Neydus Avatar of Fire (Nemesis, Cheap, 100% selffound,Tanky, Infernal Blow)

Hi there,

in this post I want to share my experience with my Avatar of Fire,
since there are only few resources about builds with this keystone.

This specc is very cheap (4-Link), pretty defensive but not at all flashy. At times your dps is crap because your 1hander sucks and the builds doesn't really catch your dps from dropping... read this if you're interested in Avatar of Fire (AoF).
But if you're looking for something flashy or complex or a build you can dump your uniques/6Links into: this build is maaaaybe not for you.

This character killed merciless Piety (Nemesis League) with Lvl65 iirc (solo).
He uses a 1-hander + shield, Armor or Evasion Gear and Clarity to sustain Infernal Blow.

Here is some gameplay:
I'm clearing Lunaris Level 3 and kill Piety. Takes a bit but that's the build. I write about my DPS and Gear further down in this post.

Foreword about damage conversion and scaling
Increased fire damage and increased physical damage are additively, they are NOT multiplicative. When you use Infernal Blow + AoF, at the end of the calculation all your damage is fire... like 100%. What kind of "Increased X Damage"-Nodes you take, doesn't matter - only how high the number is.

a) 20% increased fire damage
+ 20% increased ele damage
+ 20% increased physical damage
= 60% increased damage and is worse than say

b) 70% increased physical damage

So 100% Conversion to fire means you have more options to scale your damage (not necessarily better options) if you only watch on the skilltree... (and forget about the Weapon Elemental Damage Support Gem, Flammability, Fire Resistance and all the consequences).

(for those who like math: )
(or for those who like ghudda: )

I'm at level 71 (88 skillpoints used):

In the 2nd post there's a possible Lvl87 version of this build.

Defensive stats
268% increased life
52% increased armor + 40% inc. Armor & Eva
20% all resist w/ shield
+11% shield block
+55% incresed defenses from shield
Cannot be stunned

Offensive stats
133% combined increased damage (physical + elemental + fire)
15% increased attack speed

You can get +3% speed and +48% increased damage with the next 3 skillpoints.

I'm affraid of trading so every item is selffound. 0 uniques. I only have 2 4-Link items.
Apart from that the most important part is the 1-Hander.

5200 HP: I have life on every possible slot except the amulet.
6400 Armour unbuffed: I wear evasion or armour gear.

I'll post the rest in the 2nd post.

I can't sustain without it.

I usually don't use it because I don't have the aura nodes to make it work.
But using Lvl17 anger puts me from 1854 Single Target Tooltipp Dps to 2250 (20% more).
I've already run it in no-regen-maps.

Purity of Fire
Never used it. This is interesting for high end maps with high end damage and high end reflect... not for me atm.

Links and Damage
Single Target
4-Link: Infernal Blow - Weapon Ele Damage - Life Leech - Fire Penetration
1850 Dps + 30% Fire Pen

4-Link: Infernal Blow - Weapon Ele Damage - Life Leech - Melee Splash
1730 Dps

Other Interesting Support Gems for Damage
- Melee Physical Damage: 49% more @ Lvl20, 140% mulitplier
- Faster Attacks: 44% speed @ Lvl20, 115% multi but more attacks = more mana needed
- Added Fire Damage would be my 3rd choice.

For No-Regen-Maps you need the Mana Leech support.
I already run a no regen map but its terrible against groups and only a 4-link because you need melee splash, mana leech, life leech, infernal blow.

Possible damage aka. MOAR DAMAGE
4 aura nodes --> Anger --> 20% more damage (not taking the 12% increased effect of auras into account)
Having a 5 Link --> Melee Physical Damage --> >49% more damage @lvl20
Having a 6 Link --> Faster Attacks --> 44% increased @lvl20 --> around 38% more damage

1 Point in Catalyse: 24% increased Damage --> around 10% more damage
on top 3 Points to go for Fencing (24% dmg, 3% atk spd) and the 6% attackspeed of the Duelist start: --> around 17% more damage (or 13,5% assuming you use a 6-Link with Lvl20 Faster attacks)

Assuming the 4 aura-nodes, the 4 damage nodes and a 5-Link you get
1736 * 1,2 * 1,49 * 1,1 * 1,17 = 3994,4 AOE Damage at level 79 with my current gear.

Final Thoughts
WED Support Gem reigns supreme.
This was my 1st hardcore character getting above Lvl54 and my 4th >Lvl70 overall.
Leveling was kind of easy but sometimes tedious because of the defensive nature of the build.
The biggest problem was cruel vaal because of the fire resistant adds and a shitty weapon.
Fire resistant packs are a pain if you haven't linked fire penetration.
Shield Charge is the best escape spell in the game in my opinion.
YOU CAN NOT LEECH FROM PHYSICAL DAMAGE which means you need to leech from support gems.
I'm too lazy to use enduring cry or molten shell. Shield charge + Endurance Charge on Melee Stun is my defense. And CwDT+EndCry ofcos.
Setting enemies on fire would require crits or chance to ignite shinanigans. Killing them by hand is faster and more reliable.
/played says 2days 19hours

Hail to all the great warriors, having scorched black skin and their fists aflame.
Greetings, happy racing and grinding,


Couldn't resist so... Quiz: Which movie is this?
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event horizon any prizes?
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Great post and very informative. I have been feeling the AoF call, but haven't tried it.

"Increased fire damage and increased physical damage are additively, they are NOT multiplicative.
So if you think you beat the game by balancing increased fire and physical damage nodes: you're not.
Take the physical, fire or elemental nodes with the highest numbers when playing AoF + Infernal Blow."

Didn't quite understand this part.

Are you saying pick one or the other? Like stack phys or fire or elemental, etc. not mix and match?

Also, if you use AoF plus Infernal Blow are you doing 100 percent of your original dps as fire damage? From reading the tooltip it sounds like you only do 50 percent dps without IB.

Sorry, I am a reasonably intelligent guy, but math has always been my Achilles Heel haha.

I have a Templar that I am sorely tempted to try AoF with.

Thanks again for posting your build and any feedback.

@gabio: lol I didn't think of a price. hm... depends on the league you play... In Nemesis I would give you these:

Dual leech for leveling and cold+fire res is actually good for merveil :D

@slowpoke1968: I edited the section. Yeah the explanation was poor.

Thanks for the feedback :)
Ahh I understand now, thanks much!
I hate to necro this, but why did you become a Duelist rather than a Templar or Marauder?
Any updates for 1.1?

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