Blender Build (Cyclone BoR) 2.0 38k DPS NON CRIT

Hello there.First time here im posting a build.(Im wish not last one!)
I have been playing Blender Build from x2p in 1.1 PoE.Had lots of fun with it.Now im trying to bring it in 2.0.
Lets see what we have here
-4100hp with very weak gear.
-26k Cyclone dps.3,8 aps.
-36k Dps 4,5aps with 6 frenzy charges
-We have 36% Physical reduction with 5700 armour on 85 lvl(Will gets down but here is not full legacy BoR yet!)
-39% Block chance
-Permanent fortify!
-Mobs are blinded!
-Can clear reflect maps
-Atziri Viable (Uber probably no)

Bor=Cyclone-Fortify-Added Fire damage-Weapon Elemental Damage (You can use life gain of hit if you have not enought leech)
4L=CWDT-MOLTEN SHELL-BLOOD RAGE-Punishment(For more dps)Enfeeble(For highter surviability)
2L=CWDT lvl 6 or more- Immortal Call
Also we have 2 triggers Vengeance&Riposte Put it in any slot you want.No matter.
We have to link Enduring Cry with Blood magic to use it.
Herald of Ash
Arctic Armour


Amulet : Phys dmg to attacks,life,maximum armour,life leech
Rings : Phys dmg,attack speed,life,life leech
Gloves : Phys dmg,attack speed,life,life leech
Boots : 3 res,movement speed,life,as more evasion or armour you can get.Also Atizir's step will work good. ( We have iron reflexes)
Sword : At least 1.8 aps


Legacy one is on way better (Worth 10 ex or more.
Legacy on is also better,gives much more damage.But price starts from 80 exalts.


Will be imrpoved as soon as possible.Just back to standart league.


Clear dps.Only auras
With frenzy charges


Oak or Kraityn


Im not gonna tell you how to leveling from start to end.But i just gonna say.Best and easier way to leveling its hit 28 lvl,bought Elreon jewerly (Two Stone Rings if possible)Leveling until you can equip bor (You need at least bor with 15% chance to block,not so expensive as full legacy)Than until you get soul taker you can use Life gain on hit + blood magic

Will be added soon!

Please leave a comments and help me to improve build!Thanks!
If you want to answer something you can post here or pm me in game IGN : chesterkmr
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Added more videos,bump.
Videos have been removed - can they be put back up? Thanks
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