1.3 Xukai - Crit Staff Duelist (PvP + PvE)

There will always be paths to tread and methods to try. Roll with it

I made this build for Standard. It very well may be HC viable but I do not play it that way. Also, yes my gear is expensive but it is NOT REQUIRED for this build to be both viable and strong. I primarily built this character around high level PvP, but it is more than capable in any map. This build is very versatile and I swap gems out constantly depending on the situation. While it is primarily a cycloner, I have been known to switch to Heavy Strike, Glacial Hammer, and of course use my 6L leap slam to chase runners in the arena.

The Numbers


Leap Slam

Heavy Strike

Obviously these numbers could be pumped up further by removing blood magic gem, using atziri flask and vaal haste, but these are stable numbers and how I normally play. Anything above this would be overkill anyway.

Defensive Stats

WIth over 8k life, all maxed resists (80% fire is to counter Explosive Arrow and AoF cycloners) as well as the dodge from Acro/Phase you can not get much more tanky than this while still putting out HUGE damage numbers. Also if I am in need of chaos resists, I switch to my 6L chest.


You will notice I have two chest pieces, and I swap them regularly. During PvP matches, most times the leap slam is not required and cyclone's damage is enough to eliminate virtually any enemy but if matched against an Aegis blocker, or max blocker, as well as any character who runs away to stay out of range, I will swap to 6L leap slam (this is enough to catch and 1-2 shot pretty much everyone, as well as the fact that it penetrates block)

My crafts are available for mirror (thread is listed in my signature).

A budget version can use any crit staff valuing phys damage > crit chance > attack speed. A viable option for this is:

For armor pieces we value Life > Resists > Armor/Evasion

While rat's nest is a very viable option if you're limited on currency, eventually I find Abyssus to be better. The damage boost is absolutely massive, and with a CWDT + IC setup, the downside (increased phys dmg taken) is nullified.

IGN - Xukai

Mirror Service - /1046531
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Whats your chance to hit? im not seeing any accuracy on gear..
Post in game defense and offense caps.. and dont crop ur screen!!
mGravitus wrote:
Whats your chance to hit? im not seeing any accuracy on gear..
Post in game defense and offense caps.. and dont crop ur screen!!

Chance to hit usually sits around 90%. But for some situations I swap in Additional accuracy. For that reason it's difficult to link every gem combination I might use. As i said, of course I can pump up heavy strike to over 350k and cyclone over 200k but that isn't how I play the game. No mobs besides bosses can take these hits. May I ask what was cropped out that you wanted to see? I tried to make it all as clear as possible :-) Thanks for posting!
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Ok, looked at the tree in detail, well crafted hardly any "fat" on it.

Only query is the bloodless node, unless its specifically taken for the "enemies cannot leech" (pvp), I would opt for the Thick Skin life ring ( more life per point efficiency + chance to avoid ailments).

As for the accuracy concerns, I am somewhat assuaged. Was hoping to see an in hideout screen cap of your character dps sheets for heavy strike and cyclone. (showing the accuracy rating, crit chance and mulitpliers.. etc)

Yes bloodless is pretty essential in PvP (that is why I took it). I will try and provide screens in hideout when I have some time.
IGN - Xukai

Mirror Service - /1046531
marauder viable for this build?
loving this man, will keep an eye on this topic !
maybe even bother you with mp ;)
Xukai has made a build with high quality of life here.

But To be honest, getting greedy with power charge on critical gem, using another gem instead of blood magic with high mana regen from rings and amulet would be better.

The problem here is that dpswise Onslaught Song has surpassed by legacy facebreaker according to the numbers of this build. But Im sure 200K+ dps is not hard to get with onslaught song with a greedy variant of this build.

have you even used conc effect on cyclone gem setup Xukai while testing dps?

conc effect + cyclone + faster attacks + melee phys + pcoc + increased critical damage would give best dps.

(im talking about pve only)
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any update ?

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