[2.3 UPDATED] Aevykin's 2H Crit Ele Flicker Cycloner (2M+ Flicker DPS) - Video of Guide/Atziri Up

Welcome to my 2H Crit Elemental Flicker Cyclone build guide!

VIDEO GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slDZm39119c

NORMAL ATZIRI FACEROLL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhTdHKWdEvQ

T14 CONSERVATORY + SHRINE CLEAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLmRyZVhvdQ&feature=youtu.be

This is my very first build guide in my 1800 hours of playing Path of Exile, so please bear with me if things are not super polished or professional.

BEFORE I BEGIN: I would like to give a lot of credit to KorgothBG and his "[2.1] How to Flicker. Two Handed Weapon Edition!" (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/528011). I have taken the base idea of his build, however, made many changes and tweaks that I felt warranted a separate guide.

*Basic* Information:

Everything dies instantaneously and you teleport like a madman. These are 2.2 screenshots without the updated Slayer Ascendancy.

1,850,000 DPS Flicker Damage Screenshot:


1,630,000 DPS Cyclone Damage Screenshot:


How does this build work?

For this build, we will be playing as a Scion for reasons to come further in the guide. We will be using flicker strike as our main attack skill (95% of the time) to clear most mobs and packs, and will be cycloning for those stubborn rares or bosses (mainly just bosses) with very high amounts of HP. This build will run a maximum of 8 frenzy charges, 5 power charges, and 3 endurance charges. Frenzy charges will be regained with Blood Rage and Blood Dance. With these two, frenzy charges should almost never go down as long as there is mobs around to kill. We are taking Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics for 40% Chance to dodge attacks (46% with Daresso's) and 30% chance to dodge spells. This, coupled with the fact that the character almost instantaneously moves from one position to the next, makes mobs have a VERY difficult time to connect any of their attacks to our character. We will be gaining endurance charges with Daresso's Defiance, Power charges with Assassins mark and the Ascendants Assassin node, and frenzy charges with Blood Dance.

Initially, we will scale physical damage through physical % nodes in the tree and Melee Physical Damage, then, we re-scale again by converting the physical damage to lightning damage using the Physical to Lightning Gem, with addition to the added elemental damage from Hatred, we will then scale the elemental damage with weapon elemental damage. This will lead to quite an absurd damage output!

Pros & Cons


-Outrageously fast clear speed, possibly fastest melee clear speed in the game.

-Does not have to deal with the problem of using frenzy to regain frenzy charges like most flicker builds do.

-Going with that point, it has amazing single target DPS with cyclone, which again, most other flicker builds don't.

-With the right gear, the build can still function in a full party, and can even easily carry an entire party without all frenzy charges dropping in high level maps (I did it myself).

-No overly expensive gear to make this build work well, although expensive options are available. All that is required as a base line is a 5L Daresso's, a 5L 2H with minimum 350-400pdps, and blood dance boots.

-Overall, one of the strongest and fastest map clearing builds for a melee character in the game.


-With high damage output, the build cannot deal with ANY form of reflect, even with new reduced reflect ascendancy nodes. My character instantly dies as soon as I touch a reflect mob.

-Only moderate amount of survivability. Made to handle 95% of the encounters in mid to late game maps, but end game map bosses and bosses such as Uber Atziri and Vinktar can unlikely be done, unless tree is modified greatly to boost life and survivability.

Why two different skills?

When I was playing solely flicker strike, I found a great weakness for bosses or rares, as the frenzy charges would run out, meaning I could not continue to flicker, and had to rely on frenzy to regain frenzy charges, and continue once again to flicker. This especially showed during the Atziri split phase that I could not handle with just flicker/frenzy. I've attempted to fix this problem by utilizing the second 6L slots in my chest armour to run a second skill, and found that cyclone had some great synergy with flicker.

Why 2H Instead of 1H/Dagger?

Very simple answer. Because I wanted to try it. I also wanted to take advantage of the new option to go to any part of the tree with scion, which I thought was pretty dandy. This allowed this build to be possible and pick up Physical nodes on one end of the tree, and critical nodes on the entire opposite end. I thought it was pretty neat.

No Frenzy Skill?

Not needed. If you do find yourself running out of frenzy charges, just cyclone and kill some mobs to regain them.

Uber Viable?
With the correct gear and a bit of experience, Normal Atziri should not be much of a challenge. Uber is difficult, and is also not the purpose of this build, would need to be run on a greatly increased survivability version of the tree to even attempt it.

In short, Normal is not a problem, but Uber can pose an issue when faced against the Trio/Atziri, since there is not much the build can do to defend against the attacks, having leap slam as the movement skill does not help either.

