[ 2 . 0 ] 5K LIFE | 62K DPS | WoE BoR | Dual striker Acro / Block / EV (WIP) Budget

Disclaimer: This is not my idea, but these are my own skill trees. I have not attempted Atziri yet but i do intend on trying soon after i get my skill tree to where it needs to be on my character and jewels. If you have any questions either message me on the forums or post a comment. Suggestions and advice are also welcome. Thanks

Here is my current skill tree:

Click here for the finished tree:

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/uTYBe#5




Life: 4,994

Armour: 4,817
Estimated Physical damage reduction: 48%
Chance to evade: 5%
Life regeneration per second: 259
Mana regeneration per second: 8
Fire Resistance: 76% (104%)
Cold Resistance: 75% (94%)
Lightning Resistance: 75% (112%)
Chaos Resistance: -60%
Chance to Block attacks: 49%
Chance to Block spells: 37%
Block recovery: +50%
Stun recovery: +21%
Ignite avoidance: 8%
Chill avoidance: 8%
Freeze avoidance: 8%
Shock avoidance: 8%


Dual strike + Multistrike + Melee splash + Blood magic

Hatred, Herald of ash, Golem, Blood rage, Atziri flask and 3 frenzy charges (MAX)
45,617K DPS Tooltip

Hatred, Herald of ash, Golem, Blood rage and 3 frenzy charges
38,254K DPS Tooltip

Hatred, Herald of ash, Golem, Blood rage and Atziri flask
38,616K DPS Tooltip

Hatred, Herald of ash, Golem and Blood rage
32,383K DPS Tooltip

Hatred, Herald of ash and Golem
29,754K DPS Tooltip

Dual strike + Multistrike + Added fire + Blood magic

Hatred, Herald of ash, Golem, Blood rage, Atziri flask and 3 frenzy charges (MAX)
62,263K DPS Tooltip

Current gear:
I still need to get a Rumi's

Does NOT need to be 5L but DOES need to be a 5s at least (Blood rage doesn't need to be linked with anything)

Nothing special, doesn't need to be legacy

Rare gloves: High EV, Life and Resistances (Str/Dex/int - If you need it)

Rare Boots: AR, Life, Resistances (Str/Dex/Int - If you need it)

Rare Boots: EV, Life, Resistances (Str/Dex/int - If you need it)

These are required to get maximum spell block, this is something you would use when fighting Atziri. Once you have perfected all your gear and have capped resistances you can start using these all the time but for leveling you want capped resistances so you may have to use a rare pair of boots.

This another item required to get max spell block, this is same and the rainbow strides you shouldn't use this over not having capped resistances, this is something you would use in Atziri and start using full time once you have capped resistances with it on.

Rare Amulet: Something you would use for leveling to make sure you have capped resistances and all the attributes you need which will save you having to respec out of them on the tree later on. additionally you could have life, phy damage, leech or attack speed.

*OPTIONAL* 8-10c
Rare Rings: Life, Resistances, attributes and phy damage

This is not required, but highly recommended, mostly because its tri res and has phy damage the extra leech isn't better than life but still not useless. I dont have a good rare belt that is better than this so this is what i use, if you have a belt better than this feel free to use it instead.

This is for more DPS while killing tough rare monsters or bosses.

Just to level extra gems or to hold swaps like added fire instead of melee splash for single target, can be ANY chest plate, doesn't matter.
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deleted :)
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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hi, you're wrong about the 386k figure.

you're multiplying your dps with your attack speed.

attack speed is already factored into your dps.

The final dps is actually 62k

Oh Thanks i never knew this i'll change it, for all this time i thought that i had to times them together
videos ?
I'll make videos soon, when its done:)

I moved some life nodes around. You'll get 4% more life but you'll also get the bonus from barbarism and juggernaut. Also if you feel you can drop charisma for champion of the cause you could also remove lust for carnage and go along the bottom and pick up hematophagy for a little more damage and possibly a few extra points to spend elsewhere.
Are there any videos?
hi nice build. How did u level?

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