(2.2.0) Hellquake, elemental dw ignite Earthquake, Atziri Viable

Hello everyone!

This is my first guide, so it wont be perfect, but this is a pretty cool build (at least I think) so I figure why not share it, yeah?

So all I wanted was an earthquake build that didn't use the whack-a-mole mallet or do physical damage, you know get more of a volcano vibe out of it, have the opportunity to live out my chieftan/shamany supreme motorcycle riding badass fiery death fantasy! or something like that. Also it struck me that Earthquake ignores your offhand and only uses your main-hand, and I felt that this is something that might be worth exploring.


-Fast Map Clearer
-Melee character with some range
-High Ignite chance and duration can help with kiting/hit-and-run
-First hit usually Ignites, meaning the aftershock gets the full benefit of the Chieftain Ascendant's ability to do more damage to burning enemies.

-Will do less damage to creatures who can't get ignited
-Elemental Reflect maps are pretty awful
-Kaom's is a little pricey
-Unique heavy
-Little Int and especially Dex in the passive tree


Some elaboration on my item choices:

lots of fire damage for a 1h weapon, and 25% chance to ignite, like this is our jam. Were ignoring the chill/burning effect however, though if you can manage cold damage into all of this then give it a shot, might be able to get some good burn damage out of it.

Some more fire damage, lots of health, we lose the ability to 5/6 slot but we'll live. Could roll with a 5/6 link chest if you really really wanted those precious slots but this and the 4 slots we do have will do us good.

Basically this item lets us wear things that we couldn't wear otherwise due to our tree having little dex/int, also it helps our ignite, yay!

Really useful in that it lets us use Whirling Blades, though this isn't required. You can run just about any offhand you'd like, but you would just use a Leap Slam > Fortify > Faster Attacks > Blood Magic set up instead

You can have Herald of Ash, Anger, and Flammability curse aura all at the same time! You wont have a lot of mana left, but hey Earthquake is cheap and we wont be spamming it too hard.

Any boots with a lot of res/life/movespeed will serve you fine, I'm just wearing these because I got lucky with the enchantment

I mean this just has everything you'd ever want and a bag of chips, though this isn't required, you'll be alright without it. Just replace it with a ring with res/life/whatever.

cos i like being sanic... but yeah moving fast never hurts and the phys reduction doesn't ruin us, the dexterity is a life saver.

fire damage, res, life leech from fire, more ignite chance. Not bad at all, but a crafted belt with good res/life/inc elemental damage is alright also.



Bandits: Oak, Point, Kraityn

this is current get up, we go up the Templar tree for elemental damage, weapon elemental damage, health, and some burn damage. Then we go downward to pick up lava lash and a some extra life nodes on the way, then we turn towards the scion health oasis. The sockets are for gg gems, and the extra res is to accommodate for the lack of res we'll have due to having a lot of unique, though if you choose to replace some of my item choices and have some extra res because of it, feel free to remove the extra res. I plan to put points into more endurance charges eventually.

Ascend wise we go with Chieftain because it helps with our ignite chance, increases our damage done to ppl who just so happen to be on fire, gives us ever more fire damage, and gives us endurance charges for again killing those poor scorched saps.

Skill Gems

Elemental Proliferation > Enlighten > Herald of Ash

Herald of Ash helps spread ignite all over the place, elemental proliferation + enlighten is completely optional, as it can get mana intensive with it.

Earthquake > Weapon Elemental Damage > Fire Penetration > Less Duration

No surprises here, just further improving our fire damage/fire weapon damage and making the time difference between earthquake cast and aftershock a bit more tolerable.

CWDT > Summon Flame Golem > Blood Rage > Immortal Call

Again pretty typical setup, you can replace flame golem with chaos/earth golem if you wish, I just like the extra damage. Blood rage gets us those juicy frenzy charges for extra damage and the quality of life improvements attack speed can give us, though if you can manage any other way to get frenzy charges into your build (like with blood dance) then use that instead of blood rage.

Other Skills

Whirling Blades > Faster Attack > Blood Magic with Advancing Fortress, or Leap Slam > Fortify > Faster Attacks > Blood Magic otherwise

For movement

Blasphemy > Flammability

For aura curse

Other Offhand Recommendations

Allows ALL damage to chill when you stun, like #woahdude. You won't be stunning all the time but when you they're going 6 feet under, and you get an extra 10% damage for having a second affliction on someone if you have The Taming. If whirling blades or extra defense aint your thang than this would definitely be a sweet option for a sidekick. It's also a crab claw on a stick, that's pretty cool too.

Lets you use Earthquake even if you have mana trouble, and what little physical damage you have left can chill, potentially very useful!

Hey, some extra aoe never hurt... well, yes it did but to the other guys ur good.

Pretty stellar leveling item, lets u be even more sanic.

Another good leveling item, lets you put level 1 flammability on enemies before the aftershock, aint awful if you can't run a curse aura.

Final Thoughts

So far so fun! Some more improvements to be made for sure but otherwise it's working well. I'll have videos up soon, I just wanted to get the guide posted first.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHzHsYac-mo&feature=youtu.be me doing gorge with enfeeble, reduced mana regen, curse immunity, and so on

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToDrOdOWrG4 easy temple map, just to demonstrate the build.

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Also if there is anything I've might of missed or something you would like to see, feel free to let me know. Or if I somehow screwed up something big time I'm all ears haha.
Is this build works in 2.3? And Ascendancy class would be chieftain?

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