【2.1, SC】【Videos】【DW Dominating Blow】Mobnizer- All Mobs in the Map Are Your Allies!!!-25-30kDPS


Fracture Canyon: https://youtu.be/946jE-RxZ58

Torture Chamber: https://youtu.be/k4icO8UJQsI

Crit Mod Jungle Valley: https://youtu.be/vse8xWDSVRE

Vulnerability Orchard: https://youtu.be/mCN8jNEK93Y

Colonnade: https://youtu.be/7n_upOMwODg

Mine: https://youtu.be/I22n2iC9yck

More to Come...


Bandits: Oak-Oak-Oak


Welcome, my fellow exiles, to this Dominating Blow build guide.

Like the lyrics in Britney Spears’ Womanizer
“You're a womanizer
Oh, womanizer, oh
You're a womanizer, baby”

The reason why it is called Mobnizer is that you will be eager to recruit mobs as if they were hot chicks you want to flirt and get laid with, especially when you encounter rare mobs with all kinds of sweet buffs.

This DB build features:
-Mobs are your friends. You will never play alone!!!

-Mobs will help you tank strong bosses. Let them sacrifice for you!!!

-Rare mobs buff you like crazy!!!

-You are going to like bosses who summon mobs. All their mobs will be yours.

-Fracture maps are heavens.

This DB build suffers:
-Maze-like maps will screw you if you spend too much time finding your ways to bosses. Your mobs will be gone by the time you find your ways.

-Corrupted Bloodline is a concern. You will receive Corrupting Blood charges both when mobs with this mod die and when their dominated forms die.

-Flame/Frost/Storm Bearers will be activated both when mobs with this mod die and when their dominated forms die. Instant death will happen if you do not pay attention. I learned it the hard way!!!

-Heralds of the Obelisk keep staying unless the dominated mobs with this mod are killed. Unsocket the DB gem to kill your mobs in dire situations.

-When you accumulate too many dominated mobs, your frame rate is likely to drop like crazy. Keep endurance charges up in this situation and spam DB and flasks.
(When dealing with hard-hitting bosses, let your mobs tank first. You do not want to be
stuck in front of the bosses and get one-shot.)

Gem Links:

Helmet: Inc Duration-Imortal Call-Enduring Cry-Blood Magic

Body: DB-Melee Spalsh-Multistrike-Melee Phys-Added Fire

Gloves: CWDT-Enfeeble-Convocation-Blood Rage

Boots: Hatred-HoA-Arctic Armour-Vengeance

Main Axe: CWDT-Desecrate-Bone Offering

Soul Taker: Leap Slam-Faster Attack-Fortify

Q: Why Bone Offering instead of Flesh Offering?
A: This DB build does not invest in minion damage. Therefore, it is meaningless to make minions offensive. With lvl 8 Bone Offering (with lvl 1 CWDT), your mobs are granted +29/+28 attack and spell block chance, and you surely can adjust the levels of Bone Offering and CWDT.

Note 1: With the newly buffed Melee Splash gem, the splash aoe is so satisfying even without aoe nodes invested. You can click randomly on mob packs to work the wonders of DB.

Note 2: Make good use of Immortal Call against bosses that deal serious physical damage. With Inc. Duration and duration nodes, 6 enduring charges can make Immortal Call last for over 4 seconds.

Note 3: Convocation supported by CWDT helps relocate your mobs to your side as a meat shield.


Soul Taker

Note: Soul Taker helps you spam DB and acts as a DPS booster. if without it, DB will have to be supported by Blood Magic gem.


DB's DPS with only aura buffs: 25k (gem level and quality not 20 yet): http://i.imgur.com/lxtM8H9h.png?1
DB's DPS with aura buffs and mob buffs: >30k

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the build seems very promising.
definitely will try it in talisman.
I'm running this on HC, so far I got to lvl 45 and I am having really bad mana problems. What can I do to solve this (other than acquiring that axe)?
cool to see some love for dominating blow
however it still bothers me how hard the duration got nerfed....


level with a different skill is my advice
you can try reduced mana gem, maybe that helps
the blood magic gem is not a good idea, on that level your life will be gone in no time at all
I'm doing a similar build using Dominating blow. However, I ended up getting Spirit Void, Revelry, and Mana Flows as well as using a Atziri's Foible necklace. I'm able to sustain very easily with a 37 mana cost (DB, Splash, and Multistrike).

Spirit Void does a wonderful job at sustaining mana for most builds, without Clarity. Atziri's Foible necklace is overkill for atm, as I can sustain without it.
I decided to retool this build because I think it suits a Marauder more to get past the leveling process with his early survivability and reliance on Life (and Strength for Sweep leveling). I also decided to opt out of the expensive Soul Taker and instead go for 2H Axe passives in order to utilize the cheap Hezmana axe and its innate Blood Magic mod.

One of the coolest things about DB and Hezmana is that the moment you hit Level 64 (the level requirement for the unique), you can pretty much swap out of whatever you were leveling with (I used Sweep) and still retain all of the damage assuming you were leveling DB on the side. Another great thing about this build outside of how funny and interesting the DB skill is is that you can get by with self-found Rares up to early maps. I've been getting, on average, around 25-30 dominated mobs but upwards of 50+ on a really huge pack for non-map areas.

I'm highly sure this build is not Atziri and high-tier map viable but it's a great buffer for funding your other characters.

I also died a lot during leveling but that's because I'm terrible at the game.

Revised 2H Axe DB passive tree:

Current Gear as of Lvl 65:

DPS as of Lvl 65:

Yes, I will be replacing that mana potion, I just don't know what with yet.
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I used to run a Templar max block version of this with Soul Taker and Bringer of Rain. The Bringer of Rain also gave me a free blind for my attacks and all my minions, resulting in extra damage mitigation.

One tip is to see if you can't put a Increased Duration in your DB attack, maybe on a 6-link. The extra duration really helps for when you're running around a map trying to find the boss.

Back before DB had the base duration nerfed, it was typical for my Templar to run around with 100+ minions.

Thanks for showing Dominating blow some love.
This looks really fun man.
I'm wondering how a good dps Gemini Claw version would perform, to remove the need for Soul Taker and cut down the build costs?
Thanks for the build, it's been pretty fun!

I'm running this with a Scion (lvl 85 atm), because I had one at a decent level and thanks to a full respec I could jump right into it.

I'm also using a Gemini Claw (still with a Soul Taker though) instead of an Axe, which is pretty nice because you can use Whirling Blades instead of Leap Slam (which I always found to be a bit clunky).

My Gear:



(Basically the same tree as OPs, but instead of the Axe Cluster on the bottom left im using the Claw Cluster (Deadly Dilettante) on the right)

DPS as of now:

DPS with 3 Frenzy charges + Atziri's Flask

I did some Tier 12-14 Maps and Atziri without big issues, although I'm switching out my Faster Attacks for Frenzy/Dual Strike and DB for WEP/Life Leech for bosses (Atziri - Trio is pretty much impossible with DB due to corrupted blood).

@krc86: If you like I could do some tests on how this build can be sustained without using a soul taker. Do you have some ideas for an alternative offhand ?

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