[2.4] TheBockwursts Aegis MjölnerArc Gladiator [5kHP+1.5kES/extremely tanky]

5.0k life, 1.5k ES, 26k Armour w/ Grace. 56% Block + TempestShield + Painforged = 67% Block, with Rumis we easily overcap block and push our Armour to almost 40k. Shield Charge w/ Fortify for perma Fortify, Curse on Hit on Tempest shield to comfortably apply Enfeeble and further reduce incoming damage.

Clear speed in maps is pretty decent. Due to the tankiness this build lends itself to a somewhat reckless playstyle so if you love playing drunk or like turning your brain off - you've come to the right place!

2.4 Videos:
T14 Palace w/ Vuln, +Dmg & BossDmg/Speed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Mx9NsaEGm0

more coming soon...

+ decent general clearspeed
+ tanky as the everliving fuck
+ fun to play
+ can be done on a budget (just go nonlegacy Aegis, ezpz)

- Mjönler & Repentance need a good bit of minmaxing/crafting on gear for that Str/Int requirement if you dont want to run Astramentis/Meginords Vise
- average single target dps


Gear: If you pick up a old Mjölner, divine it to get those 100% proc rate. For the shield we went with a legacy Aegis Aurora, which gives us that massive tankiness. Each hit we block replenishes our ES by 4% of armour. We took Repentance gloves with a low %reduced SpellDmg roll to further enhance our DPS. For chest pieces I strongly recommende a Saintly Chainmail or a Atziris Splendour in its AR/EVA+ES version as we try to reach somewhere up from 1200ES and add a decent amount of armour to our pool. For jewellery stack some IAS, Strength/Int, life and resistances.

Flask wise we're running one Seething life flask for instant recovery a Rumi's Concoction for overcapping Block/Spellblock and pushing our Armour to almost 40k. For clearspeed we use a Silver and a Quicksilver flask to really push that Shield charge and attack speed in general. For DPS we bring along a legacy Vessel of Vinktar. Important thing is to carry a Grounding flask in order to avoid that Shock status ailment caused by Vessel of Vinktar.


+180% life, lots of Armour/Evasion, Iron Reflexes and Unwavering Stance, Resolute Technique, Celestial Punishment & Elementalist to apply shock.

Bandits are Oak, kill all, kill all. Those +40life are pretty decent.

2.3 Videos
T15 Abyss DoubleBoss speed/dmg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tjeK5-UwyE
T14 Palace -maxres DoubleBoss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT2Xs4F2fao
T13 Waterways DoubleBoss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzquje2_Rrc
T9 sub 2min Gorge run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdbJdf40xGk

To do
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This looks like a really great build! How did you go about leveling, and at what level did you switch to Mjölner?

EDIT: Also, what jewels did you use?
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Thanks. Considering the 21/20s and really heavy optimization on the tree I'd still consider the damage really sub-par. On packs it clears perfectly fine, but extralife+lightres bosses and rares are just so freaking tedious, so it's not that great in the current speed clear meta. If you like tanky chars though and don't need to run through maps like a fucking VaalSporker, then this might indeed be for you.

Jewel wise we're just running IAS/Life/ES jewels, nothing fancy. The only "special" thing is that we're running 2 +2mana gain on hit jewels in order to easily sustain our skills.
nice build
discharge is still a better choice imo
Nice Build. I Added you to the Build List.

ps: I really like the gif :D
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trash clear is really solid, nice. Have you tried different options for single target though?
Lvii wrote:
trash clear is really solid, nice. Have you tried different options for single target though?

The thing is there aren't many and all of them pretty much suck so we're stuck with Arc. If anybody got a creative idea for single target dps, lemme know. I recently changed my setup from Wrath/Iron Will to Conductivity/LightPen though and it feels a lot better now. Will be uploading videos today and tomorrow from some decent clears, made a sub 2min Gorge run and a 2:20ish Plateau run which feels really great for now.
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Uploaded a new video of a 2m20s Plateau clear to showcase the clearspeed potential: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrsqgVSi70M
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Vanfreyr wrote:

There are actually a couple of Aegis Mjölner builds on this forum, so the concept isn't exactly new. Still wanted to give this a try and see where it leads us.

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