[3.7 BUFFED] Phys Spec Throw Gladiator [SHAPER DOWN!] Uber Lab, Guardians, FUN, FAST & CHEAP!


QUICK update for you guys who have been waiting for the changes to this build. I've messed around with this build in Standard and in PoB and I was able to move from about ~200k dps(per hit, 5x hits per single ST) to ~360k. That's like going from 1mil fully buffed Shaper DPS to 1.8 MILLION. Challenger charges are so damn good for this build, Spectral throw was buffed and we can keep up permanent Frenzy and Endurance charges now.

DROP GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE AND BLOOD IN THE EYES. Arena Challenger and Outmatch and Outlast are way better now!

NO BLOOD MAGIC - We now run Herald of Purity, Flesh and Stone (Sand stance while mapping, Blood stance for single target) and War Banner (Dread Banner might be better DPS? Not sure, need in game testing as PoB doesn't calculate Impale stacks.)

Add -mana cost to skills on rings/necklace. I just have it on a single ring right now and it seems to be OK. Spectral Throw+6 supports is super mana hungry so it's probably necessary.

Swap Warlord's Mark for Poacher's Mark in CWDT setup - this helps us sustain mana and life gain on hit is pretty great too.

Drop the counter attacks since they aren't that useful compared to the auras.

Need to grab a big Int node and grab the Mana Flows node at Duelist start. Revelry might be a good node too.

DROP Soul of Araakali Pantheon - Immortal Call no longer stops degen from Blood Rage so we don't get the increased leech rate. Poacher's Mark seems to make up for it with its LGoH.

That's all I can think of right now. Here's a link to a level 95 PoB. Good luck!



Hi and welcome to my build guide. (This is currently a permanent in progress).

In 3.2, I decided to go about making my own build. I wanted to combine my favorite Ascendancy, Gladiator, with what I think is the most fun skill, Spectral Throw. And as it turns out, this build ended up being kick-ass and very cheap to get started.

This build utilizes a 7-link Spectral Throw with Lioneye's Vision (level 15 pierce) and 4 extra projectiles with one Grelwood Shank and one Beltimber Blade swords. We use GMP to map and Slower Projectiles to absolutely melt bosses.

Videos & Screenshots
T15 Reef Map (3.2)

Sorry for the quality and sloppy run, but this is a pretty good showcase of the build. If the Brine King didn't have phases he would be dead in <10 seconds.

Just to prove I DID actually down Shaper. I was too excited to take a screenshot right when I downed him (also, he dropped a Starforge!). I had one death near the very end, only because I made a mistake and got hit by a slam. Otherwise, this fight was very easy and was my very first time doing Shaper.

Gear and Prices

One of the biggest components of our build is Lioneye's Vision Crusader Plate. This chest gives us an easy 5/6-link early in the league (since the level 15 pierce gives us an extra support even on a 4/5-link) and a 7-link at endgame. This chest has a good chunk of life and armor and is certainly BiS for us. 6-linking or buying a 6-linked version of this chest will be the biggest cost in our build, but you can run on a 5-linked version for a looong time thanks to the free level 15 pierce. Try and get one with 90+ maximum life.
Cost: <5c + Jeweler's Touch = ~25c for a 5link

For our weapons we use one Grelwood Shank Eternal Sword and one Beltimber Blade Eternal Sword. This might be slightly tricky to get the first couple days in the league since they only drop from one of the Elder's guardians (The Constrictor), but once they start dropping they are very cheap, ~10c. Our armor is nearly doubled while standing still. Dual wielding these swords gives us 4 extra projectiles which ups our clear AoE insane and gives us 5 slower projectiles against bosses which helps with adds or dual-boss maps. These are the highlights of this build. Look for ones as close to max PDPS as you can (328 PDPS uncorrupted).
Cost: ~10c ea

3.2 added the perfect belt for us, The Nomad Studded Belt. The global physical damage and increased projectile damage rolls give us 80%+ increased damage to our Spectral Throw. We also get up to 25% to all elemental resistance. Even a max phys damage, sword phys damage, and %attack speed Abyss Jewel in a Stygian Vise does not beat the DPS we get from this belt. Also, 50% increased flask charges gained is sooo nice for mapping. This is your #3 priority.
Cost: <20c