Normal Atziri Clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhTdHKWdEvQ

How much does this build cost?
For this particular version, I would recommend a minimum of 10 exalted spending currency, enough to afford 5L 350+ pdps axe, a 5L daressos chest armour, blood dance boots, and other miscellaneous rares that are needed. Lots of this characters defenses are a strong offense. If you're short on currency your damage may decline. It may very well be done with lower end gear, all you REALLY need is the unique Blood Dance boots and a decently rolled 2H Weapon, however I might suggest that you go Resolute Technique to get more DPS AND survivability from your available spending currency, check out KorgothBG's 'How to Flicker 2 Hand Weapon Edition' for more info.

My Current Gear / The Gear

*Ignore Acuities - NOT Needed*

What you see here is quite endgame gear, though upgrades even on my character can still be made. Ideally, this build will be running two 6L's (Cyclone + Flicker) in our 2 Hand Axe and Unique Chest.

Weapon: For this version, we will be using a two handed axe. Ideal case scenario is an Atziri's Disfavour, the pinnacle of two-handed axes. If you can go further, a mirrored Pain Sunder is the absolute best option.

Helm: You have a number of options here.

-Rat's Nest, for more crit chance.
-Abyssus, for the most insane possible damage, sacrificing life and resistances, and physical mitigation.
-Basic rare helm, most defensive choice. Life and Resistances, preferably 90+ life and tri-res. Try getting 200+ accuracy to bump the Hit Chance up.

Chest: You have a number of options here, all being the basic unique chest armours.

-Daresso's Defiance. The main reason for this is that this is the way we will generate endurance charges, granting us additional physical damage reduction, resistances, and life regeneration. It also synergizes very well with flicker strike, since we rarely get hit, endurance charges stay up!
-Lightning Coil. Possibly the best bet for defense if you're scared of physical damage. However, we do not often get hit, and this build is already in a world of hurt for resistances, so losing another 60% lightning may be disastrous unless you can get enough on other gear.
-Belly of the Beast. Basic tanky chest armour. %Life + All resistances.
-Another possibly best option, a rare chest with Life + Tri-Res.

For these slots, as always we are looking diamond rings with life, resistances, physical damage, and maybe accuracy/WED.

Amulet Basic Crit amulet. Life, Resists, Critical Strike Chance/Multi, Phys Damage, Accuracy. +1 Frenzy Corrupt implicit wouldn't hurt either ;)

Gloves: Two choices for top DPS: Maligaros or Shadows and Dust. Ignore the Acuities under my gear. Maligaros for highest damage, or Shadows for slightly less damage, but have rampage, your call.

Belt: For a rare belt, a rustic sash with stats like mine doesn't get much better until a Headhunter. High life, high resistances, I found one with some chaos resistance, and a T1 armour roll. % Weapon Elemental damage is also nice. If you have the currency, a headhunter will be INSANE for this build. Quick travel time between mobs = more rares killed = stacked mods = ez game. Oh, and of course, if you can get a +1 endurance charge corrupt implicit rare belt or headhunter, go for it!

Either Darkrays or Blood Dance, ideally Blood Dance. Using Blood Dance allows us to run Blasphemy + Assassin's Mark, and not have to worry about how to gain frenzy charges. If you want the extra Dodge, Darkrays are good however you may have to drop Assassin's mark for Poacher's Mark to get Frenzy Charges.



I use two instant health flasks with bleed/freeze removal. Atziri's Promise and Taste of Hate add a percentage of our physical damage as chaos and cold respectively, BIG DPS booster, definitely pick up a TOH if you can afford it. The Lion's Roar isn't super necessary, but does give 30% more melee physical damage during effect, so I run it.

As far as out good friend Vinktar, I guess get a lightning pen one if you have the currency!

Generally, before flickering in, ill pop all three Taste, Lions, and Atziri Flasks, and the pack is usually killed in a fraction of a second.

Skill Tree

Slayer Ascendant Class
For this build, we will definitely be taking the new and insane Slayer ascendant class, it is definitely now the absolute best option, as Scion took quite a beating to the Berserker node. Start with Band of Legends, then Pick up Headsman (GG), then get Impact (to drop melee splash), and finally endless hunger.


