"Fire and Chaos" -Ether's Wings of Entropy Cycloner [1.3] New Skill Tree Updated!

Talamoana, Exiles

In this thread I will be showcasing my Wings of Entropy cyclone build. A few people have asked me about running cyclone and cleave with Wings of Entropy. This build is somewhat based on Zivko's WoE BoR build, so I'd like to give a shoutout to Ogrec, who is unfortunately no longer playing this build. I originally started my character based on his build, but at this stage I believe that my version is different enough to merit a new thread.



This is basically a build utilizing the weapon Wings of Entropy and its amazing synergy with the unique helm Bringer of Rain to gain a great defensive bonus through high block/spell block chance as well as take advantage WoE's double dipping into both dual-wield and 2-handed passives.

I would also like to mention that this build is insanely cheap and pretty much maxes out in terms of gear at around 5-10 exalts. For such a cheap build we get a lot of bang for our buck.


Pros and Cons


-Very tanky with 51% block/spell block and around 5k life.
-Very good dps- 25k cyclone or 47k cleave in 1.2. The new tree gets us a lot more damage. It does't get much better than that for Resolute Technique specs.
-With life leech and new life flasks and passives you basically insta-heal.
-Can do nearly all the content on the game except for Uber Atziri(maybe even that too).
-Good skill diversity, you can easily switch between any of these skills-Dual Strike, Cleave, Cyclone, Molten Strike, Static Strike, etc.
-High life regen, we can run blood rage for huge life leech.
-Good clear speed for a RT spec.
-Can do all map mods.
-Hardcore viable-very much so.


-You will need to get mana leech on gear.
-Difficult to cap resists without auras. We get very little resists in the tree. Since we are dual wielding and using BoR and Stone of Lazwhar, we lose a lot of slots for resists. You will have to cap out your resists with gloves, belt and rings and Rainbowstrides(look at my gear-still very cheap).
-Somewhat gear dependant. We utilize a lot of unique items to take this build to its maximum potential.
-Need quite a bit of intelligence on gear.
-Dps is not as high as crit builds. If you are looking for a build doing 100000k dps then this is not for you.
-Requires legacy items for maximum potential. However, this build is still more than viable if you don't have a legacy Bringer and/or a legacy WoE.



Required Items

Wings of Entropy is basically what this build is made around. Try to obtain a high roll(>110%) for damage purposes.

Yet another essential item to this build. Provides a free 7-link, huge flat physical damage and a crazy 15% chance to block, without which this build isn't possisble.

Nice, cheap and OP. Spell block. I believe I need not say more.

Move speed, all res, and most importantly spell block. Getting the right colours on this can be tricky.

Other gear

Alright, now for the the rest of the gear.

Gloves and Belt
This is pretty simple. All you want is tri-resistance and life. Anything extra like physical damage and attack speed are a pure luxury and are not required. Note that a rustic/attack speed on gloves should add about 1k dps each. Example:

This is likely to be the most difficult and essential part of finishing your gear. The rings are where you finish off any extra stats you require like resistances and attributes(getting the required amount of intelligence can be a huge pain), as well as other good stuff like chaos resist and flat physical damage. Some examples:

These are the stats we want in order of importance:
1.Life- Try to get a high roll, i.e, 60+.
2.Resistances- Fill in any remaining resistances that you require.
3.Flat phys damage-Try to get rings with this present or you can craft these from Elreon.
4.Intelligence-Required if you don't want to waste nodes on tree

-Chaos resist is necessary on at least one piece of gear to run blood rage comfortably.
-Mana leech can be crafted on gloves with an open prefix if you want to use other skills like cleave or dual strike.

My Gear

This is what a completed gear set for this build looks like. If you are wondering what your gear is lacking in then please do compare with my gear. Nothing too expensive and no item was bought for over one exalt.

My gem links might be a little wonky but some gems are there just for leveling purposes. The gear is still the same for 1.3, no longer verified as I don't play it anymore and gear is all over the place now.

