[Darkshrine] Beginner's Guide to Leap Sweep Duelist


Blood Magic keystone to smooth out game play from early to early-end game. Move to mana once gear has settled into place.

Blood Magic Outline

Once Respecced to Mana

Bandits = Oak, Kraityn, Kraityn

End game Links:

Sweep -> Multistrike -> Melee Physical Damage -> Fortify -> Increased Area of Effect -> Faster Attacks/Added Fire Damage

Cyclone -> Melee Physical Damage -> Fortify -> Blood Magic -> Concentrated Effect -> Hypothermia

Leap Slam -> Faster Attacks -> Endurance Charge on Melee Stun -> Blood Magic

Enduring Cry -> Blood Rage -> Vaal Grace -> Increased Duration

Hatred, Arctic Armor, Cast When Damage Taken -> Warlord's Mark


This is a build I like to use at the start of leagues. It's viable for hardcore (tanky enough) and softcore (good enough clear speed). The idea is that we start out as a blood magic build so we don't have to worry about mana management then eventually make the switch to mana once our gear allows it.

Early on while using blood magic you don't have much in the way of stat requirements outside of some dex for multistrike and faster attacks. Eventually as the blood magic build you will want to add more dexterity so you can use a higher level blood rage (more levels = longer duration and extra attack speed).

To transition to mana you will need some int for hatred and arctic armor. You will also need mana leech on a ring or gloves. To use high level concentrated effect and increased area of effect you will need even more int.


Normal = Oak (life)
Cruel = Kraityn (attack speed)
Merciless = Kraityn (frenzy charge)

[Note] In merciless choosing oak for the endurance charge is a fine alternate.

Early Leveling

Prior to the league I looked into how Helmannn is racing duelist these days. Check this link for specifics.


The basics are duel wield cleave until you can use a poleaxe/mallet (level 12/13 in act 2) then you can sweep. I recommend killing General Gravicious in act 3 normal to get cyclone and use that for your single target.

End of Act 1 normal

[Note] Once you have art of the gladiator you can wear a chest with no movement speed penalty.

End of Act 2 normal

End of Act 3 normal

End of Act 4 normal

[Note] We are taking attack speed over phys damage when given the option. Attack speed makes the character feel smoother. In the final build I swap to phys damage instead of the attack speed.

[Note] The only skill point quests I bother doing are Peity, Deshret, and The way forward. You could do victario's secrets as well if you don't mind going into the market sewer.

[Tip] You can pick up Geofri's Baptism to make clearing normal difficulty a breeze. Personally in Act 4 I started looking for weapons with ~200 dps. I found a 250 dps mace for 3 chaos and it carried me from act 4 normal to act 4 cruel.

Moving Into Merciless

After completing normal you want to pick up life and damage as needed. The tree below give you an outline for pathing into the templar and marauder.

End of Merciless Outline

[Note] If you have accumulated some currency by your mid 50's look for a marohi erqi or a rare mace with ~400 pdps. A weapon like this can carry you through the end of act 4 cruel and make merciless a breeze.

[Tip] You can also use a Kaom's Primacy, just skip the mace nodes (pick up axe nodes if you need more damage). Our tree has very few weapon specific nodes early for this flexibility.

[Tip] Buy or Craft a remove bleed and seething (instant heal) flask toward the end of act 3 cruel. If you don't have these before going into act 4 cruel, you're gonna have a bad time mmmmkay.

Progression Complete

I "complete" progression when I save deshret in act 4 merciless. At this point I usually go complete all the missing skill point quests. Type /passives to see which you are missing.

Once progression is complete it's time to choose your own adventure.

[Maps] If you are at least level 68 and your gear is "good" meaning ~400 pdps weapon, capped resists, gem links are all sorted out, ~4.5k life, ~5k armor.

[Dried Lake Farming] This is a good option if gear is struggling a bit and if you don't mind buying a map pool. You can easily hit mid 70's here and if doing the chaos recipe you should have your gear sorted by then.

[Boss Farming] Sometimes I create a character like this just to farm currency and to rush my second account. When I do this my character will go straight to boss farming after progression. Ideally you join a party for this, but I'm a solo player so often I will just keep some rarity gear in my stash zone out before the boss is dead put on the rarity gear and cull with a leap slam.