We choose Kaom's Roots Titan Greaves for our boots. Huge life, and freeze immunity are awesome.
Cost: <10c

For our helmet, gloves, and jewelry we want to get rares to fill out our resistances and get more life, flat phys damage (rings, gloves, amulet), and attack speed if possible (can be crafted on gloves, very rare on rings.) Gripped Gloves are generally best in slot for us, but good ones are very expensive. A good pair of armor, evasion, or ar/ev gloves with a Merciless enchant (don't waste your Uber lab enchants on your gloves) are also a good choice because we benefit from Painforged giving our counterattacks double damage! You're also going to need 5 Intelligence on one of these pieces of gear to reach 69 Int for level 20 Herald of Purity CWDT. I've also started using -mana cost on a piece of jewelry for a little easier sustain.
Cost: Variable

Alternative & Leveling Gear
The gear listed above is generally what you want for endgame, but you can use a few different uniques while starting out.

Bloodgrip and Carnage Heart are great amulets starting out endgame. Carnage Heart is really good from level 20 til endgame. Bloodgrip is good for running lab before you get your Pantheon upgrades.
Karui Ward is a very good amulet you can start using before even leaving Act 1. The projectile damage and speed makes our ST travel far and hit hard early on.

Redblade Tramplers are fine boots to use until endgame, they add flat phys, move speed, and some fire res, but the life is a little lower than what we want. Still, a solid choice from midgame on.

These belts can also carry you for a bit until you get The Nomad.

Unique axes are a good choice of weapon until you start grabbing sword nodes. The Screaming Eagle to The Gryphon or Relentless Fury will work well. Otherwise, just look for the highest PDPS rare sword for your level that won't cost you too much.

Normal leveling uniques are obviously useful for us too; Tabula, Wanderlust, Goldrim etc.

Belly of the Beast is an option for your chest, but we already end up with more than 6k life at end game and it's a huge DPS loss for us to drop Lioneye's Vision. Gruthkul's Pelt might also look like a good choice, but it's less damage than Lioneye's Vision and less health than Belly - overall I would not recommend it. Same goes for a rare 6 link.


Soul of Arakaali got nerfed in 3.7 :( Use whichever ones you feel are most beneficial for you. I use Solaris for major and Shakari+upgrade for minor.

Gem links

In our chest:

Drop Maim or Physical Projectile Attack Damage if using a 5-link. Both gems are pretty close.

Swap GMP to Slower Projectiles for bosses.

Gloves: Cast When Damage Taken(level 1)+Immortal Call(level 3)+Poachers Mark(level 5) and Ancestral Protector (level 20).
You have some flexibility here. I run Poacher's Mark for the mana sustain. Projectile Weakness or Vulnerability are also very good choices and will give you more dps, but you may struggle with mana.

Leap Slam+Blood Magic+Fortify+Faster Attacks

Weapon 1: Herald of Purity+Culling Strike (kills all bosses with 10% HP left) and War Banner

Weapon 2: Flesh and Stone+Maim (stacks with our Maim on attack, I think) and Blood Rage

Stay in Sand stance while mapping, Blood stance for bosses - this will make sure we keep our Challenger Charges up all the time.

UPDATE 8/17/18
Drop Jade Flask of Iron Skin and use Sulphur of Iron Skin instead.

Our flasks are very easy and cheap to get. Rumi's will be the most expensive, the rest you can roll yourself fairly easily.

Pretty self explanatory. Bleed flask, curse flask, and 3 flasks to max our phys damage reduction.

We use a Silver Flask of Warding instead of Stibnite like many other builds since we can't evade any attacks anyways due to Unwavering Stance. Plus having Onslaught up almost all the time is great.


Keep a live trade search going and you can snatch up great jewels for a steal. Look for 7% max life and at least 2 good damage stats. Go for 4 prop jewels if you have the currency.

Generally, high attack speed beats out the other stats. Plug the gems into PoB to be sure.

