[2.0] Lightning Strike: Furycane 115K DPS


This is my first build guide for a character that I am sure is not perfect, but I have been encouraged to share, it is reasonably stable so, here it is. I present to you, The Furycane. I have not seen that many people use Lightning Strike as much as they used to, outside of Mjoliner of course. So once I got a Hyaon's Fury Sword, the wheels started turning. (As of right now, I have not done Atziri with this character, however I have never done Atziri so this comes as no surprise to me.)


-Very strong
-Very fast
-Very mobile
-Great clear speed
-High DPS output
-Relatively cheap for basic build

-Small areas can be deadly
-Needs more chaos resistance
-Cannot leech anything from physical
-Is melee and GGG hates melee


Just Herald of Thunder

Added Flame Golem

With Onslaught

9 Frenzy Charges

Atziri's Promise

Gear & Gems

Main Hand
Sword: Very core to this build. You will want a Hyaon's Fury with the highest lightning damage you can get your hands on. This is where your power and a good majority of your life leech will originate.

Gems: It's very important to have Blood Rage linked to Enhance, quality is attack speed here. The golem just happens to benefit from this red socket, not his home forever though.

Helmet: Reduced physical damage? What physical damage? The Devoto's Devotion is a perfect tool for any elementalist. The attack speed is fantastic. The chaos resistance helps immensely, this item has it all! The movement speed boost also helps set off the Darkrays which we'll discuss later.

Gems: Here we keep our Herald of Thunder, Curse on Hit, Conductivity, and Life Leech. The HoT will be up constantly with the 34% chance to shock. So any mob near you will likely be weakened to your every attack as well as leech life passively at 2.4% of the damage! This helped me get through a few rough spots.

Jewelry: The main purpose of the neck item is to grant you an extra frenzy charge. It will also help if you can score one with 70+ HP and additional lightning damage(remember a little goes a long way) Same goes for the rings, you also must get high resistance here because you will not be getting much help from your unique gear. Finding the perfect rings can be a challenge!

Off Hand
Mace: Your off hand sustain. Doryani's Catalyst will provide you with the much needed elemental life leech as well a decent buff to your elemental damage. AND IT'S FAST!

Gems: The current gems are there because it was colored that way when I bought it. However, that is not their home. Vaal Storm Call is great for large packs, boxes, and general mayhem. Paired with Increased Duration and Increase Area of Effect and there won't be a Rhoa in Wraeclast left unshocked with the level 20 Elemental Proliferation.

Chest: The Belly of the Beast is a strong choice, but by no means the only choice. This build will require at minimum a 5 link chest. The life is the main attraction here and the resistances never hurt anyone. The flask recovery will help in keeping your psuedo-mana pool full also.

Gems: Here is where you need the 5 link at minimum. If you go that route leave out Innervate for the time being until you get a 6 link. Lightning Strike is main attack of this build. Multistrike and Faster Attacks are a must as well. I use Added Lightning Damage over Physical to Lightning because of the sheer amount of % increased lightning damage. It adds around 13K DPS alone.

Gloves: Your gloves can be swapped out depending on your preferences. If you like a big tool tip, throw on some Surgebinders, when you hit max frenzy its wicked. If you like consistent damage, try on a pair of Thunderfists. I opted for a mix of survivability and offense.

Gems: Eventually Vaal Storm Call will move in, but coloring the gloves I BBBR has proven to be quite expensive. For the time being I just utilize two blues for Enlightened Clarity. The other two sockets are just leveling up some spare gems.

Belt: That Doryani had some good taste! The belt is made for this. What more can I say? I should mention a Maligaro's Restraint is being tested, but the risk has been too great for the time being.

Boots: Darkray's a powerful choice, albeit Blood Dance can also work. Darkray's will scale with very nicely with the halo of frenzy charges in your orbit. 9-10 frenzy charges will bring you above the speed of any other boot, bring in more dodge as well as a potential 2 frenzy charges. The decreased duration is of no real consequence because of the crazy fast movements.

Gems: This gem-ring is great for any melee build. Whirling Blades is a good way to get from pack to pack. Or to get away from a pack! Linked with Faster Attacks and the fact you will have 9+ frenzy, most people ask me if I am using Flicker Strike. Added into that is the Fortify and you will gain some mediocre defenses as well. Run on your blood via Blood Magic and now you are a blender of electricity.

Flasks: This build is a bit skimpy on mana regen and you won't be getting any mana to speak of. It is fairly important you have a mana flask that can charge as fast, or faster, than you can drain it. Don't forget your staunching and instant life flasks. And of course Atziri's Promise. A quick pop of these flasks and I'm just fine in the middle of a hell storm.



Since we have so many dexterity nodes to incorporate in our tree it only makes sense to use the Static Elecricity, just make sure to land them in the most effective spots.(IE, cover dex nodes!) The other jewels are there to boost the lightning damage and attack speed. If you can get more life, DO IT!

Map Clear

A Cells map, nothing too horrible going on in there. Forgot to turn on a few things so there's that in the front of the video. Also PoE decided not to make sound and I don't want to test Youtube's Copywrong policy any more than I already have.

I recommend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv1XG1A9dUU

The Tree


-Help Oak
-Kill All
-Help Kraytin
Intel i7 6700K @ 4 GHz
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3200
ASRock Z170 OC Formula LGA 1151 Intel Z170
2x ASUS GeForce GTX 980 Ti STRIX 6GB 384-Bit GDDR5
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Intel i7 6700K @ 4 GHz
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3200
ASRock Z170 OC Formula LGA 1151 Intel Z170
2x ASUS GeForce GTX 980 Ti STRIX 6GB 384-Bit GDDR5
Intel i7 6700K @ 4 GHz
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3200
ASRock Z170 OC Formula LGA 1151 Intel Z170
2x ASUS GeForce GTX 980 Ti STRIX 6GB 384-Bit GDDR5
oh boy looks like a fun build, guess i got to stop being self found and start selling stuff to make builds i like, thanks for taking the time to explain how the build works ingame.
Hey man, you absolutely need to use LIGHTNING PENETRATION gem. you are losing a gain of 37-60% MORE damage with elemental reductions, even multistrike is badder! (but the gem to replace is faster attack, MS will multiply with frenzy charges and as in the tree)

Also, 109% life is not viable, really. (no sorry belly doesnt count, it gives hp as a chest should, but 125% is still far too low) 150 is the vital minimum and 175 is a normal amount.

You have a lot of dodge, low eva etc but you will get ONESHOOTED with the hyaon's fury downside, 27% More damage taken with a little hp pool... REALLY? It's a suicide.

So you reach what, 3800?, being safe 90% of the time then to get oneshooted once in a while is not a good idea (map 76+ with mods), 4500 hp minimum dude.

Also to get the real dps out of hyaon's, you ABSOLUTELY should use a main hand attack!

Reave, double strike, whirling blade, leap slam or viper strike ( my favorite choice : the dot scales with shock = double dip).

To use doryani's catalyst with your attack will only reduce the real dps. The tooltip dps is wrong when you use a mono handed skill, you need to calculate it yourself , the gain will be far greater. ( you reach 150K dps with shock atm, with viper strike it could be 200K+)

If you are interrested, here is my oro's shocker build

I have tried to remake a hyaon's fury build WITHOUT FRENZY CHARGES and a lot more of hp, thoo we lose acrobatic node but gain a loooooot of shock chance so innervate is not needed anymore ( so we can use lightning pene, blood magic or faster attack), a lot of % increased too.

It doesnt take 27% More damage in tha face, will reach 5K hp

I will never be good but always I try to improve.
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