[2.2] SirBalatro's Dominator ALPHA VERSION! (40-80 minions at once!)

Welcome to another game!
This build converts the game from action RPG to RTS. Hope you'll like it!

Note:This build is far from finished, and I could use some help testing it. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment, and if you played with the build please tell me how you feel about it.

Pros - Cons:
fun - chaotic(not for weak PCs)
fast clear - bad for bosses
tanky - can be expensive (not necessary)


The target with this build is to stack up dominated mobs, thus skill duration and dependable dominating is important!

The skill uses a lot of mana and in order to compensate for this we are focusing on slow but strong attacks and mana leech to keep ourselves going.
Dominating blow works well with melee splash, it dominates all damaged enemies.

With the high single hit AoE damage, we can 1hit full white or blue(not always) packs. At this point we only need to raise skill effect duration to dramatically increase the number of mobs we can dominate at once.
When we have 50+ dominated mobs, the fun starts!

Dominating a rare mob gives its auras to you and your army, almost like a headhunter. This stacks well with an Inspired learning jewel and with an actual HeadHunter.

(The biggest drawback is the lack of single target damage for bosses. I'm still working on that problem.)
Update:I'm currently testing stun with heavy strike, this is a new thing to me but looks like our damage is enough to easily stun bosses with every 2-3 hit without stun ascendancy. If we even build the ascendancy for it , it should be a fine single target too.
(The good thing in stun is that it gives you time to leech back your life against bosses, as long as you're not 1hit)

Passives and Bandits

Option 1. Slayer
Brutal Fervor, Endless Hunger, Impact
I use this one for the effective 8 link for my main attack
Option 2. Champion
Inspirational, Conqueror, Worthy foe
This combined with rallying cry should give you and your minions huge boosts

My current passives(lvl 71):

First get the basic duelist damage and life nodes. After that if you want an early swap to dominating blow get the skill duration nodes around scion. Go through the life "circle", don't waste your points into it early. Rush resolute technique! Take templar and warrior max life. Take damage nodes whenever you feel the need. After you have almost everything else, put out the scion minion nodes or finish the life circle.

-Oak for HP
-passive or oak
-passive or oak


In this section we are not using 10 linked items, I just want to mention your choices.
Main attack
Dominating Blow + Melee Splash + Melee Phys + Added Fire + MPhys OFL + WED
After you get melee splash from slayer ascendancy you can replace it with any other support gem, as you like. (or even keep the 20% quality for additional aoe, but that will not work well on mapping and with the maul you already get insane splash)
Use Infernal Blow or Heavy Strike before you get Dom.Blow

Single target
Heavy Strike + Melee Phys + MPhys OFL + Added Fire + WED + Stun + Fortify + Faster Attacks + Leech(if the tree is not enough) + End. Charge on MS (This way you can use rallying cry and still have end charges)
Vigilant Strike + End. Charge on MS + Melee Phys + MPhys OFL + Melee Splash + Added Fire + WED + Stun + Faster Attacks
(This option is not tested by me YET, but ideally it would generate enough charges with melee splash to constantly bypass the CD)

Hatred we will place it in a CoDT setup, since we want links on this. (Or you can use a ring for it as well)
Vaal Haste + Vaal Grace + Inc. Dur. + Generosity

CoDT setups
CoDT(Low LVL) + Convocation + Desecrate + Any Offering (Flesh Preferred)

CoDT(Higher LVL) + Molten Shell + Summon Golem (Of your Choice)
^Place Hatred in if you don't have place anywhere else^

Current Gear:

To be continued!
The Best Noob You'll Ever Find!
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