1.0.2 CHARLOWTFBBQ'S Nemesis, Wings Of Entropy, BoR, Cycloner, 68% Block/Spell Block!

Hello, my name is Charlo and this is the build I'm currently running in nemesis, it uses some old tricks and some new. So far it has been a blast to play this duelist, i have done a burning discharge templar and a CI reave dagger shadow, both at high levels in nemesis and i think this character is way more fun. Block feels broken if you haven't played a block build before (like me). I have never felt this tanky on any of my character before and the build was cheaper to do and turned out way better than i expected.

The idea is to get 100% block chance applied to spells by using :

Starting as Duelist, Marauder, Scion or possibly Ranger, the build is pretty straighforward.
You start with cleave untill lvl 19 at wich point you can switch to dual strike+melee splash. Add multistrike, melee phys, faster attacks, etc. as you lvl and get more links. I dont recomend using cyclone untill you get bringer of rain and you feel ready to make the switch to blood magic gem, since the mana cost is very high and hard to sustain for leveling.

As you level there are some unique that will make your life easier, classics like goldrim, wanderlust and wurms molt's are all good. One unique that really helped me was the thief's torment prismatic unique, once combine with multistrike and dualstrike+melee splash, the ring acts as both mana leech and life leech, it covers all the mana cost of your attack and adds a good bit of surviability. If you can get your hands on thief's torment+multistrike, you can do lvl 30-60 in a matter of hours seriously.

I'm now lvl 78 and the build is performing just awesome so far, here's my current passive :

Here's the finished build with 114 points, just remove w/e dmg nodes for lower lvl):

Here's the gear I'm using and the gems/links :


I currently have 10k cyclone dps, 4k hp, 77 all resists and 68% chance to block (attacks and spells).

I will be streaming without a schedule and i will try to answer every questions you guys might have.



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I'm seeing 25% to block from gear and 50% to Spells...
Build looks very solid I watched your stream for a bit and will def be trying out when I get my hands on an Entropy :p
build looks good and highly enjoyable to play ^_^
Epsilon2012 wrote:
I'm seeing 25% to block from gear and 50% to Spells...

Dual Weilding : 15% Base Block Chance
15% Block Chance
10% Block Chance


25+25+50= 100% spell block
You think this is viable without Bringer of Rain? I have the axe, neck, and boots.
The Black Dahlia Murder > Your favorite band
Bringer of rain is needed unless you dont mind not having free 7 link/blind/15% free block.

It is your end game goal, if you cant get it now, use carcass jack as a cheap alternative and some random rare helm, or maybe abyssus unique helm if you play standard
Can spell block even go over 75%?

Most things cant go over 75%.
what build would you suggest for 6L
Destructodave wrote:
Can spell block even go over 75%?

Most things cant go over 75%.

100% spellblock only means that 100% of your block chance is apllied to spells, not that you block 100% of spells casted at you. I have 100% of my 68% block chance also apply to spells, so i block 68% of spells :P

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