(In order of importance, some leeway between certain gems:)

6L #1 RRRGBB: Flicker Strike + Multistrike + Melee Physical Damage + Physical to Lightning + Weapon Elemental Damage + Lightning Penetration
6L #2 RRGGBB: Cyclone + Melee Physical Damage + Concentrated Effect + WED + Faster Attacks + Phys to Light (Can also Sub Phys to Light for Added Fire)
4L #1 BBBG: Enlighten + Hatred + Blasphemy + Assassin's Mark
4L #2 RRRR (or G): Immortal Call + CWDT + Molten Shell + Increased Duration/Summon Ice Golem
4L #3 RRGG: Increased Duration + Vaal Haste + Blood Rage + Leap Slam

6L #1 This is our main flicker damage dealer, if you're using a Disfavour, put this set up in there as it adds +2 to support gems, and gives bleed.

6L #2 This is our Cyclone setup, nothing special, can sub conc effect for increased aoe depending on fight.

4L #1 These is where we run auras, Hatred and Blasphemy. Enlighten to reduce mana reservation.

4L #2 Typical IC + CWDT setup, along with molten shell for some added defense. Throw your Golem in here instead of Increased Duration if you're not using a random open socket ring like I am lol.

4L #3 This build will be utilizing Blood Rage, as its just perfect for flicker strike, MORE frenzy charge on kill chance, and increased attack speed. Increased duration to keep both blood rage and vaal haste up longer. Threw in my leap slam there for my movement skill.

I've allocated two jewel slots into this build. Basically looking for crimson jewels with physical damage, physical damage with axes, attack speed, life, crit chance, crit multi, and maybe to fill some resists.



Normal: Some leeway here, can go Kraityn for +10% AR, Oak for life, or kill all for a point. If you are running a headhunter, Kraityn may be your best bet to fill resists.

Cruel: Oak for +16% Physical Damage or a point, your call.

Merciless: Definitely Alira for +1 Power Charge, this build uses flicker strike, hence Frenzy charges, however given since we already have so many frenzy charges, a Power Charge is much more beneficial for DPS.

Thanks For checking out my build, if you're looking to try, best of luck, hope you have fun with it! If you have any questions, comments, opinions, caught any mistakes I made, let me know! :)
I was poor, because I didn't have anything. But I was rich, because I had a dream.
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I was poor, because I didn't have anything. But I was rich, because I had a dream.
I was poor, because I didn't have anything. But I was rich, because I had a dream.
Looks good to me, a video would be nice indeed. :)

Though a little correction in your calculations - cyclone tooltip shows DPS ( unlike flicker strike which shows damage per attack so that you must multiply that to the flicker strike attacks per second to get the DPS number ) meaning that your attack speed is accounted for in that number so the cyclone DPS is indeed 257k ( and not 1.17M )
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Ah thanks for catching that! And yes I just recoreded a quick map, ill try to get it up!

Update: Added a video showing a bit of its capabilities.
I was poor, because I didn't have anything. But I was rich, because I had a dream.
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Think this is viable for hardcore or maybe needs adjustments? I'm by no means experienced at this game so was just wondering.
MelonLord wrote:
Think this is viable for hardcore or maybe needs adjustments? I'm by no means experienced at this game so was just wondering.

I would say this is not a build for hardcore. Although I seldom die (I've reached level 92 with it so far), it always comes into close contact with mobs, which opens up instances for unpredictable occurrences. I'm currently sitting at about 4.4k hp, which is not enough TO NEVER DIE when coming in close contact with mobs. This is definitely a softcore build, I'd recommend finding something else if hardcore is your interest.
I was poor, because I didn't have anything. But I was rich, because I had a dream.
Yours numbers are higher than they should, you count the flasks and vaal haste in them and didnt mention it , right?

Because 28K avg damage multi strike flicker is very very very difficult to reach with atziri's disfavour, highest i had was 23K at 11 aps with abyssus and elemental setup without melee splash, no flask no vaal haste, 9 charges ice golem & disfavour of course.

Edit: okey, watched the video, your flicker strike reachs 167 122 dps full buffed without pots, and 15 707 avg damage. It's normal.

You can replace faster attack by weapon elemental damage, you have 15+36+44 extra elemental damage, 95% of your dps is pure ele! So the 59% more of weapon elemental damage will push it further, it will also reduce the mana usage : less attack speed less mana spend per time.

If you have 150 K tooltip and 50% of your dps is elemental, more or less weapon ele damage adds 30% more so 45K.

You can also trade fire damage with physical to lightning and get 50% of your damage converted to lightning, then weapon elemental damage kicks in and scales insanely. But it boosts the tooltip but... monsters have resistances to lightning so dps will be lower :c

Another way to push the dps meter, innervate gem instead of faster attack, + three dragon + added fire damage and herald of ash. The advantage is that you keep your base physical damage so monsters with resistances arent a problem, AND the fire damage is big enough to get a good shock duration on bosses with a lot of hp. You burn with herald of ash so you dont care about ignite anyway and shock allows bigger overkill damage for herald of ash. No need to crit, innervate will do the trick. Or innervate + phys to lightning and not three dragon... but you get the idea.