Legacy Gear

Some people feel that this is a major problem since both BoR and WoE were nerfed, BoR very heavily so. I assure you that this is not the case. With the new Bringer of Rain and Wings of Entropy you can still get 42% block/spell block, which is a lot more than most builds. Now, if you add a 4% block Lazwhar and take some block nodes in the tree(under Acrobatics), that brings you up to 50% block/spell block.


Skill Setup


To begin with, you should try to get 6S on your Wings of Entropy. We don't want a 6L, if you get one then sell and profit!

Bringer of Rain-4L:
Cyclone + Blood Magic + Concentrated Effect + Added Fire/LGoH/Life Leech

CwDT(lvl 12) + Immortal Call(lvl 12) + Vaal Haste/Vaal Molten Shell/Enhance + Increased Duration

Leap Slam + Faster Attacks/Culling Strike

CwDT(lvl 1) + Enduring Cry(lvl 5) + Enfeeble(lvl 5)/Vulnerability(lvl 3) + Blood Rage

Herald of Ash + Purity of Fire + Hatred + Reduced Mana


Pretty simple here.
We run Hatred and Herald of Ash for dps and clear speed boost. I haven't found and other damage auras good for this build.

Purity of Fire- Turn on Purity of Fire for Atziri killing. With this, the Barbarism notable, and a ruby flask it is possible to survive the double flameblast.

Alternative Skills

1.Cleave/Static Strike + Multistrike + Added Fire/Life Leech + Increased AoE/Concentrated Effect

2.Dual Strike + Melee Splash + Added Fire + Multistrike

3.Molten strike + Added Fire + WED + Multistrike

My Stats(Outdated)

Offensive(Much more dps in new tree)

-23k tooltip dps with Hatred and Herald of Ash.
-25k tooltip dps with auras and frenzy charges.

-26k tooltip dps with auras and Increased AoE gem.
-29k tooltip dps with auras, frenzy charges and Increased AoE gem.
-43k tooltip dps with auras and Conc. Effect gem.
-47k tooltip dps with auras, fenzy changed and Conc. Effect gem

Defensive(Far less block now

Life=5.3k at lvl 87

Spell block=50%

Note:Spell block is 51% with a perfect 25 spell block rainbowstrides.


The Build

Skill Tree

Dps version

This folks, is the new tree. Here are some of the major stats:
-483% increased phys damage (pretty huge, yeah) + 26% increased main hand damage
-87% increased attack speed (might get more) + 20% increased off hand attack speed
-187% increased maximum life (about 5k life in endgame)
-9% increased block chance (55% chance to block with corrupted lazwhar)
-4.8% regen/second

Supertank version

In this tree we basically get rid of most dps nodes that aren't right next to us and instead get a shit ton of life. By shit ton of life I mean 254% increased max life. That's around 7-7.5k life with the completed build, on top of that you have 51/50 block/spell block and likely still have over 20k dps on cyclone, which is all you really ever need. This tree is highly recommended for all those wanting to level 95+. When you have levelled all you need to, go ham on the dps nodes.


Normal- Help Oak for +40 life.
Cruel- Help Kraityn for +8% attack speed.
Merciless- Help Oak for +1 to Endurance Charges.

Community builds

The following is a post by RicoKGB outlining his idea for the build.
RicoKGB wrote:

Now, this is my final variant for Cleavers:


Dont be misjudge by "only" 176% life. That tree has lots of strength and +life nodes in it.

And for dual strikers:


It's necessary to go with reduced cost of skills. Having this amount of attack speed you'll run into mana problems with dual strike.

As for dual strike vs cleave. Cleave opens more flexibility: Quality increase aoe gem for trash mobs and Concentrated effect for bosses. But if you're lazy like me and want best of both worlds without necessity of swaping gems here and there, you can go with dual strike + quality (important) melee splash. And I believe damage and claer speed with dual strike is better than Cleave + Inc aoe gem. Because cleave attack is more focused on one direction, it's broad but still - one direction. With multistrike you will see that cleave changes enemies to change direction of attack, and those that are in the back at the moment arent affected. With melee splash you attack everything 360 degrees arround you within its range. Thus quality melee splash and inc aoe nodes from my tree helps greatly.

