[2.0.x] How to use Trollner (Ice crash - ground slam)

Ok, no matter what how cheap it is (1 chaos ????), Cameria's Maul is still a good weapon, at least for newbie, so i think we can have a build for that (MF or something???)
Passive tree
Passive tree
20 points
45 points
70 points
99 points
For Ice crash: If you can't control mana pool, spend 3 cluster to Essence Sap, like this:
Ice crash
Bandit: Oak - Kill all - Kraityn


Ice crash: Ice crash - Melee physical damage - weapon elemental damage - Faster attack/Hypothermia - Increased area of effect/Concentrated effect/Item rarity/Increased critical strike
Ground slam: Ground slam - Melee physical damage - Multistrike - Increased area of effect/Concentrated effect/Item rarity - Added fire damage - weapon elemental damage/Faster attack
Movement: Whirling blades-Fortify
Buff: Hatred - Herald of ash
Blood rage-Rallying cry(15 mana regen per sec help you a lot)-increased duration
Cast when damage taken - Immortal call - increased duration - vaal grace/vaal haste
Curse: Assasin's mark/Warlord's mark/Frostbite(ice crash)
Ice/Fire Golem


Main hand

Of course, Cameria's Maul

the most important is crit chance, you should find a cameria's maul with 6.8% -> 7.0% crit chance

Off hand

Every dagger, claw....You only need alternative effect on it
Because this build focus on low budget, so my choose is some low level/cheap unique weapon
For Ice crash:
- Mortem Morsu for 25% critical strike multiplier, (10 to 20)% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage and Poisonous hit
- Ornament of the East hit can't be evaded
- Ungil's Gauche for 50% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
- Goredrill (recommended, my fav :D)
cause bleeding on crit, and increased 40% damage against bleeding enemy
- Ichimonji for 5% reduced Mana Reserved and 10% increased Effect of Buffs on you
- Prismatic Eclipse with 3 green socket

12% increased Global Attack Speed per Green Socket, that's a huge buff :D. White socket is good tho, because it +2 to Melee Weapon Range per White Socket


Rare helmet with high life, res

Abyssus for yolo play :D, about 10-15c

Rat's nest (high crit, attack speed and IIR), but very expensive

Bringer of rain ~50c, fake 6l and you don't care about your chest


Rare chest with high life, rest
You should choose strength or hybrid str/eva amour

Unique amour:
- Belly of the beast, huge life buff and a little res, so good

- Daresso's Defiance, 6 dodge chance, and a little life leech

- Cherrubim's Maleficence give you great leech rate
- Carcass Jack, increased aoe and aoe damage

- Lightning coil convert 30% damage taken to lightning damage
But lightning coil and Carcass is expensive as f*k in warbands, so i don't recommend you use it


- Rare boots with high life, res, movement speed

- Atziri's step, high eva and + 17% dodge spell damage


- Rustic sash/leather belt/heavy belt with high life, res, it's good if it have increased weapon elemental damage

- Phys/Cold Doryani's invitation


- Rare glove with high life, res, attack speed, better if you have life/mana leech

- Maligaro's virtuosity


Rare amulet with crit chance, crit multi, phys damage, life, res...ect


- Rare ring with life, res, mana, leech...

- Ming's heart

My current gear

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How often do you frzeze? can you frezze rare and unique mobs?
"Is there such a thing as an absolute, timeless enemy? There is no such thing, and never has been. And the reason
is that our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our enemies in relative terms."
i tried to fight Dominus with this gloves

used Bringer of rain with Ice crash - increased critical strike - weapon elemental damage - added fire damage. Crit chance ~ 36%, in theory i need about 3-4 hit to freeze him (Critical strikes inherently have a 100% chance to freeze). Must say that it's hard to freeze unique mobs, but with rare, magic mobs, it's pretty easy, especially with ice crash.
Frostbite curse reduced 44% cold res and give 14% chance to freeze at level 20, you can use it to increased freeze chance
For the best freeze chance and damage, you should use ice crash - melee physical damage - weapon elemental damage - Hypothermia - increased critical strike
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silly question, but does dual wielding Cameria's double all, including the rarity? I know the dps would be better with something else, I was just curious about what stacks

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