Duelist Builds List - Post your Build link here

For now almost two years I am maintaining the Duellist Buildlist and for nearly a year the Scion and Shadow Lists aswell. But sadly my time has come. My personal life demands more and more time. Thus far that I don't see me able to maintain the lists properly anymore. I don't even have time to play PoE at all.

As hard as it may be, but I need to resign my duty. This is now a call for others to step up. I need someone who takes over my Lists. As I am not able to maintain then any longer.

If you are willed enough to serve our community and you want to take over one or all lists, please PM me and I guide you through the process.

I'll try to look into the forum every once in a while.

For those whose Builds are not added yet, I am sorry. If I find the time I'll do so.


I resign my duty. I need some brave soul to take care over the build lists.


I decided to let the 3.1 Builds in the list. As far as I have time I'll update the list accordingly.


Hello Exiles, my name is Bison.
I have the honour to take care of the Duellist Buildlist.
If you have any suggestions, let me know! Every feedback is very welcome.
You maybe want to know what I'am playing this league?

Newcomers, check out the 3rd post here for some tips & tricks! :)

This is a list thread of all up-to-date duelist guides. ibugsy came up with the original idea with his witch builds list, which was later continued by Bada_Bing.
KargothBG maintained the build lists for Duellist, Marauder and Templar. I have taken over the responsibility for the Duellist. I want to thank KargothBG for his longterm dedication and I will make sure that his legacy will continue. :)

What is needed to be featured in this list?

Your build/guide should contain more then your gear and a skill tree. A bit more detail would be nice. If possible a leveling section would highly appreciated (for our beginners).
I will not contain any pure theory crafted builds, every build should at least made it to maps.

How do I submit my Build?
Just post it in the thread. I will appreciate if you write a few words about it too.
Please do not send me a PM with your build, this will go out of hand with 3 Build Lists. :)

NEW ADDITION: I will only contain properly named builds.

To keep things clear and easy, I won't add "clickbaity" parts to the list.

Note: Every build creator can name it guide as he wants. I just won't add those things anymore to the list or at least alter it accordingly!

>> HOW TO PROPERLY NAME A BUILD - A little guide for you <<
>> HOW TO SUBMIT A BUILD - A little guide for you <<

### TEMPLATE ###
Skill: [3.x] -Name of the build-

Other List Threads:
Witch Builds List by Kwitch
Marauder Builds List by Bockris
Scion Builds List by Me
Ranger Builds List by Amongalen
Shadow Builds List by Me
Templar Builds List by Kwitch

Featured Builds

Featured Builds will be my personal favorites and recommendations. This means I played them and can approve them. This is mostly for newer players who maybe need an idea what to play.

Generic: [3.0] Unstoppable Gladiator 78% Max Block/Spells (Outdated)

This is mas' Block build, extremely solid and relativly cheap. You can cruise nearly the entire game with this. Up to Tier 15 with ease. T16 is possible.
Actually the build is not updated for 3.1 yet, while it should still work you may need to adjust the tree a bit. I will keep this as a Featured build, just because I loved this build so much.

Cyclone: [3.3] For Slayer - Ngamahu Cyclone Build (Uber Lab Runner, End Game Viable)

Kira's Ngamahu Cyclone Slayer, a very cheap league starter build that can do end-game content with further investment to the gears.

You can start Uber Lab farming with just a 5L chest and Ngamahu's Flame!

KargothBG's Builds

Those builds are perfect for beginners to learn the game and the mechanics

Facebreaker: How to smash Heads. Extremely detailed guide about the Facebreaker gloves and builds!
Flicker Strike: How to Flicker. Two Handed Weapon Edition!
Flicker Strike: How to Flicker. Terminus Est Edition!