It's an easy way to get better dps, 50% More... it's far greater than faster attack in a flicker build, especially when you already have high AS increased.

Also your tree, 123 point is really unrealistic!! because you DO NOT HELP GRUNT FOR bandits, so your max is 120 points at level 100.

But level 100 is unrealistic for a flicker build, too random, unlucky deaths, you dont have unwavering stance so you will sometimes get stunlock.

ALSO! 147% max HP with a lvl 100 build, it's low :/

You dont need more mana leech (with or without elemental), you are already capped with yours ring/amulet and your phys damage because of your low mana pool, 40% increased recovery rate will be less helpfull than a bigger mana pool -> bigger pool bigger leech recovery rate and mana regen. Luckily we have Revelry ready to be taken !

The +2 mana per strike will be ultra usefull in your case, it's a minimum of 6 mana so it "reduces" the cost of the skill by 10% on single target and by 30% on 3 target ... and it gives 23% increased mana. Easier to sustain like this.

If you think i'm wrong and relvery is not the way to go... fine, then pick Essence Sap near herbalism, it doesnt give more mana but does the same than spirit void BUT WITH +2 mana on hit for the same number of nodes, you can't be wrong.

I see that you tried to get counter the mana problem with poarcher's mark but it never procs when needed, for real, and cyclone doesnt need it. So you could swap poarcher's mark for something else, temporal chain or enfeeble. Bcuz let's be fair, you generate enough charges and monsters dont have the time to hit you so they cant be cursed by this curse, it will work against bosses but you cant get charges on bosses with poarcher, so it's a dead gem.

123 points
186% life, lost some 42 increased +6% as sorry but 40%increased life justify it, no?

110 points 2 endurance charges only 161% life, lost jewel sockets

Oh and again if you prefer essence sap, give it a try, i could be wrong.

there is an another thing you could try, swap extra fire with poison gem and pick the poison fatal toxin nodes, then throw away hatred and pick blasphemy + vulnerability.

poison = 10 % damage of initial physical damage per second for 2 seconds, so it's a 20% more, so it's simple ikr but with the gem plus the 3 nodes it becomes a + 49% more.

it's stackable, over 2 seconds it's better than extra fire. BUT! with vulnerability it scales very better!

-> vulne 20 q20 = 39% more phys damage & 33% damage over time, it boosts the initial hit -> stronger poison -> poison gets 33% more damage over time. Double dip.

so poison becomes a 65.17 mult over two seconds

Your real dps will reach the sky, the tooltip will be lower but who cares about tooltip?

- you lose extra fire damage: 44% and hatred 36% = 80

- You gain 39% phys ( all your initial damage without herald of ash 15%) and 65.17 ( 32.585 per second for 2 seconds) = 104

- you lose some "overkill damage" (poison doesnt count)

- vulnerability with blasphemy will increase the burning from heralf of ash by 33% too.

- you gain mana pool
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Wonderful suggestions and criticisms, thanks for taking the time to write it! I was beginning to get a bit bored in TSC, so I may spend the good majority of tomorrow testing out your suggestions. I also managed to buy a Mirror in TSC, that I want to use to get a mirrored 2H Axe for this build, so I'll definitely take the gems into close consideration considering I wont be able to change the colors, currently trying out WED + Phys to Lightning, in town tooltip jumped from 11k to 15k.

I will continue to test tomorrow, thanks for all the input, will have an update in a bit!
I was poor, because I didn't have anything. But I was rich, because I had a dream.

Made some adjustments to the build using Geisalt's advice, this will now be a melee elemental build (say what!) in anticipation for the new Ascendancy expansion!

In other news, I currently have a Mirror waiting to be transferred to standard from TSC, with it and my current wealth I have in STD, I should be able to afford some nice upgrades including a Headhunter (Currently have 5/11 Fiend Cards sitting in STD), +1 Darkray Boots, a new Amulet/Helm, and if I have enough, a Mirrored Brimstone Bane or Pain Sunder.

Once I get through the expansion (1-2 Weeks After Release), I will produce a full detailed guide on YouTube, with updated gear after all the buying/selling is complete, and including which ascendancy class to go for. As of right now, it's between the Duelists Slayer and the Rangers Raider.

Tis' all for now!


I was poor, because I didn't have anything. But I was rich, because I had a dream.

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