[2.2][VIDEO] Oro's Super Cyclone Sacrifice of Cast on Kill Build By Wolf

[2.2] Oro's Super Cyclone Sacrifice of Cast on Kill Build By Wolf

Hello my name is Wolf! Most of the time I go by Gotgo, strangers mostly call me Goto, and my friends call me Geodude. Now that the formalities are out of the way I would like to showcase a build I have been working on which I have been enjoying a great deal with the new Pandas League and one that is based entirely on Oro's Sacrifice.

Before I begin I would like to stress that this guide isn't 100% original in the sense of custom builds and as of now is in 100% chaos. I would just like to show others a fun build I've been working on in hopes of intriguing people enough to help me craft the build to it's full potential.


The General Idea
The general idea of this build is to utilize +Elemental Damage and +Fire Damage to dish out damage with cyclone and maintain a respectable level of survivability through the trifecta of Passive Skills, Auras, and Equipment. The other idea of this build is to utilize the rather large number of open sockets to support a simple Cast on Melee Kill spell which can boost your relativity low damage.

The Weapon
Oro's is a rather unique and in my opinion a rather under utilized weapon. While it boasts some of the highest DPS a Two Handed sword can get the mods on the weapon scare off most at first glance. The 10% Increase in both Fire and Physical Damage Taken is intimidating by itself, but when you throw in the fact it does no physical damage you have people going nope.exe all the way to the vendor. This leads to the question, "How do we counter this?" The answer? You really don't. There are ways here and there, but the fact remains the same; the biggest problem the weapon has will always be the added damage. However there is some good things about this weapon! Let me tell you!

+You will always have frenzy charges even during boss fights
+You will almost always ignite someone (along with help from the passive tree)
+You will cull nearly every single monster you're attacking
+It's rather fast for a 2 handed weapon
+Did I mention it has extremely high DPS?

The Main Gems and Why

(1)Cyclone in my opinion is one of the best if not the best melee skill in game and it's our bread and butter skill.

(2)+(3)Cast on Melee Kill + Flame Surge is my personal choice to this build while other options are out there (like firestorm) I felt like this was a better choice for my needs. Fire Surge itself cannot ignite, but does 50% extra damage to ignited targets which we have no problem providing for it. Not only that, but it does decent damage and is effected by the AoE nodes we picked up in the passive tree. I overall think this is a great skill to pick for the slot.

(update) I have been experimenting more with Firestorm and while I still stick by my opinion that Flame Surge is a better option it is not a better option for all situations. Firestorm is great for any area that is wide open since it widens your potential kill radius whereas Fire Surge is great for indoor maps or close spaces.

(4)Weapon Elemental to me is a no brainier for this build. Considering this is not a pure Cast on Kill build and relies mostly on Cyclone for damage this is an ideal choice for the slot.

(5)Blood Magic. Ohhhh yes how much we need you for this. Due to reserving 95% of our mana this is without question essential.

(6)Coming Soon

Mana Reserve

Arctic Armor is there simply for safety. While some may jump up and scream, "HEY THAT WILL COUNTER THE EXTRA DAMAGE FROM ORO'S!" the truth is that near 90% of the time it doesn't because you are not stationary and as such you do not receive the reduced damage taken. However for those moments where you stop attacking and in turn stop leaching life this is a life saver. To top it off the added chill to nearby enemies helps a ton.

BLASPHEMY! Hooking up flammability with blasphemy is one of the reason this build is able to do well in my opinion. The idea that you don't have to either cast the curse yourself or have it proc through Curse on Hit is amazing and build changing. This is something I couldn't ever see changing in this build.

Vitality is there to give us more survivability. Coming in at 1.2% life leached from fire attacks I feel as though I needed any extra help I could get at sustaining life and with Vitality bringing us to the 95% mana reserve mark I found it to be the perfect choice.

Cast When Damage Taken
CWDT + Molten Shell seems to be the best choice I could come up with. At level 11/16 for their respective gems I find that it last just long enough to be useful.

Becoming an Ascended Saiyan

The path I chose for Ascendancy is based off of two things that I found this build desperately needed.

First of which is life leach; you get squat all. Without 'Hinekora, Death's Fury' you're looking at zero life leach and you would have to either rely and + Life Per Hit on equipment or the Life Gain gem. This one Ascendancy Node will keep you alive. Not only that, but it will penetrate 10% of the enemies fire resist.

The second of which is Endurance Charges. I feel as though gaining Endurance charges can be rather tedious and I would prefer to avoid it completely if I can and thanks to 'Ramako, Sun's Light' that is a rather doable feat. A 10% chance to gain an Endurance Charge when you kill a burning enemy might not seem like a lot, but I can guarantee you that it is more than enough to keep an ample supply of them while mapping. The other perks to this node is the fact you can't be ignited adding more survivability and the .5% life regeneration per Endurance Charge.

The Jewel That Makes the Passives Work
Fireborn: Increases and Reductions to other Damage Types in Radius are Transformed to apply to Fire Damage.

This right here placed into the jewel slot near the bottom of the duelist tree makes magic things happen for this build. It turns 8 nodes that would otherwise be useless to us into some of the best nodes we pick up. In essence without this jewel this build doesn't really work.


~Oak (+40 Life)
~Kraityn (8% Increase Attack Speed)
~Kraityn (+1 Frenzy Charge)

My Gear (Work in Progress)

Character Defensive Stats

In Town

Outside with Auras, Charges, and Buffs (No Molten Shell)

Character Offensive Stats

In Town

Outside with Auras, Charges, and Buffs

Why (i think) This Works
Lets face it 26k Cyclone damage doesn't look to be the least bit appetizing, but when you factor in that it's pure fire damage with a great deal of fire penetration along with burn damage and culling strike not to mention a Cast on Kill spell that closes in on 2k damage and you end up with lowish damage that puts up a good fight against a lot of enemies. While this build wont be as strong as the cookie cutter builds out there it is in my opinion a fun and oddly enough strong build.

Disclaimer and Outro
As I said before this guide is a complete mess right now. Depending on the responses I get and the amount of interest I keep with Path of Exile I will continue to update it and make it more efficient. This was my first guide on here for PoE and I hope you guys could understand it. Please feel free to ask any questions or comment on any of the content I have posted.

~ Wolf
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Updated with a video just in case people were wondering if this build can actually kill. Nothing too insane, but I'm happy with it.
good luck on your build :-)

i played that once several months ago and had lots of fun with it, but quit it and been to lazy to further update.
here the thread:

I think with the new ascendancy classes it will rock!

personally i would stick to firestorm, its the best dps you can get out of that Combo.
single target you should use molten strike - WED - faster atk - Multi strike and take point blank passive.
Heya I just wanted to leave a thanks for the build on your thread. When I found an Oro's last week I did a quick search and ended up here :) It's been working out nicely (Level 88 atm) and I found it was a joy to watch those CoMK Firestorms rain down in the dozens. I recently switched the build around a bit, to have access to the Celestial Punishment/Judgement wheel. Also I picked Life/Mana Leech in the Duelist Area. Lately I've switched over to Flicker Strike to keep things fresh :)

Just to share what I'm using:




Skill Tree:


Thanks again, I'm really having a blast with this char :>

Have u considered using an emberwake ruby ring at all?
"This doesn't leave many points left for life and defenses - but that's okay, because now you have the ability to instantly multiply all of your cosmetic purchases. Look at the value!"

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