Other Melee Builds

Blade Flurry: [3.2] The Swordmaster - dual-wield crit slayer - all content down/videos up -
Blade Flurry: [3.2] Bleed-Explo Blocker Gladiator Bladeflurry
Blade Flurry: [3.1] TheNotoriousPIG's - The Bringer of Leech - Blade Flurry
Blade Flurry: [3.1] hironmiranda's Frostblades / Blade Flurry Build
Blade Flurry: [3.1] Blade Flurry Crit Block Gladiator
Blade Flurry: [3.2] g00fy_goober's Physical Reave/Bflurry Champion
Cast on Melee Kill: [3.1] COMK IS BACK! Sundering Volcanos!
Cleave: [3.1] A Simple Cleaver (Beginner friendly, SSF-viable, Much Explanation)
Cleave: [3.1] NCS - NoChargeSlayer - U-Lab Farmer & More
Cleave: [3.1]Hank the Tank: High Armour Cleave Champion
Cleave: [3.2] Elderblake's 2-Sword Allround Cleave Champion
Cyclone: [3.3] For Slayer - Ngamahu Cyclone Build (Uber Lab Runner, End Game Viable)
Cyclone: [3.1] Ahfack's Crimson Cyclone | 3.1WIP Everything Will be Fine! | 100% Pure Phys | All Content
Cyclone: [3.1] Muirey's 2h Freezing Cyclone
Cyclone: [3.1] tumkub0012's Spin2Win Cyclone
Cyclone: [3.2] Devon's Shocking Lawnmower- Pure Phys Crit-Cyclone- Most content viable
Earthquake: [3.1] raggapaul's Bleedquaker /w Explosions!
Earthquake: [3.3] Prycro's Powerful Earthquake Slayer
Frost Blades: [3.3] Frosty Duelist - Dual Swords & Frost Blades
Frost Blades / Molten Strike: [3.2] YCTM - You Cant Touch Me! - Block + Dodge + evasion + instant leech - all content videos
Flicker Strike: [3.1] TREVOH's Oro Flicker
Heavy Strike: [3.3] Shaper = Stunned, Tidebreaker Heavy Strike Stunner Build
Ice Crash: [3.1] IcyTank - IceCrash Facebreaker Tank - EndGame viable
Lacerate: [3.1] LACERATING ASSAULTER - Block Tank - Shaper Down
Lacerate: [3.1] Bobby's Lacerate Bleed Gladiator
Lacerate: [3.2] Demi's FlyingPurplePeople, Bloison 2H Lacerate Slayer + RT Melee Build Template
Lacerate: [3.2] Elder Bleed Gladiator ft. Blasphemer's Grasp
Molten Strike: [3.1] Arcane's Name of The Fire - Molten Strike Slayer
Molten Strike / Lightning Strike: [3.1] rel4us - The Implusive
Molten Strike / Frost Blades: [3.1] rel4us - The Exterminator
Molten Strike: [3.1] Bashtart's ELE POISON GLADIATOR<>Volkuur's Molten Strike<>
Reave: [3.2] Physical Melee/Summoner Champion
Reave: [3.3] KissMeQuick's Gladiator Reave - Magic Find / Quantity Version possible || Uber Elder capable
Reave: [3.1] Embrace the Madness [Oni-Goroshi/All Content]
Reave: [3.3] PWAR's Vaal Double Reave Slayer/Champio
Sunder: [3.2] Adambjjoz's Wings of Entropy & Bringer of Rain Sunder Slayer - Uberlab & Red Maps
Sunder: [3.2] MoM`s bloody Gladiator: when bleed actually does the job
Sunder: [3.1] PANZER TANK Gladiator Max Block 78/78 Crit Varunastra Aegis 2 Curse, UberAtziri/Shaper/Chayula
Sunder: [3.1] AkumaNoTsubasa's Sunder Gladiator
Sunder: [3.1] SSF DW Sunder Bleed Slayer\Gladiator - From Hillock to Shaper on a Tabula
Sunder: [3.2] Champion Sunderer by Cleverist
Sweep: [3.2]Sweep viable. Exedy's Crit Sweep Champion (Hegemony's Era)

Barrage: [3.2] Habk's Wander Champion
Explosive Arrow: [3.1] Explosive Arrow Slayer (Shaper-Capable)
Lightning Arrow: [3.2] HowTo Lightning Arrow Slayer
Tornado Shot / Barrage: [3.1] Railway Bow - Slayer Edition
Spectral Throw: [3.2] Phys Spec Throw Gladiator [SHAPER DOWN!]
Spectral Shield Throw: [3.2] Max Block Spectral Shield Throw Guide - T15 Elder/Guardians Showcase
Spectral Shield Throw: [3.2] Gladiator Spectral Shield Throw pure phys bloodsplosion

Dark Pact / Righteous Fire: [3.3] Leech-based RF+Obliteration Slayer
Flameblast / Herald of Ash: [3.2] Wormblaster the Fifth - Flameblast / Herald of Ash Slayer - Uber Elder down