I've tested above trees extensively, including several attempts on those hard hitting boses like Necropolis Mervill, Torture Chamber "snake", Jungle Valley spider, Residence Dominus, Temple Piety, Courtyard trio, Cells Harbinger and so on, and it works beatifully. Currently sitting with 4,5k hp, 34k dual strike dps, 57/55 block/spell block, 35% to evade lvl 78 monster melee attack, 70% to evade lvl 78 monster's projectile, 220 life regen / s, exelent life recovery from flasks.

Above trees are a hybrid between my earlier version and newest etherfire version. Still, to work as intended build requires legacy items and at least 2% block corrupted lawzhar.



I'll post levelling trees in a few days when I get the time.

Leveling Fast

1.Leveling guide by Dexter. Thanks Dexter!

Dexter108 wrote:
Leveling Guide:

LvL 1 - 32 2x Redbeak
LvL 32 - 50 2x Ephemeral Edge (It solve your mana problem, not need blood magic)
LvL 50 - 60 Change 1 Ephemeral Edge to any descent 120 pdps+sword it will double your dps instantly..
LvL 60 Get WoE and go Rampage!

2. Here's a bit by Ogrec from his original build. Thanks again!
ogrec wrote:
In SC leagues i used to level with 2H weapon and molten strike + blood magic on tree till i had enough money to buy WoE, but new skill tree doesn't go anywhere near bm anymore. I used to level with dual wield in hc leagues, which was slower, but shouldn't be anymore with so many new dual wield points.

Leveling skills i'd be using in new league are dual strike and cleave (which is buffed now).

In terms of items, first thing build needs is Wings of Entropy and enough chaos can be farmed in fellshrine, city of sarn and docks for Wings. With wings its pretty easy to rush trough act 3 and start farming piety for enough currency to get Bringer of Rain and also build up 66 map pool (since piety drops decent amount of maps). If leech cant be obtained on the gear, its also a good option investing some currency in carnage heart which can be used instead or lazhwar and rainbowstrides in lower level maps (66-69). After starting lvl 70maps, usually around level 75+ depending on map drops, its time to start looking for rings, gloves and belt that would allow switching to rainbows, lazhwar and blood rage.


This part is pretty simple. Just jump right into mobs and spin to win!And don't forget to turn on blood rage. Just start blood rage in the beginning of a map and you should never feel the need to refresh it.

This build is not as tanky as the original WoE-BoR, so you do need to be careful with some bosses. However, most of the time you just facetank.

Also, make liberal use of

Flasks are very important for this build. Quicksilver and atziri flask will dramatically increase clear speed. Granite is our anti reflect flask. I do need to upgrade my second life flask though. The seething flask of staunching is absolutely necessary for when you take large hits. I also will get a Rumi's, a non legacy one will do to cap block.

Map Mods
We can do any and every map mod with this build.
For phys reflect you can swap in lgoh and remember to use your granite flask.
Temp chains as always, is annoying and doable.
Minus-max, ele weakness, other curses, blood magic are free quantity. For blood magic maps, replace BM gem with life gain on hit or WED and only use herald of ash.Your dps should be nearly the same as normal.

This build is pretty good for Atziri farming. Just the standard EC and IC for trio, elemental flasks for Atziri and good knowledge of the mechanics and you're good to go. I recommend having a good ping(lower than 200), which I unfortunately do not have. I play with anywhere from 150-400 ping, depending on time of day.

On Cyclone
Here is a link to Vincendra's guide on how to maximize cyclone dps. Thanks Vincendra! This basically outlines what you should and should not do as a cycloner. Just remember, we still get a lot of attack speed to be flexible with our skill choices, such as cleave or static strike.

To Do List

-Add levelling trees for 1.3.
-Somehow get shit ton of regrets to test out new tree myself lol.
-Update notes section for 1.3.
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
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Notes(Out of date-some information may be incorrect)


For a WoE build, cyclone gives the highest clear speed and dps. Also, it has very good synergy with our passives and gear.

