[2.2] Iron Commander 5x siege ballistae - Champion

This build is all about this bow:

5x siege ballistae!
Easy to kite
High mobility
Can run all map mods

hard to focus fire one target if multiple targets are present


Bandits: hp -> phys dmg% -> frenzy

What you want on almost every gear piece:
+flat or % phys damage

No need for any accuracy, since the build gets 800+ dex. (I currently have 4.2k+ acc rating)

Ascendancy - Champion
Fortitude + Inspirational

To make this build go together I would recommend using one or two brawn jewels. Other jewels that are good are, Fluid motion and rain of splinters.

You only need a 5L with Siege ballista + physical proj att dmg + slower proj + faster att + added fire dmg

My current stats
805 dex
3.8k hp
Ballista tooltip dps is 17k each (at 7 frenzy)
18k ev rating
50% dodge
40% spell dodge

My gear:

If anything is unclear or if you want more information, just ask.
Erm... WooT ?
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how do you sustain your mana? :)

Not well, but one ballista only costs 27 mana. I use a low level clarity but if I do not use pots I will go out of mana in big fights(But this have been no problem vs for example atziri). In my chest I have frenzy with gmp, chain, curse on hit and a cruse. If you get something that gives "+x mana on hit" this would be no problem tho.
Erm... WooT ?
Hi! I am playing with your build right now, it's very fun in my opinion! Officially farming Izaro with relative ease and 1885 hp (don't have all the hp nodes yet, level 71). I just wanted to give some input on the mana issue this build definitely has.

Frenzy with all those links takes a lot of mana, but it is not your damage dealing ability obviously. I am only using 5L chest and bow right now so I had to sacrifice some ease of curse spreading but replacing Chain with Mana Leech is serving me well right now.

I'm sure I will pick up some +mana on hit later and be able to switch things up, or get a 6L and have it all, but it's a good solution for the time being.

Added bonus from running Mana Leech-> No need for Clarity gem and with an Alpha's howl I can run Hatred + Herald + Arctic Armour for a little more safety and extra damage.

Thank you for making the build!

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