Warchief Totem: [3.1] The Dancing Ancestral Fister - Doryani's Fist/The Dancing Dervish/Rampage/Ancestral Totems (4)
Warchief Totem: [3.1] Lifting's Uber Lab Pure Phys Warchief Totems
Summon Raging Spirits: [3.1] The Dancing Baron - The Baron/The Dancing Dervish/Rampage/SRS Summoner
Support: [3.1] Blind With Fury - Mjölner Champion Support
Support: [3.1] Support Champion Bard
Support: [3.2] Champbot: Champion Support
Support: [3.2] The ES-based bloodmagic champion supporter, at least 10 auras
Support: [3.2] Champion TAUNTBOT aurabot support (Now Gives Endurance, Frenzy, and Power Charges!)

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Old Build List from KargothBG

The Archive is in WIP it'll be better sorted out in the next few days. Stay tuned :D

2.4 to 2.6 Archive
2.6 to 3.0 Archive

2.2/.2.3 Builds


Cleave: 2H Cleave - The Doomsower
Cleave: Gladiator Cleave/Dual Strike
Cleave: Gladiator Cleave Block/Dodge build
Cleave: Duelist Phsyical Sword Crit Cleave Gladiator
Cyclone: Shakk's Cyclone Build. A story about a man and his fists.
Cyclone: Crit/Block Gladiator
Cyclone: The Katamari Gladiator (or "The Black Hole Cyclone")
Cyclone: BoR Cyclone Dualwield
Cyclone: 2H RT Cyclone-From Zero to Hero!
Cyclone: Defekt's Bloody Vacuum Gladiator
Cyclone CoMK: Oro's Ice Nova Champion - Cyclone ComK Icenova
Cyclone CoMK: Simon's WormFall Armageddon
Dual Strike: "Duallant" Dual Wield Dual Strike with Bino and Catalyst by fiqst
Dual Strike: GLADIATOR: Rigwalds Revenge - Double Wield Bleeder
Dual Strike: Champion RT Dual Strike with Dual Varunastra
Dominating Blow: SirBalatro's Dominator - Dominating Blow
Dominating Blow: Mass Minion Maxblock Dominating Blow Gladiator
Double Strike: Varunastra Gladiator
Double Strike: pl4t's Double Strike Ninja
Earth Quake: TANK. 2h mace earthquake champion
Earth Quake: Slayer Earthquake Stun Crusher
Earth Quake: Tanky Max Block Varunastra Earthquake Gladiator
Earth Quake: Full Block Earthquake with Varunastra
Earth Quake: GrumpyDog's Max Block Gladiator EarthQuake build
Earth Quake: Varunastra Earthquaker
Earth Quake: BleedQuake Gladiator with Atziri's Disfavour + Dual Curse
Earth Quake: dezzle_mane's Hegemony's Crit EQ
Earth Quake: Bleeding/Poison EQ Gladiator
Earth Quake: HookerSpit's 2h Earthquake Duelist Tank
Earth Quake: Korago's Earthquake Slayer
Facebreaker: Gladiator Facebreaker Max Block / Counter attack
Facebreaker: Mathil's Shield Charge FaceBreaker - The... Pinball?
Facebreaker: 75% Block Soulbreaker
Flicker Strike: Aevykin's 2H Flicker Cycloner
Flicker Strike: Flicker Striker by Crupt
Flicker Strike: Oro's Sacrifice Perma-Flickering Duelist
Flicker Strike: MyCat - 78% Max Block/Spell Block Flicker
Flicker Strike: Flicker Strike Duelist - a detailed guide
Flicker Strike: Hardcore flickr strike is possible!
Flicker Strike: NeverSink's Oro's Flicker Slayer "The Accelerator"
Generic: The Dashing Duelist: ~ DW Crit Sword Build - Cleave/Reave PvE & Dual/Heavy Strike PvP
Glacial Hammer: Slox's Glacial Hammer
Groundslam / Heavy Strike: "Stop! Hammertime" Perma Stun Slayer
Heavy Strike: | 2-h Mace Slayer | "State of Exile" tells you this is shit, beware!
Ice Crash: "Crusader" Critical 2H Sword Ice Crash
Ice Crash: 1H'er Ice Crash Party
Infernal Blow: "Infernal Combustion" Crit 2H Sword Gladiator by fiqst
Infernal Blow: Infernal Blow 100% Fire Damage Penetrator Champion aka the "Master Yi" build
Infernal Blow: Rive - Frenzy Explosions
Lacerate: BoR WoE block TANK
Lacerate: "Blender Rebirth" : Dual Wielding Axe / Sword Lacerate
Lightning Strike: Jack of All Trade Gladiator
Molten Strike: Wings of Entropy / Molten Strike
Molten Strike: Milking Molten Strike to the max
Molten Strike - Mjölnir: "The Tanky Thor" - Mjolner Aegis Endgame Tank (Gladiator)
Reave: The Iron Reave - Crit Duel Wield Block Iron Reflex Reaver
Reave: King's "Immortal Reaver"
Reave: Asta's Max Block 1H Sword Reaver
Reave: JForce's Reave Duelist Build
Reave: block Reave Gladiator with Bleeding
Reave: Jack of Varunastra
Reave: Vyvanne's Max block/spell block hybrid Life/ES Crit Claw Gladiator
Reave: ##The ultimate endgame PsC ReAver##
Static Strike: THE VINKTAR SLAYER - 2H static strike
Sweep: The Maximum Mitigation MoM Tank RT 2H Sweep/Heavy Strike
Sweep: "Wraeclast Janitor" : 2 Handed Mace Sweep
Vigilant Strike: Paulwrath's Vigilant Strike Build
Vigilant Strike: Vigilant Strike Gladiator
Viper Strike: Dual claw blocker bor/viper with rive+fortress
Viper Strike / ST: The Crimson Viper - Gladiator, Bleed, Bloodlust & Poison
Wild Strike: Crit - Wild Strike Gladiator
Wild Strike: Shredder Dual Wield Max Block/Spell Wildstrike