Here's the search I use to find jewels. Plug them into PoB to see which ones are best for you. https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Legion/4wqBmvh9


For my helmet I'm using the 30% reduced ST deceleration enchant. This enchant allows our Spectral Throw with Slower Projectiles to hit stationary bosses up to 5 times with each cast.

If you aren't using Gripped Gloves, run Merciless Lab a few times to get a good counter-attack enchant on your gloves. Just a little bit of extra clear and damage.

If your Kaom's Roots aren't corrupted (+1 end charges, 100 life while moving are good defensive corruptions), you can use a Merciless lab enchant on them. Increased attack speed on kill is the best for dps, regenerate life and mana if hit recently is the best for defense. Your choice.

Passive Tree, Leveling, Ascendancies, & PoB (Endgame)

NOTE: PoB doesn't really consider how many times your projectiles hit. Each one will almost surely hit twice (each ST attack can hit once every 0.3 sec), so at least double the sheet DPS in PoB, and with Slower Projectiles and the Deceleration enchant we can potentially hit 5 times each!. That would mean our PoB dps is up to 5x what is shown.


THESE TREES ARE OUTDATED, SORRY. Not sure when I'll update the leveling trees. Please refer to the latest 3.7 tree:




30 pt skill tree (~level 27 Act 2/3)

Pretty much just rushing to Resolute Technique at this point.

46 pt skill tree (~level 39 Act 4/5)

Grab Blood Magic BUT make sure to grab Hematophagy before you do otherwise you will be hurting for life sustain. Grab Ambidexterity by Duelist and Razor's edge on the left side if you're using swords now. If playing the mana version, obviously don't grab Blood Magic and try to pick up a mana leech node.

70 pt skill tree (~level 55 Act 7)

Grab Iron Grip, Crimson Dance, fill out the Dual Wield nodes bottom of Duelist and move towards the sword nodes on the right side of the tree. We also grab the big Scion life wheel node and a jewel socket on the way.

92 pt skill tree (~70 Act 10)

Now we're filling out the rest of the damage nodes near the Ranger start, go up above Heart of Oak and grab Ballistic Mastery. Only grab Point Blank if you do not have Grelwood Shanks yet, otherwise do not spec into it.

After that, it's just grabbing the rest of the Jewel sockets and whatever life nodes are easily within reach. I'll let you decide which order works best for you. Drop Point Blank once you get Grelwood Shanks.

I like leveling as Spectral Throw, but feel free to level as Sunder or anything else you're comfortable with.

Ascendancy Nodes
For Ascendancies I grabbed Painforged>Versatile Combatant>Arena Challenger>Outmatch and Outlast.

NOTE: Melee damage nodes do nothing for us, but damage with melee weapons DOES. Make sure not to waste points on melee damage nodes.

Kill all. You can help Alira while leveling maybe for the increased mana regen and all res, but make sure to get the +2 passive points at endgame.

Maps/Mod Warnings
The main mod we want to re-roll is Can't Leech. Life leech is crucial for us to use ST since we don't have any life gain on hit.

No Regen is probably a no-go with the mana version of this build.

Re-roll phys reflect.

Patches of Desecrated Ground can actually be sort of deadly since we do not have any chaos res and do not use Atziri's Promise like other builds. Be careful of any poison maps/bosses also.

Uber Lab Tips
You're not like a Slayer or Jugg that just ignore traps completely, or a PF who just evades and speeds through everything, but you can run thru lab with good speed and survivability. You really shouldn't die to traps or Izaro. Here are a couple tips:

• Use Bloodboil Amulet while running through lab, swap to another DPS amulet for Izaro if you need to.
• You can tank and block almost all of Izaro's attacks, but it's still smart to avoid his slam just in case. As always, swap to Slower Proj when fighting him or most bosses.
• Bring an extra life flask if you're worried or aren't fully geared yet, but you probably won't need it.

Misc. Tips

• Choose 'Always attack in place' for Spectral Throw and Leap Slam.

• Don't waste Uber Lab enchants on anything but helmets. They're potentially too valuable to spend on your gloves or boots. The Merciless versions of glove/boot enchants are a much smaller pool and the difference between the Uber versions isn't too crazy.

