The Infinite Popcorns of Tankitude (Cheap, and near immortal)

A cheap little build that's surprisingly tanky without uniques.

Basic idea:
Make a character that attacks damned fast to get as much use out of life gain on hit, and be invincible.
Now, you could easily, and probably more safely, do this with a bow weapon and something like lightning arrow. But, that's no fun. It's already safe. Plus, don't you just wanna look map brutus and dominus, and Vagan in the eye as you doom them to your little Hell on Earth?
...and then die to a white drop bear one shotting you...because clearly they are suppose to deal more damage than bosses. (No kidding. At least they are fixing that this patch.)

Primary Skill + Links:
Molten Strike. Life Gain On Hit (20q much preferred though not neccesary). Multistrike for that epic MORE attack speed bonus, stacking with the already insane attack speed of the build. GMP Should be obvious - to get more hits. Blood magic - casting this from mana is going to make you go OOM soon, especially if you take mind over matter.
The last link is a shoot up between Mana Leech, Life Leech, or Faster Attacks. Faster Attacks is pretty great, with it's increased attack speed being multiplied by MS, and granting more hits in less time. Life Leech is good if you took Vaal Pact, though it could be overkill, and not worth the socket. Mana leech...meh, I've reached maps and that +2 mana on hit is still sustaining me because of Blood Magic gem. But, if you've got a larger mana pool than me, it could help with Mind Over Matter.

Skill Tree (100 point build):
The slightly more aggressive version (the one I take):
More defensive (and probably better)

Notables Taken (and why)
Iron Reflexes: If I need to explain this one, you haven't been playing PoE. But, it was basically a grab of opportunity, as I was heading past it anyway.
Point Blank: So we get that sweet +50% more damage modifier on Molten Strike without needing that additional slot.
Mind Over Matter. Each of your major attacks will be supported by blood magic, freeing up a ton of mana that can be used to...well, prevent you from dying. It was also just on the way with no additional point investments needed.
Vaal Pact: You are going to get some life steal on your gear at one point or another, and it was right there along the path. Also, Warlord's tends to be a better life on hit than Poacher's at gem level 20, so long as each hit is doing at least 400 damage.
(In defensive tree): Unwavering Stance: stun immunity. Awesome

Other Talents of Note:
Revelry: +2 mana gain on hit. With how much we're hitting, and with MoM, it's basically a heck ton of bonus survivability. Also helps early game when you can't equip blood magic yet.
Heart of Oak: 30% chance to avoid stuns. This is crucial when you're primary survivability ability is to leech life. You can probably get something else that prevents stuns more reliably, but it's also a decent life node, and nearby the other nodes I wanted.
Primal Spirit: (Probably not to be used end game) I found I was having trouble with intelligence in my build, so I grab that. I could have also taken the +30 version and saved a point, but I would have lost out on a bit of mana, which is a survivability resouce and this was more than sufficient.
Battle Rouse: 3% damage taken as mana. Stacked with MoM, this is kinda funny, as it's basically reducing the effective damage you take. Probably not neccesary, as the mana gained from Revelry seems to more than suffice for my mana, but it's a good bit of added mana, and it just seems funny.

Gear Required:
Nothing really. Long as you can get capped resistances, and decent health (say, 3k+ total?), you'll live from anything that isn't a drop bear. I took Tabula Rasa into maps, just for the 6l. That's only 1 ex at the most. (For a 6l, that's cheap as all hell.)
Nothing else can really benefit this build, in all honesty, as NOTHING on gear provides Life On Hit...other than Vagan's 1-2 LGoH master crafter....which is just a god damned troll.
I take that back, there's a unique ring that gives a hell ton of life gain on hit, as well as mana. But, that's highly optional. I don't have it. Again, it would probably be overkill, anyway, as you're already pretty much instantly rehealing all damage done to you by any boss.
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I'm not sure if you have tried and tested this build? But 3k Hp seems a really low threshold for HP even on a SC character, and I see you have stacked HP. but you have no solid form of mitigation, you have taken IR and have barely anly +EV nodes from tree, stacking EV gear wouldn't soley be enough endgame.
Also I feel LGOH is an unstable mechanic to build entire survivability from, desync and any moment where you arent attacking and caught off guard would mean certain death, especially with 3k hp you would still be being one shot quite regularly, even with MoM, as I cant see enough + mana nodes taken to give you a sufficient buffer to make MoM at all useful.

Is there any confirmation that point blank affects the projectiles from MS? I know it doesn't work with EK as it is a spell and Point blank only works with projectiles fire from a weapon, but they sort of are with MS?

The build doesn't seem to really have an identity either, I only looked at the defensive one as I only play hardcore so that is the one that would interest me, an example would be that you have a small amount of block, and immediate improvement I would make is on the right where you pathed to aspect of the panther for 9 points through quickstep, personally I would path right then up to the herbalism junction, then path left up to weapon artistry, this would prove you with the same 9 points, 10% block, 30% melee phys AND bonus defences from shield, as well as leaving you to get herbalism if you wanted it for the health and pot effectiveness as well as leave you open to path to aspect of the panther if you so choose.

Just my 2cents
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soooo when is the new one gonna be up for 1.3

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