Barrage: Ben's Champion Poison Barrage
Caustic Arrow: Grocery's Fortified Caustic Arrow Duelist!
Lightning Arrow: Voltanxic - well rounded Voltaxic Champion
Lightning Arrow: Jonix's Champion Voltaxic!
Shrapnel Shot Totem: Champion Dual ShrapnelShotem
Shrapnel Shot: King's "Close Stalker" - Shrapnel shot + Blast Rain + 40/20 Block
Siege Ballista: Iron Commander 5x siege ballistae - Champion
Siege Ballista: Chaos Commander - Siege Ballistae Champion
Tornado Shot: Astaxoth, the End of All That Is [pBased Crit 'Nado]
Tornado Shot: zSavage's Champion Crit Nado shot
Tornado Shot: Marceus Lioneye's Heir [Tornado Shot - Stun]

Spectral Throw: Gladiator/Champion - Crit Elemental BuzzSaw - French version
Spectral Throw: DW Rive ST Gladiator
Spectral Throw: The Bloodsplosion Gladiator "Spectral Blow"


Ball Lightning: Ball Lightning Gladiator
Bladefall: Bladefall Immortal Aurora
Blade Vortex: Reflect immune Slayer Blade Vortexer!
Blade Vortex: Blade Vortex MoM Gladiator
Blade Vortex: Blade Vortex Blood Magic IW RF Build (dual essence worm)
Blade Vortex: Max Block Blade Vortex (Gladiator)
Flame Surge / RF: Pistol Whip Stunlock Champion - RF & Flamesurge
Scolds / CWDT: The Masochistic Magician (Scold's, CWDT)


Flame Totem: Magicfinder
Flame Totem: [2.3] [HC/SC Viable] MF Dual Nova Flame Totem

pre 2.2.0 Builds

Facebreaker Builds

Flicker Strike Builds

Cyclone Builds

pre 2.2.0 builds

The Cyclonus aka Abyssus Coil Cyclone

Elemental Weapon Range Crit Cyclone
pre 2.2.0
pre 2.1.0
Duelist «BLENDER». BoR+Soul Taker/Dual Axe's Cyclone build.

Disfavour Cyclone | mana | IR | RT | BloodLust

Yet Another Disfavour Cyclone Duelist

Dualwield phys Cyclone! JACK, THE AXE

Hegemony's vacuum cleaner

Tanky RT 2H Cyclone

Odirs Stacker - 1h ele cyclone/mantra of flames

Blender Build

pre 2.0.0
VictorDoom's 2h Staff Cycloner

"Fire and Chaos" -Ether's Wings of Entropy Cycloner
Wings of entropy build optimized around using cyclone to take damage and clear speed to the max while retaining the inherent tankiness of the classic WoE BoR blender.

