016



Marauder -> Cheeftane best allrounder my personal choise
Maradeur -> Berserk Most damage but nothing else

witch -> Elemenalist Very nice for PvE (you can swap
Results in 53% more PvE Ignite damage but lesser surviability.


Offence screen says nothing i will do some damage calculations. Since i donn´t get empower lvl 4 i will do two descriptions to EA lvl 27 and EA lvl 28. Let´s start with some math nerd analything.

Edit : following calculations missing 30% fire dmg from ascendacy.

EA lvl 27

Elemental Proliferation -> (0.8-0.79 multiplier)

single Arrow damagenumbers 8301-12633 per fuse. -> 14341 / sec ignite

I use double curse + elemental EQ -> 174 reduced target resistance. + 54% Fire penetration

If the target got 75 % fire resistance total damage per fuse will be 419.133 in 6 sec or 1 shot => 100.897 dps => 504.484 dps with 5 stacks.

I use conc effect only on hard bosses or in pvp. -> (1.6-1.61 multiplier)

Single Arrow damagenumbers 16945-25424 per fuse -> 29027 / sec ignite

Same example here target with 75% fire resistance total damage per fuse will be 856.796 in 6 sec or 1 shot => 208.058 dps => 1.040.291 dps with 5 stacks.

EA LVL 27 PvP Damage

Calculated with https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50319054/PoE_PvP_DPS.html
Target got 100 overcap fire resistance

initial damage

Ignite DPS

Imagine what happens if you target doesnt overcap fire resistance.

EA Lvl 28

To do. If i get lvl 4 empower.

Slaythemkids inspired me to do this build, Ahfack and Marcusz help me with some details and test. Thank you guys.

If you got any questions or criticisms please ask here and not ingame to collect them.

My EA Ignite Build view-thread/1661184
My shop view-thread/1078495
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