[2.2]Bladefall Immortal Aurora | 6k4 HP, 27k armour, 75/75 block | Touch of God FACETANK

Tanking Residence dominus like a boss

Hello ! This is a tanky build using cybil's paw, iron will & jewels to scale bladefall damage, and Aegis aurora for defense. It can clear all kind of map (any tier, any mods) without issue, and afk-kill most of the bosses until tier 7/8 maps.

- High regen
- Aegis
- Can do all map mods
- high regen (8.5%)

- Relatively expensive
- Boss you can't facetank (for example village ruin bosses) are long to kill


Flasks + charges + golem + tempest shield :

Only charges :

No boosts :

- 210% max life
- A lot of base life thanks to strength
- High armor (250% increased)
- High regen (7.2% + 0.2%/endurance charge = 8.6%)
- 75% block/spell block without flask, you only need to have been hit once in the last 4 seconds (shouldn't be too hard)
- 7 EC + soul of steel
- ~200ES gain on block without flask, lgoh on block with riposte
- blind on block with riposte
- Fortify on whirling blades


Frenzy charges + promise + ToH :

No boost :

Current gear

Passive tree



Normal : Oak (+40 life)
Cruel : Oak (+16% phys dmg)
Merciless : Oak (+1 endurance charge)


Use one clear mind jewel (free 60% damage boost !) ; other than that, you can use those stats :

- Physical damage
- Spell damage
- Spell damage while holding a Shield
- Area damage
- Damage
- Cast speed
- Cast speed while holding a shield
- Max life
- Strength
- Resistance


Main skill : Bladefall - iron will - controlled destruction - spell echo - concentrated effect - empower / added fire damage
Added fire damage is more tooltip DPS, but against fire resistance ennemies it's relatively bad. Empower will boost the damage added from Taste of Hate / Hatred / Atziri's Promise and works better against rare / fire resistant ennemies. If you have access to an empower level 4 you should use it, if not it's up to you

Movement : Whirling blade + faster attacks + fortify
Free fortify, if you think about using it

Utility : CWDT + blood rage + tempest shield + summon chaos golem
I'm too lazy to cast those, but you can use selfcast version if you prefer. Blood rage gives us 12% more damage and 16% cast speed, always good to take !
Utility 2 : Reckoning + curse on hit + warlord's mark
Give us access to leech, and easier sustain of endurance charges
Utility 3 : CWDT + molten shell + vaal haste + incr duration
Not really sure what to do with those 4 sockets, obviously the vaal haste isn't triggered by CWDT but i need to put it somewhere.
Utility 4 : Riposte + blinkd + life gain on hit + enduring cry
little bit of more defense, mainly here to fill the sockets

You can also use a 4L for tempest shield if you prefer, using tempest shield - lightning penetration - iron will - elemental focus/controlled destruction. It adds some damage, it's only really useful if you have access to a legacy vessel of vinktar (for insane instant-leech on block !)

Gear Recommandations

Weapon : Cybil's Paw. it's 120% spell damage, which is huuuuge. If you have enough strength (more than 960) with doon cuebiyari, it's a little better damage-wise, but you lose the ability to use whirling blades. So use cybil's paw.
Shield : Aegis aurora. 32% block, gain ES on block, 5% max cold res ... what else ?
Chest : Rare armor/ES. Prioritize high armor, since 200ES on the chest is enough. Get resistances / strength if you can
Helmet : Rare armor. Try to get high armor with life, resistance and strength.
Gloves : Meginord's Vise. A shitton of strength and some phys damage ! If you are tight resistance-wise, you can just use rare gloves with strength + resistance.
Boots : Alberon's Warpath. 18% max strength, and 300 armor (always nice to have).
Amulet : Astramentis. We need too much stats to be able to use a rare : 159 dexterity for bladefall (we get only 90 from base stats + tree), and 111 intelligence for spell echo. It's much much easier to just use it.
Rings : Rares with life/resistance/strength. If you can get resistance elsewhere, the new ring "Essence Worm" is excellent, it allows us to run hatred for free
Belt : Rare with life/resistance/strength. Rustic sash / leather belt are the better one, heavy belt is decent.


You need a granite flask of iron skin because it boosts a lot your defense against phys dmg, AND the ES you gain when you block. You also need a staunching flasks (for corrupting blood / puncture), and a warding flask. You can use a of Heat, but honestly i'm never frozen so i don't see the utility.

I recommend using one panicked divine life flask (gives you 2k life instant when on low life). Usually you lose life only against chaos damage, and your life regen is enough. This is basically a panic flask.
Basalt flask is really strong too, with that + EC + soul of steel + golem we have 56% physical damage reduction, absolutely fucking super strong !!

For unique flasks, you can use
Vessel of Vinktar, if you have a legacy. With this you instant leech at least 500 life on tempest shield ; and this flask is super OP anyway. You need to carry a "of Grounding" flasks if you have this one tho
Taste of Hate. Still super strong, i use it mainly as a damage boost
Atziri's Promise. Good damage boost, allows you to leech a little more


Village ruin clear. Bosses are probably some of the hardest, because they are super OP and we can't block the degen (also, it's big hit for the melee one, so i didn't wanted to gamble on the block RNG too much)
Excavation clear. A bit slow because i had to backtrack a lot (i hate this layout :/)
Others to come soon

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First build guide! Congrats :)
Great build, love it!
IGN: RippehEleHYPE
League: Legacy SC
Uses Aegis and can't even facetank Uber, pls call the noob police.
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blood rage gives atack speed not damage...
clau88tm wrote:
blood rage gives atack speed not damage...

It gives me access to 3 frenzy charge, which is 12% more damage (and 12% cast speed too). The increased attack speed is decent for whirling blade, but it's really a bonus, not the main reason why i run it
What's the ascendancy?
Rothnix wrote:
What's the ascendancy?

It's a gladiator, to get 100% block applied to spell block : essentially free spell block, so way more EHP, and more aegis proc :)
If you were to do atziri/uber atziri in what order would you kill the trio ?
Also whats the map where u face tank touch of God in the gif?
If you were to do atziri/uber atziri in what order would you kill the trio ?
Also whats the map where u face tank touch of God in the gif?

I'm not sure about the trio but i would probably kill titty bitch first, because she spawns a tons of add (which basically makes us unkillable cause of aegis procs).

I'm tanking residence touch of god in the gif, but I need to try palace touch of god now that I've got an essence worm (will allow me to run determination)

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