Gearing Up

Expect to pay 5-20 chaos early in the league for a ~400 pdps weapon which is what you want for mapping.

Starter Amulet, Rings, and Belt will likely range from 3-5 chaos.

Rest of the slots can be easily filled out for 1-3 chaos.

Expect to pay 24-47 chaos for your entry level mapping gear.

[Note] Prices and availability of items will go down each day. The prices I've listed are for the first week of a league. Also as you progress through the tiers of maps and build up more currency you can and will get more expensive gear upgrades.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when working on your entry level map gear.

-Overcap your resistances to make you less reliant on any single piece of gear

-Look for flat phys on rings and amulet

-Chest and Helm are your two biggest sources of armor, don't skimp out on armor here

-Look for a ring or gloves with mana leech. At minimum your gloves need an open prefix so you can add mana leech with Haku

-Life, make sure each piece has at least 60 life

-Dex and Int. Your amulet should have dex and/or int. You will also need some dex on rings. Don't forget these off stats

-Jewels can help fill stat requirements and resists. Remember your jewels if you are struggling to fix a stat.

Next lets say your gear is doing well and you are ready to get your first 5 link item. A chest item is usually best for your first 5 link because it will be upgraded far less often than your weapon.

We have 3 options for getting a 5 link chest: Linking a good rare chest yourself, Buying a good rare 5 link chest, and buying a white 5 link chest to alch and chaos until it has good properties.

Let me define a good rare chest. For this build it will have 80+ life, 2 resistances 25 ish + each, and close to one thousand armor.

[Link Yourself] To 5 link your chest with Vorici (he needs to be level 5) it takes about 84 chaos worth of jeweler and fusing orbs (70 jeweler orbs and 150 fusing orbs). Now you could get lucky and do this without vorici for cheaper, but you are gambling and could end up spending far more currency.

[Buying] Search poe.trade frequently for a chest that could replace yours. Keep that 84 chaos price to self link in mind when searching and determining if something is a good deal. A few weeks into the league this is usually the best option.

[Crafting a White 5 link] Early on in leagues this is usually the most economical options. Especially if you find a white 5 link that is a good base item and a high enough item level. I personally will only do this on chests that are item level 73 or higher and a top 3 base because I can hit the second highest tier of life, armor, and resists.

To find what item level is needed for a roll look here
To find the best base items for body armour look here

Which method your choose will depend on what resources you have available to you and what is available on the market. The best advice I can give you is be patient. If you are in a hurry you will usually waste currency.

[Note] I didn't mention how to obtain the 6 link. Getting a 6 link is either done when you have generated a lot of currency or you get lucky trying to 5 link an item. You'll know when you are ready for a 6 link.

My Character level 70

Currently prepping for the switch to mana. Gems are leveling and mana leech has been crafted. I want to 5 link my mace before switching so sweep has fortify because leap slam will need to swap fortify for blood magic. Once elreon hits level 6 I can craft flat phys on the second ring.

Chest is my next upgrade, then helm. I also need to improve my flasks and pick up an atziri's promise.

Passive skill tree build

~4.8k life

~4k armor

Sweep DPS: ~10k, ~13k with charges

Current Investment: *35 chaos

*Price includes rolling flasks and master mods on gear.

My Character Level 80

I got the 6 socket in ~125 jewelers and have put ~105 fusings into the weapon. I've switched to mana now and had no issues sustaining. The build is almost complete, it needs a 5 link for cyclone and sweep then its just a matter of upgrading my gear for more armor/life/resists.

Passive skill tree build
~5.2k life
~6k armor

Sweep DPS: 17k, 23k with charges


Speed leveling strategy: Helmannn Twitch / YouTube

Build Inspiration: Hegemony Twitch / YouTube

Check out Hegemony's leap sweep marauder Here

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My Character Level 85

Passive skill tree build

A lot of changes happened. I crafted a mace (3 actually) found the 5 link chest and chaos spammed it (hit current after 6). Then I tried to get more chaos res on gear. I am now elemental weakness capped and almost have positive chaos res. I alched the amulet, it was so good I knew I would use it eventually.

I've been running every map mod I notice ele reflect a little and phys reflect if I don't have endurance charges or a hit a real big pack.

~5.8k life
~6.5k armor

Sweep DPS: 21.8k, 32k with charges

Currency Tips

Building up currency is one of the best parts of playing in a fresh economy (new league). Here are some tips you can use if you are struggling to afford upgrades.

