[3.2] Max Block Spectral Shield Throw Guide - T15 Elder/Guardians Showcase


Many of us tried to make a viable Max-Block SST Char but never brought it to the real endgame. So I invested a lot of time and currency to almost max out a char this way and put it to the test.

My initial Idea was, SST scales with the defense of the shield. So going Max-Block would be a very nice and easy layer of defense for it, and the easiest ascendy class for scaling Block without to much effort is obviously the gladiator. Some people would say gladiator got nerfed with changes to the position of the "bleedsplosion", but it also got a strong physical dmg buff if you're going for Max-Block with the "Violent Retaliation" Keystone. So far, you dont need that much effort to get a really good defense and having a lot freedom to go for dps in all other ways.

This one here was also my leaguestarter and my very first completly own build. Don't try this as a legaue starter only if you knowing what you're doing and really want to play SST.

I've done ALL content except Shaper and Uber Elder. Therefor the singletarget dps (burst dmg) is the bottleneck here. I tried Shaper once but just got him down to 20% and then the fight takes to long. I will do some more tries the next days without sacrificing to much defenses.

Pro's / Con's
+ good clear speed even T15 stuff
+ fast movement
+ very safe/facetanker even T15 stuff
+ easy uber lab
+ nice for pvp (how the **** cares for pvp xD)
+ no micromanagament (only gemswaping for atziri)
+ no jugg or champion
+ Spectral Shield Throw (no meta stuff)

- very gear dependent
- no shaper/uber elder so far
- can't block degen's
- no phys reflect
- no mana leech


The most important Item here is the shield. Selfcrafted with an "Deafaning Essence of Dread" on a iLvl 80 Shaper Colossal Tower Shield and the 30% Quality beastcraft recipe.
Recover 5% of Life on Block is the main source of the survivability. Right now this is worth a hell of some exalts. I will try to craft a better one with more armour, but its very difficult and you need a lot of luck to get one with the Recover x% of life suffix.

Map Gameplay with T15 Elder and all Guardians (T12-T14)


Please read the video description for some more details :-)

Level 93


Why no Point Blank?

Good question! Initial I wanted to go for Point Blank, just 5 Skillpoints.
Take out the 30 dex Note and 4 other notes somewhere else
Would increase the damage while facetanking like hell. But I want to wait 1-2 more levels until I've some more skill points without sacrificing some other stuff.
But for the moment there is no content where I need facetanking projectile damage. I only need more damage for Shaper and Uber Elder, and so far i cant facetank them and would lose a lot Damage with Point Blank. But like I said, I will try some stuff with it in the future.


Here you have some options to do something against the weakness of the build the Damage over Time effects and Freeze and Chill.
Major God
Soul of Arakaali (Lesser Damage over Time taken und some Regen Buff in some Situation)
Soul of Brine King (Against Freeze and Chill)
Minor God
Soul of Shakari (Poison Immunity and bit less Chaos Dmg taken)


Please feel free to comment and critizise my build :-), I will try to answer all questions. It's obviously a very gear dependent build and not that beginner friendly.

In my opinion Spectral Shield Throw really needs a litte buff for singletargeting, everything else is very good. With this level of gearing (30 ex+) I did on this build, this should melt all content in the game very easy. What it does, except the 2 big boys Shaper and Uber Elder.

Some people may noticed that Mathil made a build about SST with Inquisitor and full Elemental conversion. It's like most other Mathil builds way more glascannon but still very good and not so tanky like mine. So keep that in mind if you try to compare this both builds. In general Inquisitor dps overall is just absolutley ridiculous for every elemental or elemental conversion build. Also like Ele conversion in general is really OP too.
So the philosophy's are quiet different in this builds. And right now he didn't killed shaper and Uber Elder too.
If you like more dps and dont care about dying sometimes choose Mathils way.
If you like more survivability and lesser dps choose my way.
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28.03.18 changed somes passvies, litte less armour and bit more dmg/bleed
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Gonna try it!
Playing SST Jugg currently but I might give this one a shot as well. Nicely done.
KarlKlatscher wrote:
Gonna try it!

You musta missed the memo. SST is awful.

You musta missed the memo. SST is awful.

Thanks for adding something to the post.

I'm currently only running up to tier 13 maps. I never thought of using the Advancing Fortress Gut Ripper as a weapon though. I like the extra life and block chance it gives me. Currently my block chance sits at 71% without any buffs going. The gladiator bonus damage when I block from Violent Retaliation is usually stacked around 10 high when I'm fighting though so my block chance is almost always at max. I run my gladiator block build with Tempest Shield for the extra 3% block and minor damage that stays up constantly after activating it once. With the curse on hit and extra chain from Gloomfang it works out well for me for applying curses. I'll have to give this a whirl and see if it can replace my Ewar for a weapon.
Brinerot Whalers are awesome for this build, at least during leveling. 40 - 60% increased damage.

I have 67% block in hideout (72% for projectiles from the shield). U will see this in the first minute of the video.

In Fight, 8% from painforged + 1% for every block + 3% from Tempest Shield

I watched my block chance while mapping and fighting singletarget, and its > 99% of the time capped at 79% max block. You really need to facetank stuff to get as much stacks as possible. The only Problem ist Degen and Damage over Time. And sadly in Shaper and UberElder Fight there is a lot of Degen Stuff happening. And for this you need a hell load of Regen or Instantleech. And with this build you have at least some Regen and max. Leech (but not instant, only possible with the Claw)

So i think around 65% Block Chance unbuffed should be the goal of the build. More is useless ,cause through the combat mechanics you will get enough block. But dont go lesser then 60%, there are some fight's (bosses) or other Situation where you wont reach max Block. And the Recover Life on Block is the most important stat for yoour survivability.
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Brinerot Whalers are awesome for this build, at least during leveling. 40 - 60% increased damage.

I didn't know these existed. The only downside is trying to get resistances elsewhere and the lack of life can hurt. Currently I'm using

so I can certainly improve upon my boots. I still need boots and my ring slots upgraded before I consider my build completed. Time to start farming more currency...
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update jewel pls

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