• Level up 6 extra gems while leveling. That way, you can vendor 6 level 20 gems+6 GCP to make 6 level 1 20% gems. You can then level them back up to 20 then Vaal them all to and have 6 tries to get level 21 versions of Spectral Throw.

• Keep hard to kill enemies near walls - this way our projectiles bounce of the walls and come back sooner which lowers the total travel distance and will scale the damage better with Point Blank. This is especially relevant for yellow/red Beasts.

I'm happy to respond to any questions or comments. Thanks for checking my build guide out!
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cool build and guide, but why do we need the lioneyes armor and the pierce on it? just for the extra damage, or do the st projectiles not pierce anymore
I haven’t been able to play with this in POB but if you wanted to use a shield for hardcore do you think this would be viable?
prospecial wrote:
cool build and guide, but why do we need the lioneyes armor and the pierce on it? just for the extra damage, or do the st projectiles not pierce anymore

Just for the extra damage, ST always pierces. Level 15 Pierce is 14% MORE projectile damage. Too good to not use IMO.

I haven’t been able to play with this in POB but if you wanted to use a shield for hardcore do you think this would be viable?

I think you definitely could. Especially if you were able to get something like The Surrender or a good shaped shield with life on block, you'd have all the tankiness of any other shield Gladiator plus the safety of attacking from range.
Very cool man I’m going to try this with a shield. I’m actually going to go with the anticipation shield so I can intimidate enemies adding some damage and having the tanking ability of a shield
Very cool man I’m going to try this with a shield. I’m actually going to go with the anticipation shield so I can intimidate enemies adding some damage and having the tanking ability of a shield

Nice man let me know how that goes. Tombfist gloves are also an option if you're looking for permanent intimidate.
Hello, I'm going to try this build but have a few questions:

1. How did you level your character? I get that using ST/sunder is good, but what sort of unique gear would you recommend? Eg. 1H swords.

2. In what order did you take the ascendancy nodes?

Thanks and very nicely written guide.
Hello, I'm going to try this build but have a few questions:

1. How did you level your character? I get that using ST/sunder is good, but what sort of unique gear would you recommend? Eg. 1H swords.

2. In what order did you take the ascendancy nodes?

Thanks and very nicely written guide.

1. There actually aren't a lot of great Physical 1h unique swords until closer to end game. For the most part I checked the trade listings every 10 or so levels for the highest PDPS rare sword I could get at my level for less than 1c. A good rare sword can carry you for quite a while.

Unique axes are a good choice too until you start grabbing sword nodes. The Screaming Eagle to The Gryphon or Relentless Fury will work well.

2. For Ascendancies I grabbed Blood in the Eyes>Gratuitous Violence>Painforged>Versatile Combatant. Gratuitous Violence is just so good for clearing it's hard to not grab quickly. If playing HC, you may want to go for Painforged>Versatile Combatant first just to keep your defenses high quickly. You can also use the Haemophilia gloves at level 43 which will give you a very similar effect to the Gratuitous Violence node.

Thanks for checking out my guide! I'll update it with more of this info.
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I played around with using a shield like we discussed previously in HC. It’s definitely not worth dropping the second sword. I played with this a lot in POB and fully flasked a juggernaught has 107k armor with this setup, its kind of hilarious. It also works really well as a champion and you end up with 70k or so armor fully flasked and a little more damage. Ultimately this is going to be my HC league starter and I’ll stick with gladiator for the spell block.

The only thing I changed was dropping blood magic and adding purity of fire, ice and enlighten with arctic armor but again this is for HC. It’s super tanky and deletes maps.

I also noticed that with haemophillia gloves you can basically delete the screen with this build so I’m trying violent retaliation with outmatch and outlast. Not sure what I’ll settle on. What do you think about this?

Overall this build is super fun, sturdy, fast, flashy and allows you to add your own flavor. Great guide!
Hei Dude!
Thanks for the build, having a lot of fun at the moment. Not yet mapping, but pretty satisfying already.
Also thanks for the brief side notes, like the pantheon and why not Melee Phys Damage etc..
I think many ppl dont even think about things like that, like new or unexperienced players.

Well, thanks for ur effort and pls keep up the good work!
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