2H Cyclone (extreme survavility and guide to Bloodline mods)

Xukai - Crit Staff Duelist

2handed Cyclone with Atziri's Disfavour

A Comprehensive Guide to 2-Handed Sword Crit Cyclone "It'll Never Work..."

Another cookie cutter RT 2H Axe Build for Uber Atziri

Cyclonist Facetank build

Kalciphoz's Wings of Entropy Cycloner with Acrobatics

pre 1.3.0
Niffler´s DW Bloodseeker Cyclone

Mathil's Evasion Crit DW Sword Cycloner

[The Hexwheel]Atziri's Disfavour Curse on Hit Cyclone build.

pre 1.2.0
Cheap 2-Handed Sword Physical Cyclone Build

歡迎您的到來 ExaltGrandMaster Hype welcome

BoR Cyclone Tank

pre 1.1.0
CHARLOWTFBBQ'S Nemesis, Wings Of Entropy, BoR, Cycloner, Not 1.1.0 Updated!

The Dreidel - The Spinning Budget Duelist Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Oro's Sacrifice Build! Works with Duelist/Marauder! Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Harvester! Cyclone with blood magic Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Reave Builds

Wild Strike Builds
pre 2.2.0 builds

Molten Strike Builds

pre 2.2.0 builds

Molten Claw Striker

Well-dressed Posh Duelist - probably the most useless build that works.
pre 2.2.0
pre 2.1.0
Dragon Claws - Molten Strike Dual-wield Claw Crit Evasion Build

pre 1.3.0
litesabr's Molten Strike Dual Wield

The Infinite Popcorns of Tankitude
pre 1.2.0
JuanTamod Molten Strike Low Life 8 Auras Build 324k DPS with Videos!

Red Hot Duelist, WoE+BoR = Manlier than ZiggyD's Heavy Metal Marauder

The "I want to AFK and not die build"

Kry's Molten Claw Dual Wielding Crit Build, A Variant of The Community for the Community.
This is a HC viable brand spanking new player friendly build. It takes advantage of claws built in LGoH/LL and fast attack speed to give us huge sustainability right at level 1 as well as making it only a 4L depending set up versus a 5L. Though claws have low base damage we use molten strike paired with iron grip and point blank to deal serious damage and throw in some dual wielding block to make us that much harder to kill.

Dual Strike Builds

Range Builds

Frenzy Builds

Cleave Builds

Ice Crash Builds

Static Strike Builds

Other Builds

pre 2.2.0 builds

pre 2.2.0


Oro's Shocker

Size doesn't matter - Double Strike Dagger Edition (Detailed Guide)

【DW Dominating Blow】Mobnizer- All Mobs in the Map Are Your Allies!!!

CHIDORI MASTER - Lightning Strike & VP

The Dredger - Heavy Strike + Empire's Grasp Combo - Megatank Atziri Farmer

Sossaman's Mjolnadin

Simple Groundslam build

Lightning strike BoR

Phys-Crit Spectral Throw

"The Butthunter" - Sword CoC Headhunting w/Inspired Learning Jewel(s)

Effortless Budget Fun: Hyaon's Fury - Spectral Throw

pre 2.1.0
Tempest Counter Duelist

Hegemony's Era Crit Sweep

Duelist dual-wield sword build

Crit Lightning Striker

The Hellcopter (Oro's Sweeper)

Lightning Strike: Furycane

"Wukong" - Acrobatics Crit Staff

SWEEP-ing: a 360 AOE tale of Fending

Beginner's Guide to Leap Sweep Duelist

pre 2.0.0
Tanky "Rare Staff Crit" build multiple melee skills

Bockwursts Dominating Blow build

Marohi Leap Slam

Ashstorm Catalyst | A DW Lightning Strike Herald Proliferatorra

How to Farm Piety. Guide for a Melee IIR/IIQ Runner
Very detailed guide for a Melee Farming build. It specializes in Dominus and Piety farming.