1. Vendors in Act 3 Cruel and higher can sell 6 socket items if you are at least level 50. Vendors inventories reset each time you level. I check these vendors every level after I hit 50. 6 socket items sold to a vendor will give you 7 jeweler orbs.

2. Chromatic items can be sold on all vendors from act 1 normal up. Chromatic items are at least 3 linked sockets of red, green, and blue. This build in particular doesn't need many chromatic orbs so you can trade them to other players for alteration 1:1.

This is the foundation for building up a base of lesser currencies that can be traded for the higher value currencies. Alterations and Jeweler orbs can be sold directly for chaos or exalted orbs or converted into fusing orbs.

This build does not need 5 or 6 link items to function. This means you can trade off these smaller currencies to buy upgrades. You should not worry about getting a 5 or 6 link item until the rest of your gear is solid.

3. The chaos orb recipe can be started once you get into level 60 or higher zones. Trading a rare item for each slot: 2 rings, 1 amulet, 1 belt, 1 boot, 1 glove, 1 helmet, 1 chest, and 1 bow/ 1 two hand weapon/ 2 one hand weapons/ 1 one hand weapon plus 1 shield.

The chaos orb is the main trading currency, building up these will make it easier to trade with other players. Once you get into mapping you will find that you average at least 1 chaos per map between the chaos recipe, selling rares for alterations, finding chromatic items, finding currency, and finding 6 socket items.

[Note] I did not mention setting up a shop to sell items. Selling items to other players is probably the best way to generate a lot of currency. If you search around on YouTube you will find a lot of good guides on how to do this. However that topic is a bit more in depth and I don't think a shop is required to build a good character and enjoy the game.

Crafting a weapon

Do Not Attempt This

You've been warned.

People enjoy different things in this game. I personally love crafting weapons. I like the idea that my character is a bad ass that created his amazing weapon with his own hands. To even think of doing this you need to level your masters, and save up a lot of alteration, scouring, and regal orbs. You will also need a few exalted and divine orbs at some point.

Let me start by showing you the 3 weapons I've created this league.

The third mace is the best. Once I have a level 8 elreon I can multi mod the mace and have attack speed and flat physical damage. Which will net me ~470 some physical damage per second (pdps).

Why have I crafted 3? Because my goal this league was to craft a 500+ pdps weapon. So I will continue to craft and try to sell the rejects until I attain my goal.

[Note] I'm wasting a lot of currency doing this. Do not attempt this, unless this is how you enjoy playing the game. Even if I sell every ok weapon I create I will never recoup the currency I have put into this. Also the odds of me actually creating a 500 pdps weapon this league are slim.

How do you craft a weapon like these?

Step 1. You need a good item level weapon. Item level 83 will get you access to every mod possible. Item level 77 gets you everything but the highest hybrid physical roll and % physical roll. Item level 73 you miss out on the highest tier: attack speed, flat physical, percent physical, and hybrid physical. I don't recommend anything lower than item level 73.

Step 2. If the item is not white, scour it. Transmute the item so its magic. Use Alterations until you hit the third highest tier physical (percent, flat, or hybrid) roll or better. If it doesn't have a suffix augment it. If you are using alterations and you get a good attack speed, resist, strength, or stun threshold roll, augment it and hope for a good prefix.

Step 3. Regal. This part requires the most luck. You need your regal to be a third highest tier or better physical (percent, flat, or hybrid) roll. Until you successfully regal, scour and start the process again.

Will you create the best weapon ever? No, most likely not. But with persistence you can create some good items. In the past I have created a 380 pdps bow, 280 pdps dagger, 470 pdps mace, 480 pdps sword. Around the time I created my bow, it was worth roughly 20 exalted as a 5 link. The dagger was around 10 exalted. These days they are worth half as much or worse. So remember even if you do manage to create an uber weapon, unless it has multiple tier 1 rolls, it will soon fade in value. So don't try this for profit and only do this if you enjoy the highs and lows of crafting.

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I've recorded two videos of some game play, one is a phys reflect strand that I think people will enjoy. The other is a waste pool where I face roll the boss. I'm planning on recording a few more maps and mashing all the footage together in a 3-4 minute video. Let me know if you guys would like to see a mashup like this or individual maps.

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