WoE is a 2H axe and thus has largest possible melee range. We take Master of the Arena passive in duelist start which gives us more range.

Some say that using conc effect is bad with cyclone as you decrease you AoE. However, a 20q cyclone gives 20% increased AoE and Amplify node gives us 12% increased AoE, enough to over come the disadvantage of conc effect, which reduces AoE by 30%.

Wings of Entropy

WoE is a very powerful but unrecognized unique. A max roll WoE gives us 300 pdps per hand and costs only around 15-20 chaos at the moment(you are most likely getting ripped off otherwise), but is expensive in new leagues(1-2ex). Along with that it gives some crazy defense bonuses. For comparison, getting two good rare axes of equivalent damage will cost you a couple exalts per axe.

However, the real power of WoE lies in our ability to double-dip in both DW and 2h passives. And the awesome thing is, we dont need to branch off from the main tree for dps passives. They all lie in the path. With awesome clusters like Wrecking Ball(the single most powerful 2h cluster) and the DW ciecle below it, we can raise dps really easily.

For this reason, you would need two 350+ pdps axes(over 10+ exalts each) to outdamage WoE while getting a similar amount of block and survivability. Once I get cyclone working on mana, damage will get even higher. And as Peterlock's build shows, this can be done pretty easily. Just think about it, 40k cyclone tooltip dps with max block and spell block. OP much?

Increasing Damage in Endgame

Lots of times, people complain that they do not have as much damage as the author of a build claims.
There can be many reasons for this.For this build, I have created a checklist that you can use to help. Please refer to this before asking. If you still have questions, feel free to ask away.

Here you go:
-Are you level 92 and have all the dps passives? This makes a huge difference. Don't expect to do the same amount of damage at level 70.
-Does your gear have offensive stats? Flat physical damage on rings adds a lot. A tier 1 roll(like 9-15) will add over 1k dps. Attack speed on gloves(anything over 10%) will add around 1k dps.
-Is your Wings of Entropy a high roll? WoE goes from 80% to 120% increased phys damage. That's pretty huge.
-Are your gems levelled and have quality? Mine aren't. This should add some more damage.
-Are you using a legacy BoR? This will add like 1-2k dps. Totally not needed. Even I don't have one since I can't afford it.

Using Cyclone Correctly
-Are you using cyclone correctly? This, imo, is most important, because you can faceroll the game with just 15k cyclone deeps. Try and watch some videos to see how it's done. Remember, we want small, short circles, not long stretches. It takes a bit of practice, but ultimately pays off.
Initially you might be almost killing yourself just spinning around and not hitting anything and just taking damage from cyclone on life. However, with practice, your health bar should stay steady.

For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
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Updated with gearing section, stats and a new defensive tree with acrobatics.

Feedback welcome!
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
If you get an alternative source for INT than you can buy Corrupted Stone of Lazhwar with 3% Chance to block and your blocks are perfect :)
Good point but I really don't feel like going out again and searching for new gear with more INT and I also can't afford a corrupted Stone of Laz.

I will be adding this in the guide though, so thanks :D
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
Leveling Guide:

LvL 1 - 32 2x Redbeak
LvL 32 - 50 2x Ephemeral Edge (It solve your mana problem, not need blood magic)
LvL 50 - 60 Change 1 Ephemeral Edge to any descent 120 pdps+sword it will double your dps instantly..
LvL 60 Get WoE and go Rampage!
Here is my char started 2 days ago:

-Dominius killed with 1 death.. (sadly insta hitted with hard hit..)

Alright, looks good.
You might want to get some mana leech to run cleave on mana and get rid of herald of thunder.
Next you should be going for all the life nodes on the tree.
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff

So I finally stopped being lazy and added the gem links along with leveling trees. The guide is now officially complete.


Any feedback welcome!
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff

I have added the gameplay section along with some notes on the build.


Any feedback is welcome!
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff

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