90% cold Glacial Hammer Duelist

Immortality, at low cost! Leap crit slam build

Lagomorph Pillar of the Caged God Leap slam or Melee skill build

Main Hand Dual Wield

Sonic the Tricharge Discharger (Cast on Melee Kill)

RF 2H Cyclone CoMK Discharge

LeapSlam | Cyclone | Discharge | Mjolner

Crazy crit mjolner RF dualist "the Panhead"

Enraged Psycopath ( Frost Blades + Soul taker )

pre 1.3.0
1H+Shield Infernal Blow High Block & Spell Block Tank
Official Blender Guide
-- Blender 2.0 -- With updated skill tree progression
Generic 2Hand Sword Duelist
Pillar of The Cage God Staff Sweep Build
Fairytale Knight - Vanilla Swordsman
Another WoE build, this time without BoR
"The Crusader" - A 2h Sword Build by wraithe_au
WilChrisson Herald ProCrit Staff Slam Build
Tommie's Physical Dual Blender
KiPad's End-Game Crit Staff Duelist
Hegemony's Duelist Immortal Wukong Janitor Build
Hardcore Viable, Self Found Dual Wield Melee Guide
Skyforth presents: Glaciator (Crit Glacial Hammer with high block)
Woe + Bor With 40 K Dps & Tank

pre 1.2.0
Dual Wield Block, Dodge, Evasion Duelist + Viper Strike

Pela's 2H Axxor Duelist DS/ST Life Farmer Build

High DPS 1-Hand Lightning Strike/Multistrike 3 Aura Tank Duelist

Generic Fighter(no Keystone Duelist/Marauder/Ranger))

azraelb's Piety IIR/IIQ dualwield guide

Twin Viper Smoke Duelist

Kikoyou's "Run Baby, Run..."

Hegemony's Janitor PotCG Build

Non-ES End Game Low-Life Melee

Godly Thor Guide By JS_Thor

VictorDoom's Stunlock Groundslam Duelist

1H+Shield Duelist-Tank / Ground Slam, Heavy Strike

Exploring Path of Exile Through a Mediocre Duelist

pre 1.1.0
1H shield infernal blow marauder/duelist Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Coyotefreak's double striker! Not 1.1.0 Updated!

hatrim`s official balanced/surviving blocker build Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Leppas Lightning Striker Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Neydus Avatar of Fire (Nemesis, Cheap, 100% selffound,Tanky, Infernal Blow) Not 1.1.0 Updated!

These beautiful art sadly doesn't fit into the design.
Old artworks from Kargoth

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Usefull things for newcomers:

Scorching Ray Cast while Channeling Explanation (Also helpful for all other builds!) - by CaptainWARLORD

Neversink's Lootfilter
This is my personal favorite lootfilter. I use this since it very first release.

Antnee's Classy Item Filter for Distinguished Exiles
Antnee's lootfilter is also a great one to use.

Other filters can be found here. There you can prewatch many of the lootfilters.

Filterblade, the Web Project from Neversink + Team

Offline Treeplanners

Path of Building

These two offline planners (both are very good) will help you to plan your builds. THis may needs some indepth knowledge of PoE.

Info from Kira1414
To link gears in your post:
- open a post reply
- click on your profile at the top left of the page
- click on the gears you want to link
- click [x] when done

Info: If anyone has some suggestions, let me know! :)
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Welcome + great work updating the list. Readability of the list improved a lot imo.
Thank you, but its not finished yet. I want to add some more tags to it with patch and Ascendancy class. Maybe like Bockris some sort of Endgame content too, but I don't know yet if this weren't too much.
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[2.3] Molten Strike - Mjölnir: TheBockwursts Aegis Mjölner Double Arc Gladiator

edit: If the color scheme is too heavy please tell me. I'll try to make it look comfortable as possible.
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eviL_Bison wrote:
Thank you, but its not finished yet. I want to add some more tags to it with patch and Ascendancy class. Maybe like Bockris some sort of Endgame content too, but I don't know yet if this weren't too much.

99% of the builds have the patch version included in brackets in their title. Therefore you may forego typing that info yourself. Copy/pasting the build title is enough to capture that info.
Grats and good luck!

Looks great in my opinion :)
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
@Bada_Bing you're right, this information should be contained in the guides/builds itselfs. After some thoughts about this, that would be too much. Same goes for other Tags like [HC] or similar.

At least I still want to encourage people to look into the builds :D

@Kargoth I'm very glad you like it! :)


I've removed the Patch-Tag as suggested.
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This is looking good, and thanks for taking the time to work on these, and thanks for the work put in by Korgoth on these.
Please contact support@grindinggear.com if you need any assistance.

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