[2.0] Facebreaker+Cyclone 119kDPS (INSANE!!344k DPS! under all flasks and bufs.)

Hi to all.

This is my first facebreakers build. And i`m STILL WORKING on improvements.


Still working on it!


       Bandit Quest        

Help Oak
Help Oak
Kill All

       MY GEAR        

      Passives Skill Tree LVL90       

Still Working on it.

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some impressive numbers there lol
Crazy deeps
Good :D
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How can you have a 1000% Facebreaker??? It's not 800% max?

Legacy Facebreakers were 800-1000%.
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i wonder if carcass jack wouldnt be better. what do you think?
andrewlicious wrote:
i wonder if carcass jack wouldnt be better. what do you think?

takes on average 2700 chroms i think it was with the chrom calc to get the right colours for cyclone with carcass. korgoth had the details in his facebreaker guide.

if you think it's worth it go ahead.
very good dps, but bad block , no spell block and without aegis... I doubt about survivability
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... also resist are not overcapped.

Yeah thats all true. Still have to test some maps and make some choices.

The choice number one is Fortify instead of added fire damage. it gives much more defence instead of 17k dps lost(in my case).Lvling one right now. will report later
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