[2.1] Simple/Cheap Groundslam build

This is my ground slam build. It's your basic 2 hand build just substitute the mace passives for sword, or staves or whatever you might be using. I'm using Groundslam as it's one of my favourite skills. I'm playing the Softcore Talisman league with this build. Unsure if it's viable for hardcore but with the new Blasphemy gem it's made melee fun again and dying a thing of the past. At least in my experience.

This is the passive tree:


-Normal: Oak
-Cruel: Passive/Oak
-Merciless: Oak

For Cruel you could go for Oak or grab the passive if you want to put it somewhere else. It's not mandatory. I wouldn't go for the Attack Speed Bandit because you get loads of attack speed from Multistrike.

This is my current gear. The only good pieces are the 6-link and the amazing Coronal Maul I rolled last week:


You'll notice my Multistrike and Phys gems aren't max level. They were level 20 but I put them back to level 1 and 20% quality them for the bonus melee physical damage.

Everything else you could get for a few chaos at most.

To start off, once you're in Merc, buy a Marohi Erqi as it has high dps for very low cost, until you're able to roll a better one. If possible, buy an ilvl.83 Coronal Maul (the atk speed and implicit are great on this base) and roll it randomly or whenever you get a chance until you're able to get a decent one.

Here are my stats: [NOTE:] With a Marohi, my dps with HeavyStrike/GroundSlam was about 25k/18k respectively. Once I got my new Coronal, it jumped up to 36k/25k. Since I got my 5/6 link, they're now about 50+k each. (I still need to level my gems back up to 20 to see)


Ground Slam:

Heavy Strike:

These stats are with Blasphemy + Hatred @Level 89.


-If you're running a Curse Immune map then I would swap Blasphemy out for Herald of Ash.

-While leveling, you can vendor a magic or rare rustic sash, with one two handed maul, and a Whetstone to upgrade your current 2 hander if you're feeling weak.

-The mana leech from Warlord's Mark should be sufficient for maintaining mana for Ground Slam but it won't hurt to get some on your gloves if you run Curse Immune maps.

-Farm Crypt Maps for The Celestial Divine Divination Card which you can trade in for a 6-link Astral Plate. Be sure to be at least around 80 though so the ilvl is good.

-Blasphemy + Warlord's Mark is OP. Seriously. Don't level Blasphemy much because it just increases the range at which enemies are cursed, and since you're melee, you don't need that. Especially with low intelligence. Stupid. But you gain Endurance Charges very quickly just by having Blasphemy on. With Cast When Damage Taken is linked with Immortal Cry, you get to be immune to damage for quite some time, and while you're immune, you still stack more Endurance Charges for more damage mitigation.

-Go armor. All the way, just stack armor on everything. A good defense is good defense, so.. get it.

-Put Fortify with Leap Slam + Faster Attacks for easy damage mitigation. How I play is I would typically jump at the head of a pack of mobs to gain the Fortify buff, and Ground Slam them all gaining Endurance Charges, and then leap onto new targets.

I'm writing this super late, and it's my first guide, so if I missed anything or you have questions leave them here.

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[updated original post with a couple new tips]
Wow nice build, i am trying this in the Talisman League
pedromanoeltj wrote:
Wow nice build, i am trying this in the Talisman League

Awesome. I hope you enjoy. Let me know how it works out.
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