Wildstrike Berserker Build Guide SC and HC viable.

So I know what you're thinking. Wildstrike? He's probably doing some sort of ele crit build. Wrong! Sort of.

The idea is to link Wildstrike with Physical to lightning, use the curse elemental weakness linked with blasphemy and then just scale the physical like normally.

At this point I should explain some things. You have probably heard that wildstrike doesn't work with melee physical. What people mean when they say that is that melee damage only affects the initial hit and not the elemental effects (fire aoe, lightning arc or cold pulse). But it does work with physical damage on the tree as most of it is physical damage with x weapon and if you're using that weapon it increased the damage of the elemental effects. So physical damage with maces will work just fine as long as you're using a mace. There's barely any melee physical damage on the tree. The starting nodes of the Marauder and the Duelist say melee physical damage and some other skills scattered here and there. Anything that says physical damage with attacks or physical damage with weapons (even if it says melee weapons) will work.

-Wildstrike is fun.
-Left side build so it's pretty tanky (198% 219% life + 7 maximum endurance charges)
-Resolute technique so no accuracy needed and damage is consistent
-Relatively cheap (at least no unique items are necessary)

-Pure elemental damage and it will slow you down on Elemental Resistant or curse immune mobs
-Is a "name lock" skill, meaning you need to click on the actual mob to do damage
-Slow levelling (Act 1 normal marauder is cancer and I hate my guts every time I play as that character)
-Can't run Elemental Reflect map mod and it will slow you down on Elemental Equilibrium, Endurance Charges and Enemies resist one or more elemental resistances map mods

2.6 Update.

I removed physical to lightning since Wild Strike converts 100% of it's damage now.
I added a jewel section bellow to help you buy/roll jewels. It's in the gear section

I made an alternative tree with more life and more jewel sockets. It has less damage on the tree itself but jewels can more than make up for it.

Levelling up and Levelling trees

edit 2: I realized I didn't give any tips on how to level such a build. Too many build guides assume you know how to level up. So normally you can pick up wildstike on Act 3 on normal difficulty after you kill General Gravicious. Marauder doesn't get wildstrike so you'll have to buy it or if you have alternative characters you can buy it form the Clarisa as Shadow, Ranger and Scion. You can level up to act 3 with any skill you desire. You can even switch from wildstrike to another skill if you like it one better.

2.6 update: You can buy wild strike from SIOSA in the library area.

End of normal difficulty, 49 points

End of Cruel difficulty, 74 points

End of Merciless difficulty, 101 points

Finished tree 113 points, Bandits and ascendancy points.

Bandits are Oak/Oak or Kraytin/Oak or Kraytin. The Choice is yours. On normal you want Oak or bust. Cruel Oak for phys damage (which is what I got) or Kraytin for Attack speed which is also good.
For merciless Oak for +1 endurance for a little more survivability or Kraytin for +1 Frenzy for a little more damage.

For Ascendancy nodes I recommend Pain Reaver first then Crave the slaughter then Aspect of Carnage and then Cloacked in Savagery



I personally don't like using unique gear so most of my gear is rare with resistances life and armour.
For weapon choice I have chosen Doryani's Catalyst as BiS (Best In Slot). Best damage per second of all unique maces and high % elemental damage which works really well with the 100% physical to elemental conversion we have going. An alternative is Callinellus Malleus. Or just get a rare with high pdps (physical damage per second) and ignore any added elemental damage to attacks it might have (adds #-# cold/lightning/fire damage to attacks). Since we scale the physical those elemental damages are too low to make a difference.

If you like unique gear feel free to experiment just know that the more uniques you use the harder it is to cap your resistances and get life.
For Hardcore (or even softcore) if you can afford it Lightning Coil is really good chest piece. It can help mitigate the physical damage you take and in combination with 7 endurance charges and Fortify it can be really good. I have not taken any armour nodes on the tree so the armour you can have is not too much. I have 7k which is pretty mediocre. Other chest pieces you can use is Kaom's Heart, Lioneye's Vision (I guess! pierce is useless but it has good life and good armour), Belly of the Beast, Carcass Jack (although you don't need Area of Effect as it will only affect 1/3 of the hits) or just about anything you can think of that can be colored with 2 red (or 3 red for 6L) 2 blue and 1 green sockets relatively easy.


For jewels you want:
physical damage with maces
physical damage while dual wielding
physical damage with one handed melee weapons
physical damage
attack speed with maces
attack speed while dual wielding
attack speed with one handed melee weapons
attack speed
and of course %maximum life.

Gems and Links

For 2.6 and onwards, wildstrike converts 100% of it's damage to an element. So Physical to lightning should NOT be used and I have removed it from the sections bellow

Main skill and links in order of importance:
Wildstrike - Multistrike - Weapon Elemental Damage - Elemental Focus - Added Fire Damage/Faster Attacks/Melee Physical Damage

Physical To Lightning

Short explanation about the gems

-Multistrike gives very high attack speed bonus and despite the damage penalty it is usually worth it.
-Weapon Elemental Damage gives more damage and will affect 100% of the physical. 60% that will be converted to elemental by Wildstrike in real time and the remaining that is converted by Physical to Lightning. Also all elemental damage from auras gear and tree
-Elemental Focus will give more elemental damage similar to Weapon Elemental Damage. The inability to apply status ailments doesn't affect us since we don't have any way to deliver status ailments (non critical build and no % chance on the tree).
-Added Fire Damage will also give extra damage as it says on the gem. A 6Linked body armour isn't required. I clear high yellow maps on 5Link really well. For hardcore you could link Fortify as the 6th Link so you are 100% sure that it doesn't drop off.
-Faster Attacks is pretty self explanatory. It will make you attack faster so you have higher damage per second (DPS). It will also lock you in place for less time so it's safer.
-Melee Physical Damage. Although it doesn't affect enemies hit with the aoe explosion/cold projectile/lightning arc it will singnifically improve your single target.

Hatred and Blasphemy - Elemental Weakness. I am not using Herald of Ash I was just testing some stuff.
Note: Elemental weakness has very high intelligence requirement consider using the unique jewel Brute Force Solution.

Leap Slam - Endurance charge on melee stun - Fortify - Faster Attacks/Blood Magic.
Pretty standard stuff endurance charges and fortify from leaping into packs and it doubles as a mobility skill. Faster Attacks or Blood magic as the 4th link. I have Faster Attacks but if you think you are fast enough without it just use Blood Magic. I can leap 4-5 times before running out of Mana.

CWDT and other stuff.
Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) - Golem of your choice - Blood Rage - Increased Duration (not in my links but a really good idea). CWDT should be kept at level 1. Other gems should be leveled as much as possible so that the level requirements they have does not exceed the described level in the CWDT description.

I leave the choice of Golem to you. Fire Golem for damage, Chaos Golem for survivability, Lightning Golem for Attack speed or Stone Golem for more Life regeneration are all good options.

Spare links. That leaves us with 7 links (4 on the boots + 3 on offhand weapon) free to put anything you wish. Double Vaal Haste - Increased duration and another skill as a single target (maybe Dual Strike). Personally I don't think you need an extra skill for single target. I use Wildstrike. You could use Vaal Lightning strike. Links would be Vaal Lightning strike - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Weapon Elemental Damage

Damage tooltip
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Thanks for the update, I'll check this out !
In what order did you level the berzerker tree, or does it have no significance what order they are picked
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hey only a few months later I see your reply


Go for the 40% more damage in cruel lab first

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